Wednesday, 29 July 2009


These are my sentiments entirely, yet when I said the same thing I was branded a “Fascist” and “Racist”, will the limp wristed Laborites who’s slimy grip on our Country is rapidly diminishing crawl out from under their stones and brand this Judge with the same stigma?, I surely doubt it.


I am bone tired of out of control yobs roaming our streets and getting away with murder....
When are we going to get tough with this culture of violence?. Our Courts have their hands tied by weak Government policy, our Police are snowed-under with paperwork and Political Correctness; the yobs and gangs are having a field-day.
We need to deter those who think violence is acceptable, the punishment of a slapped wrist and a tenner out of the poor box has been proven not to work. We are told the Government are getting tough on knife crime, are they hell. A deterrent to all is what is required, the policy makers should get to grips with reality and stop the mamby-pamby approach.
Anyone who carries a knife does so with the intent of using it, why else carry it?. The sentence for being in possession of a knife should be 10 years imprisonment, anyone using or causing injury with one; the sentence should be life imprisonment. That is a “Deterrent” and one that few would want to risk suffering.
The same applies to firearms, nobody who has used firearms professionally did so for fun or carried it as a fashion accessory, guns kill; that is what they were intended for and that is what they do. Caught carrying a firearm should carry with it the charge of “Intent to kill” and be a statutory life sentence. Using one or actually killing someone should be punishable by a return of the Death Sentence.
Over the last 20 years the level of violent crime, in particular knife and gun crime, has become so prolific that we now accept it as a normal occurrence, well, it isn’t and we shouldn’t. Get really tough with it now otherwise we will all need to be carrying guns to protect ourselves from the maniacs who now have them.

Sunday, 19 July 2009


The County Council are proposing to build offices for 600 of its existing staff in the very centre of Colwyn Bay. They say that by using the Regeneration Grant to build these offices they will be creating jobs, bringing in trade and connected industry and supplying future employment for the people of Colwyn Bay.
When the WAG buildings were built in Princes Drive we were told the exact same story, we were told how great and good it would be for the town, how it would bring in trade and industry and supply us with future employment.
In reality the WAG building is a complete failure; no trade or industry has built up along side of it, no jobs were created, in fact it’s half empty, no local people or the town have benefited from its existence but what it did bring was traffic and parking chaos to its surrounding area.
The County Council offices will be exactly the same; they will not bring in any jobs, the Council are simply relocating their existing staff, trade and industry used by the Council is already here in whatever location it currently is. Any future employment due to staff leaving or retiring will not automatically go to Colwyn Bay people it will go to the best qualified candidate, wherever they are from. It will also create the same traffic problems but on a grander scale, 600 staff driving into and parking in Colwyn Bay will be sheer chaos. The Council are talking about knocking houses down to make car parks, how ridiculous; we need people to live in the centre of town to sustain it and the traders.
The headline “300 extra shoppers every day” in the Weekly News is also a fallacy; most people do their weekly shop at the week-end and they shop by habit, if they always used one store like Tesco’s then they will continue to do so. Nobody will nip-out at lunch time do the weekly shop and then carry it all the way to wherever they parked their car and leave it in the boot to defrost. Even the cafes and sandwich bars will miss out because they are planning a subsidised canteen for the staff.
All-in-all the Council is misleading us with falsehoods and inaccuracies. They have, at least, four committees, sub-committees or groups who have been working on this project since March of this year, they deny they have pushed this through in secrecy yet refused to answer, when questioned, what their intentions were. It was only after a report in the Pioneer and a meeting with the Town Council that they have come out publically and stated what those intentions are. They have now agreed to Public Consultation on the matter, shame they didn’t consider that avenue some 6 months ago. Will they also match the funding of these consultations to those that are opposed to these proposals, will they allow the democratic process of argument to be heard equally as loud? We will have to wait and see.
What I do know is that by using our Regeneration Grant to build their offices the County Council will make millions of pounds selling off the land and buildings that they currently occupy. This money is already ear-marked to go back into Council coffers to make-up the short-fall of WAG Council Funding that is expected over the next few years.
Other proposals on how to regenerate the town have been put forward, I myself have put forward two suggestions, but they have not been given an airing, in my opinion, the Council have already decided to use the Regeneration Grant to their benefit and not necessary that of the Town.
The people of Colwyn Bay and its communities have lost faith and pride in the Town, restoration of that pride is crucial. The Council need to tackle the issues of half-way houses, drug/alcohol rehabilitation centres and the problem of rogue-landlords. We need the town to be made clean and welcoming, an attraction that draws people and traders back into town would be a Godsend. This Regeneration Grant is the last chance this town has of making a come back, by their selfish and contemptible proposals the County Council are stabbing the people of Colwyn Bay in the back.

Friday, 17 July 2009


My apologies for my prolonged absence, I trapped my sciatic nerve which was not only extremely painful it was completely demobilising, I had to sleep sitting-up and any movement was excruciating, the least of my worries was this blog or getting to the computer!