Wednesday, 19 December 2012


It has been brought to my attention that CCBC may be changing the goal-posts to suit their friends, ex-colleagues and a certain Councillor.
Colwyn Bay has a regeneration area, encompassing houses North of Abergele Road, Greenfield Road and Easterly as far as The Dingle. Some of the property owners within that area have asked for work to be done under the regeneration scheme but been put off or told “no”, some are still waiting for assessments and others haven’t even been told about the scheme.
It is rather strange then that properties in Rhiw Bank Road (not within the regeneration area) are having work done to them under the scheme. These properties belong to Cartrefi Conwy whos Chief Executive is Andrew Bowden (ex CCBC head of Housing) and whos Board members include none other than Councillor Chris Hughes. Cartrefi Conwy, you might remember, were criticised in 2009 for upping their wages by 20% when they took over CCBC housing.
If there is a designated area then the houses within that area should benefit from the scheme and NOT those of a Housing Association outside the area, someone, somewhere in CCBC has approved this project and to me it stinks of corruption. Those people within the regeneration area who have had their applications turned down may well want to start asking some very awkward questions of CCBC and of their elected councillor who happens to be.....oh, Councillor Chris Hughes

Sunday, 16 December 2012


I had to just nip-back on and have a laugh at Cllr Chris (headless-chicken) Hughes. His latest shout of “Everybody panic” had me in stitches....droves of west midlanders invading Welsh shores to avoid benefit cuts!
It is laughable on so many levels that one wonders where Chris the Crunch has been keeping his head these past few years? Does he know it was his party, Labour, that opened our doors and allowed the overwhelming influx of immigration never before seen where there were “droves” of invaders allowed in. Does he also, conveniently, forget that it was also his party, again Labour, who tragically left this country in such a financial mess that we have had to, and will continue to suffer, such deep cuts and austerity?. Was it not his party that orchestrated our benefit culture by raising benefits to such a degree that it wasn’t worth going out to work....the man is a complete twat!
If we break down what Humpty Dumpty Hughes is saying we will find it flawed from the outset. All we need to do is look around us now, here, in Conwy, we have a huge cosmopolitan mixture of people escaping our major cities, they have been doing that for years. Recently one will also notice the different nationalities of these “in-comers”, black, brown, yellow and white. The UK, in general, is overcrowded, our archaic infrastructure was never intended to take the strain that the Labour party put it under. So yes Christopher, you plank, people are going to move to where life is a bit easier.
Our transient population started a long, long time ago when our rogue landlords started advertising in our cities to come and draw your dole by the sea, where was Aunty Chris then? Nobody heard him shouting “NO” and why should he? After all these were Labour voters he was welcoming into the fold. Colwyn Bay is still suffering for his ineptitude and we are still struggling to get rid of the rogue landlords and agents.
I can understand Chris whinging and whining, I have heard rumours that he is jostling to become the new Labour candidate for 2015, undermining Donna Hutton, so, unfortunately, we will have to listen to more of his bullshit before brains speeches in the months to come.
My only regret is that Labour WILL WIN the next election due to dithering Dave’s lack of decision on the in-out vote over the EU, I, for one will not vote for the Conservatives again, nor will others, it will split the Conservative vote and Labour will win. I can only hope that the folks around here will see what a morally corrupt prick Chris Hughes is and don’t vote for him....but I aint holding my breath.