Monday, 29 December 2008


There appears to be a fair bit of anti-Councillor feelings floating around Llandudno at the moment. The backdated pay rise hasn’t helped to endear Councillors to the electorate but a couple of County Councillors have been a bit naughty and been found out.
Councillor Lyons put uPVC windows into a listed building without planning permission, Councillor Ronnie Hughes has been accused of being lazy and not attending meetings and Councillor Barrett is being linked to a non-advertised Council owned land sale to two Council workers, allegedly.
This as, obviously, led to people asking what can they do about it?. Well, not a lot really. I have looked this up and it appears that the ruling is the same for Town and County Councillors. A Councillor cannot be sacked, he can be asked but not forced to resign. The leader of the Council or the Mayor at Town level can call an EGM ( Extraordinary General Meeting) and ask for a vote of no confidence in a Councillor but even if that vote is passed the Councillor can still remain on the Council.
The way forward, for the people of Llandudno, is; A petition of no confidence, get as many signatures from within the ward of the Councillor as you can, hand the petition to the Clerk of the Council, the leader of the Council then decides whether to act on it or not, if he does then an EGM is called and a vote of no confidence taken.
The procedure is more about embarrassing a Councillor into resigning than anything else. If the petition carries enough signatures that is, usually, enough for the Councillor to see what’s coming and they hand in their resignation before being humiliated in the Council Chamber and being stigmatised. The local press always get wind of something like this and start to sniff around, they always come down on side of the people and that helps.
Unless someone can add to this or has access to information I don’t, then I’m afraid that is the only advise I can give, hope it helps.


smashthebnp said...

Will you resign oddballs because you are still BNP scum? You can not keep fooling all of us you are a racist and fashist who still maintains and supports the BNP. Burn in hell

Councillor John Oddy said...

Smash the BNP,
It is always wise to use “Spell check” on items that you post, stops you from looking like an uneducated, illiterate prat, the word you were looking for was “Fascist”.
In answer to your question, no I will not be resigning, yes I have shown support for the members and some of the BNP’s policies and no I am not still a member and even if I were it would not be a reason for resigning.
Like most anti-BNP supporters you are ill educated and informed, Labour finance and support left-wing extremists, such as yourself, for the sole purpose of doing their dirty work. May I suggest you take a look around, see the mess we are in and then work it out for yourself who got us here!.

Anti-gag said...

Anonymous posters like that of 'smashthebnp' are moral cowards. If they had the courage of their convictions they would put a verifiable name to their posts.

As for John's response, I can only add well said Cllr Oddy.

Chris Hill

smashthebnp said...

Anti gag you are BNP to so you would support oddballs you are from Wigan so why post on here. Are you and oddballs the same person or are you bum chums?

Councillor John Oddy said...

Smash the BNP,
I have allowed your comment to be published, if only to show others the mentality of your thinking. Please take this as a warning, I believe in free speech and everyone has a right to their opinions but if you cannot be constructive in your comments then, in future, they will not be published.

popepaul said...

Have you ever considered being a County Councillor?, I ask because you seem to spend a lot of time belittling them when you yourself are no stranger to the media. Fined for driving your jag while using your phone is not exactly role model material, regional organiser for the BNP prior to your strange resignation and lately supporting them in the Pioneer. Before you speak badly of others do you not think you should moderate your own behaviour?

Councillor John Oddy said...

I have stood twice for County Councillor that, too, was reported in the media but you must have missed it. The newspapers reported on my use of a mobile phone whilst driving but how many people, who have committed the same offence, have been in the paper for it?. That particular piece of journalism was purely because at the time I was in the BNP and they hoped to show the BNP in a bad light. Incidentally the week prior to that report I was in the same paper for stopping a man from drowning himself in the sea, that report started “John Oddy ex-soldier and Father of three..” it never mentioned the BNP because that would have been favourable reporting.
There was nothing “strange” about my resignation as North West Wales Organiser (Regional Organiser covers all of Wales) it was, as reported, for personal reasons.
Moderating my behaviour?, I fail to see what that has to do with my duties as a Councillor, just because I do not speak with a plum in my mouth or come from a wealthy background as no affect whatsoever on what I see as right or wrong within the Council. In fact by being part of the community it gives me more of an insight into what the failings of our Council are.