Wednesday, 17 December 2008


Further to my post “ The Great Unwashed” below is a response to their article, you will notice I was polite and civil but, like any civilised response to these individuals, they prove their ignorance by failing to publish any item that is not to their way of thinking. You try it, be slightly critical or question their criteria and you’ll get no where, then try one where you flatter them and it’s posted within seconds.
It is not only pathetic and puerile it is also falsely leading it’s readers into believing everyone agrees with them, which they obviously don’t!.
“It is doubtful that this comment will ever get posted but one can only try.
You have quoted only part of a post, why not post it in it’s original form?, yes I did make comments in regards to Policies, Nick Griffin and members but what you failed to do was show the comments in their true light, which is something the likes of yourself seem exceptionally good at.
Searchlight, Unity, UAF and other left-wing organisations seem, for peace seekers, to be quite volatile, one has to wonder why?. In saying this I too have been the “victim” of intimidatory tactics and was also attacked by two of your “peace seekers”, one of whom was brandishing a knife. My crime was campaigning for an election. If the BNP have, in your words, no chance of being elected why do you worry so much?, just because you don’t agree with someone else’s politics, which they have a legal right to have, why promote violence against them?.
Personally I believe that this Country is over populated and that we should stop immigration immediately, that is stop it for everyone, regardless of colour. I am a firm believer that the EU is bleeding us dry and that we put in far more than we get out of it and for that reason we should leave it. Our Labour Government is full of liars, thieves and people incapable of holding public office. The other main political parties are of the same irk just differently named.
Even the likes of yourself have to agree with some if not all of what I have just said, none of it was racist but all of it is what I believe, am I not entitled to those beliefs?, I can understand where you come from so why not return the compliment and try and see my point of view?.
I have already stated my doubts of this comment being posted but regardless of that may I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas.”
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