Monday, 1 December 2008


Speed cameras are the worry of every driver in North Wales, hidden or not, how many of us, yes I’ve been done a couple of times, have been prosecuted for being two or three mph over the limit?. In my cases it was 33 and 34mph in a 30 limit, okay so the law is the law but if your licence and livelihood depended on it you may think differently.
Lets be honest about it, the cameras are not there as a deterrent, they are there to take money off the motorist and into the coffers of North Wales Police, the penalty points are inconsequential to them, they just want your money.
Brumstrom has become the laughing stock of North Wales, he’s taken coppers off the streets, spent a fortune dressing our officers as Beirut bodyguards and become the scourge of any driver venturing onto his patch. He’s filled our streets with CPO’s, who have has much power has a spent battery, that’s not their fault, and he, himself questions the calibration of the camera when he gets caught speeding.
Last year Bay of Colwyn Town Council had a vote of no confidence in him, not that it worried him, he hasn’t changed a thing, he thinks he is a law unto himself. I, for one, cannot wait to see the back of him, he is without doubt, the biggest piece of sh--e that ever walked shoe leather.


Anti-gag said...

Good luck with the new blog.

A few video and photographs of the area would be nice, North Wales really is a beautiful area. Remember keep it local, and make sure people know about it.

Once again good luck.
Chris Hill

I'll put a link on the Lancaster blog if that's OK with you.

Councillor John Oddy said...

Thanks for your support, I’ll try my best with the photos.

Anti-gag said...

OK thanks John.

Chris Hill

Chameleon said...

The problem with 'harmless' speeding is - where do you draw the line? If it becomes common knowledge that you can do, say, 34mph and not get pulled, then that becomes the new de facto speed limit, surely?

Whilst I fully agree that the Police should target idiots driving around at top speed in an unsafe manner, we all know what the speed limits are and should just take it on the chin if we get caught.