Sunday, 30 November 2008


Aldi’s new store in Old Colwyn is a great idea, to most of us, but what about the local shopkeepers?. Whilst I embrace the need for reduced shopping bills I can’t help but wonder if this will see the demise of some already hard pressed businesses. I certainly hope not, but only time will tell.


I have been posting a few comments on “The Thoughts of Oscar” blog, a blog run by an unknown (to some) Councillor over in Llandudno. Now “Oscar” himself is alright as are a lot of the posters on there but there are one or two that go under “Anonymous”. The fact they haven’t the balls to be open about their identity is bad enough but they whinge at me like temperamental schoolgirls.
The site itself is worth a visit, if only to laugh at the whingers with no names. Have a “butchers” and let me know what you think but don’t wind them up, they get a bit shirty!.


You may be aware that there is a proposal to run a low cost, energy efficient tramway between Rhos-on-Sea and Colwyn Bay Town. The planned route is along the promenade, to the pier and then up into Town.
Eventually I would like to see it encompass Eirias Park, Old Colwyn and run all the way through to the pier in Llandudno.
The tramway runs without the need of overhead cables, generates it’s own energy and is inexpensive to run and maintain.
With the regeneration of Colwyn Bay I believe it’s time to invest in a transport system of the future. Installation costs are a fraction of what the old style trams would be and the trams themselves can be of any design, modern or historic.
We have struggled, for sometime, on ideas of how to get the day-trippers away from the beach and into town, this will be the ideal solution, an attraction in itself. The people of Rhos will have easier access to the shops and BR station of Colwyn and, if extended, transportation for the kids going to and from school.
Eventually we may see the reinstatement of the link between Llandudno and Colwyn Bay, transportation for local people but also a means by which the holidaymakers in Llandudno can explore our regenerated town and shopping centre of Colwyn Bay.
Obviously I think it will be of great benefit to all of us, but what do you think?.