Thursday, 18 December 2008


Here is a letter I sent to the Pioneer in response to two letters featured in it in the December the 17th issue, we'll wait and see if it gets published.

In response to two letters regarding the BNP, featured in the 17.12.08 issue of the Pioneer. The first being a discrepancy by “name and address supplied”, in previous correspondence I pointed out that the number of local members, like the list itself, was out of date and that local membership now exceeds 100, I believe it was 107 prior to my resignation and I have no way of knowing the figure it has grown to since my departure. The second issue in this letter, the growth of Indian and Chinese Restaurants has nothing to do with peoples willingness to accept multiculturalism, the owners of these businesses took advantage of a gap in the market and well done to them for doing so. The public had nothing to do with these openings, they accept it as normal procedure, I will, however point out that some of these restaurants have been raided by the Border Police and several arrests made of illegal immigrants and failed asylum seekers.
The letter from Norman Vernon highlights the problems faced by all legal and above board tax payers, we are the ones paying for the hidden population, not only those arrested by the Border Police, we have our own grown under the radar population, who mainly border on the fringes of criminality and do not register their existence for fear of been caught for offences or debt.
Mr Vernon mirrors the feelings of thousands who are becoming more and more aware of the failings shown, by all the mainstream parties, but in particular, our present Government’s attitude towards the people of this Country, we are ruled and dictated to with democracy blown out of the water, we all know that this cannot continue.
I have said and will continue to say that Conwy Council is beleaguered by Councillors too set in their ways to make the necessary changes required within our communities, some are there as a means of topping-up their pension whilst others are incapable of turning-up for meetings to make decisions affecting all of us.
For Mr Vernon’s information, there were four BNP Councillors elected to Town Councils at the last election, one stood-down and three resigned from the Party, two of us still sit on Colwyn Bay Town Council as Independents.
Cllr John Oddy

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