Sunday, 21 December 2008


Nick Bourne, the Assembly Member for Mid and West Wales and the Conservative leader of the Assembly is at the centre of an expenses scandal, he claimed £229 for an iPod, £120 for a trouser press and £5,003 for “essential” work on his kitchen!, nice work, if you can get it!.
There is no love lost between Nick Bourne and I, he once referred to me as “ A racist Nazi who has no place in politics”!. Well Nick, neither have you, I predict that once the poo hit’s the air conditioning you will be down the road and long forgotten.
The best thing Nick could do would be to resign, at least preserve what integrity he has left, if he refuses to do that then he is foolish for, without a doubt, Conservative HQ must sack him. So, Nicky, the choice is yours, jump or be pushed, what’s it gonna be?.

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