Sunday, 13 May 2012

And It's Goodnight From Him.....

This will be my very last blog entry, *sound of loud cheers emitting from council offices* after a long slog of trying to bring out the truth, change the public perception and generally make the council more accountable I have to admit failure. I have had my victories and brought some officers to account, but, in reality, I haven’t changed anything and we are back to the same old crap we always had.
The Local elections did not bring about the changes I had hoped for, save for the odd one or two we are still left with the morally corrupt, dysfunctional and useless Councillors we had before, the re-election of Chris Hughes proves my theory that if you put a red rosette on a pig or a donkey then the Labour voters will vote for it!
I took a gamble standing in Betws-yn-Rhos, a gamble that didn’t pay off, but one I would take again under the same circumstances. I was urged to take a safer approach for the Town Council but I had promised people I would stand in Glyn so I did knowing I had little chance against the big Parties electoral machinery, no Independent has the ability to put out so many people and I take my hat off to those that actually won against the major players.
I do not expect to see any significant changes to the way the County Council is run, we will still have the monumental financial cock-ups, the sweeping under the carpet of Council Officers mistakes and the same Old Boys Network running things in the council chamber. We will, of course, have all the bravado and bollocks of how things will change, but we are so used to hearing it that none of us will be impressed and within a month or two we will be back to the “Public and Press Exempt” shielding that the Council love to employ to keep us sheep in the dark.
Will I miss being on the Town Council? Not sure yet but I don’t think so, I certainly will not miss the boring, monotone and bullshit speeches doled out by Chris Hughes, he could make a Samaritan slit his wrists. I’m still getting the phone calls from locals asking for assistance and even after explain I’m no longer on the council they still want my input but, I presume, the message will soon get across and those calls will fade. One thing I will miss is some of the friendships I have made over the last 4 years, not always seeing eye to eye politically hasn’t stopped some feelings of mutual respect and there are some Councillors who really do care about their communities and who I cannot fault.
That’s about it, time to fade off into the dying sunset, hang-up my political hat and settle down to a peaceful, less complicated life. A big thank you to all of you that have continued to give support and for all your comments over the years, I wish you all long life and happiness.