Tuesday, 28 September 2010


As you can see it's been quite a few months since my last entry, mainly due to work and family commitments, so it came as a bit of a surprise yesterday when I received a phone call from the Weekly News informing me that they had had numerous complaints about my Blog and the fact that I am anti-Islamic, something I have never made a secret of.
The reporter went on and asked “Did I not think it wrong for a Councillor to have these views?”, well, no I don't. I explained everybody has a right to their opinions, the only thing difference is that I voice them and am not afraid of the name calling that usually follows.
He informed me that the complainants had said I was uneducated and ill informed and knew nothing about Islam or indeed Muslims; he was equally surprised when I told him that was not true and that I had lived amongst Muslims for several years in Africa and knew not only their religion but was probably more aware of their culture than most UK born Africans.
He questioned my right to say that, in my opinion, Islam is an archaic and wicked religion, which I certainly think it is, any religion that suppresses the basic human rights of it's followers is more akin to a cult than a religion. Any religion that seeks to assimilate other religions through acts of violence is wicked and vile and should be questioned at every opportunity.
The reporter went on to ask if I was racist or if I thought my comments were racist? I explained that Islam is not a race, it's a religion and that there are white Muslims as well as black ones and that I had left the BNP because race and religion are two different things, in my eyes, but not, necessarily with the BNP. This shocked him, not because of what I said but because I was ex-BNP, now come on, the Weekly News took so many pot-shots at me when I was in the Party it would be impossible for them not to know this, he didn't, which begs the question “where's the research before you start asking questions”.
The West's appeasement to Islam has been unbounded and we are now paying the price for our soft approach, other parts of Europe have had, are still having, problems with Muslim immigrants and they are now having to toughen their laws against them. France's banning of the abhorrent burka, the banning of full-body swim suits in Holland and the stopping of building minarets in Sweden are all signs that we have left it late in the day to stem the growth of Islam.
As I said to the reporter my argument is not with the individual Muslim as such, but you have to question their religion when it allows atrocities to happen that they will not condemn.
Religion, throughout history, has been to blame for nearly every major conflict we have had and I do not hold, personally, with any religion, there are good and bad in every religion and there are the extremists who push it way past reasoning and that is the problem with Islam... extremism.

There are plenty of people out their who agree with my views but, for whatever reason, never voice them, perhaps, in this ever increasing Politically Correct society I am a dinosaur but I have earned the right to speak as I find and reserve the right to do so, whatever my position in public life I am first and foremost an individual who has the right, for now, of freedom of speech.