Friday, 29 May 2009


In response to your article “Call for Inquiry After Secret Council Papers are Leaked” and, in particular, the comments made by Councillor Chris Hughes about an un-named Town Councillor who asked him questions.
I freely admit to being the Town Councillor he is referring to; and yes I did publish his non-cooperative response in respect of a very important issue. I had proposed that the old indoor market be demolished and re-built as a new indoor market with a drop-in style cafe/ Council information centre above, there would also have been a child’s, supervised, adventure play area. Before the vote could be taken Councillor Hughes branded the proposal as short sighted and stated that the County Council had ear-marked the site for an “exciting new development” he also added that the idea of the Regeneration Grant was to promote local employment.
When I asked him about this “exciting new development” he replied, (“He” not “We”) “I am not at liberty to disclose sensitive information”. What he did not tell the Town Council was that the County Council were planning to build a block of Council Offices on the site, had he done so, given the choice of a market or Council Offices the Town Council may have voted differently. The new Council Offices will not bring-in local employment, all the satellite offices would be closed and centralised in Colwyn Bay, just what the Town does not want, especially when, 200 metres down the road, we have an half empty Assembly building. Bringing the offices from Eirias Park would also free-up space for the planned “Super Surgery”, how nice.
Councillor Hughes wears three hats; Town Councillor hat, County Councillor hat and his Labour Party hat, he has to decide which side of the fence he is on, is he for the people that voted him in or is he for the Council’s code of secrecy? Our County Councillors work for us, we voted them in there, they should be answerable to the people not shrouding themselves in secrets and mystery. We are already aware of where the Labour Party’s policy on secrecy has led us to, what we need now, more than ever, is openness and transparency from our County Councillors, earn back the trust we put in you and stop acting like geriatric James Bonds.
I make no apology for questioning the County Council or its Councillors on issues that detrimentally affect Colwyn Bay and its Communities and I will continue to do so; Councillor Hughes can quote the Code of Conduct until the cows come home but I will not be put off; if he doesn’t like the heat... get out of the kitchen.

Councillor John Oddy.

Saturday, 23 May 2009


Congratulations to James Trueman on being selected as the Parliamentary Candidate for the BNP.
I know James personally both from my time in the party and as a friend; he is a hard working Nationalist, honest and utterly reliable. Over the years James has worked extremely hard and is well deserving of his selection. He is of the highest integrity, genuine and industrious. Although an outwardly quiet man James has the passion and drive that will make him a formidable opponent of the liars and thieves that grace the halls of mainstream politics.
It will not be long before the backstabbing and sleaze mongering starts, our local politicos will start the whisperings, as they always do, too scared to slither from under their well tended stones and publically denounce anyone, they prefer the tactics of cowards and will, invariably, link James and myself through our friendship. We, all of us, are well aware of these tactics; they stretch all the way to No 10 and to the very core of our corrupt Labour Government. The good thing is; we are now fully aware of what to expect from these invertebrates and the depths they are prepared to stoop to.
We, as voters, have the final say and I, for one, have had enough of lies and corruption, it is time to bring the main parties to account so I can honestly say James will be getting my vote.

Saturday, 16 May 2009


David JonesConservativeClwyd WestBasic salary: £63,291Plus expenses and allowances (2007/08):Staying away from home £22,632Office running costs £18,588Staffing costs £81,955Stationery £497Associated Postage Costs £2,011Computer Equipment £984Commons Allowance £9,806 Total £136,473Declaration of interests:Senior partner at David Jones & Company, solicitors. Leasehold office premises in Llandudno and rented freehold retail premises in Wrexham County BoroughHow he voted on key issues since 2001:Voted for introducing a smoking ban. Voted against introducing ID cards. Voted against Labour's anti-terrorism laws. Voted for an investigation into the Iraq war. Voted for replacing Trident. Has never voted on equal gay rights. Has spoken in 32 debates in the last year Has received answers to 58 written questions in the last year — above average amongst MPs.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009


I have learnt today why Councillor Chris Hughes was so secretive regarding Council plans for the old Indoor Market. The Council are considering consolidating their Offices Accommodation into one building and the old Market is one of the sites being considered.
I was criticised by Councillor Hughes who said “The idea put forward by Councillor Oddy is short sighted; the idea of the Grant is to facilitate further employment within the town”. If these offices are given the go-ahead they will be staffed by existing employees of the Council and will not create new jobs. At least my ideas for the site created between 40 and 60 new positions.
The Assembly Building in Princess Drive is struggling to let out office space and I would suggest that once the Assembly buildings in Llandudno Junction are finished the Assembly staff from the Bay could move there. In doing this it would give the Council ample Office Accommodation with parking spaces.
The idea of the Regeneration Grant is to regenerate the Town not supply the Council with office space. Whereas there is no evidence to suggest the Council would use the Grant money for this project they would be depriving the Town of a centrally located building plot for their own senseless needs. The last thing we want in Colwyn Bay is more offices needing parking spaces; we want an attraction, something to draw people to the Town.
Colwyn Bay is dying on its very feet in front of these pompous oafs on the County Council and they are so blind they cannot see it. This shameful, selfish act is a mark of contempt that goes beyond acceptability and needs to be addressed immediately.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

IF THE CAP FITS..........

I have never tried to hide the fact that I am ex-BNP or that I still share sympathy with some of their policies, end open door immigration, a swift exit from the EU and a return of corporal punishment and National Service. I am, in fact, a great believer in Nationalism and anti our corrupt Labour Government.
My resignation and those of Paul and Sue Harley were well publicised and reported, not only in local papers but the left-wing rags had a field day with it, Communist based Searchlight were close to orgasmic, it take very little to over excite them.
I am also well documented in my admiration of the grass root membership of the BNP, their determination and drive under such restrictive conditions is to be praised, they have striven to bring the party to the very edge of a mainstream breakthrough, they should be proud of their achievements.
Nevertheless I took the decision to leave the party, this was for personal reasons and disagreements with the Welsh leadership, we all have different visions of what is right and wrong and it is up to the individual where he/she draws the line.
With all that in mind it is therefore surprising that I still receive comments suggesting I am still a member of the party, even worse, a County Councillor going around telling the electorate I am still a member. Being a Labour Councillor I can only put it down to the dirty, unscrupulous tricks that Labour are now well known for but I will say this; it is coming very close to the point where this Labour Councillor will have two options ... Put-up or Shut-up. I have never been known to back-down from confrontation and this is one sleaze-monger I would love to put in his place.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009


On reading inthe Pioneer that the Colwyn Bay Carnival is being cancelled I felt obliged to write them the following letter....

Re: Your article “The Carnival is over”.
Speaking as a Councillor I would like to express my concern over the purported cancellation of the Colwyn Bay Carnival. Having spoken to other Councillors we are not aware of any such cancellation and would be absolutely opposed to any such cancellation.
To quote Councillor Chris Hughes” It is a combination of things. A couple of the organisers have been unwell and it's been hard getting others to come on board which has made life very difficult. I have spoken to a few people and we hope to possibly bring it back next year." I can assure you and your readers that nobody has approached me for assistance in organising the event, had they done so I, and others, would be only too willing to put-in our time and effort for such a worthwhile event.
My heart goes out to the Carnival Queens and Princesses in hearing such news, they and their families must be devastated. These community events are the heart and soul of the area, involvement of the children teaches them the values of bringing communities together. They should not be cancelled at the drop of a hat or on the say-so of an out of touch Councillor.
I can only give them and you one assurance; I shall be demanding that this is put on the agenda of the earliest possible meeting in order to find out the reasons for Cllr Hughes’s comments and, if the Carnival has been cancelled, to have it re-instated.

Councillor John Oddy

Monday, 4 May 2009


It would appear that Abergele Councillors can see the advantage of returning to a market town, shame Colwyn Bay Councillors couldn’t. There are talks going on to restore the market on the seafront. The market, formerly on the Tesco site, would be sited on Pensarn promenade. It is said the market would reinvigorate the town and be an asset to everybody concerned. Funnily enough I’m sure that’s what I said about increasing ours.
The crux of the matter is our Council couldn’t see the benefits of extending our market and becoming a proper Market Town and yet Abergele can. In defence of our Council, Councillor Chris Hughes put forward an argument against the market that I couldn’t argue with because he refused to say what the old indoor market is ear-marked for, if it turns out to be shops with flats above, which I suspect, then there will be an argument.
I wish Abergele well with their plans and remember; when you have to get on a bus to go there to do your shopping it wasn’t me that said no to our market it was Councillor Chris Hughes, a Labour Councillor.

Sunday, 3 May 2009


Well, I never!. Will Gordon jump or will he be pushed?.
I wouldn’t hold my breath, Gordon Brown is too thick(skinned) to see the writing on the wall, his catalogue of catastrophes this past few weeks are like water off a duck’s back to him. He intends to cling on to his ill-gotten power to the very end even though his useless party members are openly deserting the sinking ship like the rats that they are.
Labour and Gordon Brown have brought this Country to its very knees, their only interest now is to take as much with them as they can, they know their chances of re-election are as good as a snowball’s in hell so they are fully intent on robbing us blind, which is no less than what they have done for the last ten years, only now they don’t care if we see it or not.
Our only chance to see the back of this one-eyed joker is on June the 4th if the Local and European elections go as bad for Labour as I expect and hope then we may see a leadership challenge. If Labour want to avert a total landslide defeat in the Parliamentary elections next year then they will be forced to get fid of him and his cronies, the likes of Smith, Balls and McNulty, they have become too much of an embarrassment to the party for them to stay. Failure to do that will surely see the party implode, which, thinking about it, isn’t such a bad thing!.