Tuesday, 29 December 2009


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, CCBC’s inept, amateurish and inward thinking will cause us to loose the main share of the Regeneration Grant. They, through Bethan Jones’s leadership, were so keen to house their new offices in Colwyn Bay that they hardly glanced at any other proposal put before them.
Where did Bethan Jones go? Director of Modernisation, Denbighshire County Council and what happens? A brand new £85m seafront development in Rhyl complete with private investors waiting in the wings....


It couldn’t have been more blatant; the person in charge of our pitiful regeneration proposals decides to jump ship and lands on her feet and suddenly, out of nowhere, the proposals that were shelved for Rhyl miraculously have a new private investor, you couldn’t make it up, I know it’s pantomime season but someone is having a laugh.
The moment CCBC knew that tear spilling Bethan was moving to Denbighshire, months ago, she should have been removed from the Regeneration Board and given some menial task to do that would not include knowing about our, rather lame, regeneration proposals.
Never mind, the good news is Councillor Chris Hughes is Chairman of the Regeneration Quality Assurance Team..................... tickets for the Titanic anyone.


Just before we get to see the New Year in I thought I might throw-in a few predictions I have for the forthcoming year.
1. The vacancy we have on Colwyn Bay Town Council will not be decided by a co-option, it will be a by-election. This is because of the new voting system we have; a candidate has to have 51% of the vote to be elected, so the more mates you have on the Council the more chance you have of winning. Obviously no-one likes that so, instead, we will have the expense of a by-election for a Town Councillor.
2. CCBC will refuse to send a representative to the Public Meeting regarding the Pier stating they had been legally advised not to attend.
3. Councillor Booth-Taylor, Eglwysbach, will not resign from the Council even though she has moved 150 miles away.
4. Prior to the General Election we will see race riots in some of our major cities; prompted by immigration, asylum seekers and illegal workers being high on the agenda of all parties plus the rise of far-right groups such as the EDL.
5. CCBC will unveil plans to turn half of Eirias Park into a car-park for the Sports Stadium
6. The Conservatives will not get the landslide victory they were hoping for despite a failed attempt by Labour to depose Gordon Brown
7. And finally: We will see a rise in the use of “Public and Press exemptions” by CCBC, the verdict on the Officers involved in the Douglas Road fiasco will never be made public.

Sometime in January UKIP North Wales will find someone capable of updating their web-site; the last entry being made on the 20th of November. Either that or nothing interesting has happened in the Church Hall Action Group.


Monday, 28 December 2009


Over the weekend I had the pleasure of meeting up with an old Army mate, he, because of injuries sustained during tours in Northern Ireland and in the Falklands, has to use a crutch and wear a leg brace so I gave him my usual loud greeting of “Hello; you miserable old bastard, how are you, you old cripple” Knowing the man the way I do, and what we went through together, gives me the honour of being able to address him that way without it being insulting.
Anyway I was overheard by a young WPC and she turned to me and said, in a very officious manner, “Excuse me! I heard what you said to that gentleman, do you realise you are breaking the law and, if the gentleman wishes to make a complaint I could arrest you”. Before I could answer my mate chirped up “That man you are threatening with arresting and I served our Queen and Country together and he once carried me for two miles, he has earned the right to talk to me anyway he likes, unlike you, in your fancy dress. Now, may I suggest that you go and confer with someone much higher than your pay-grade to find out if you have enough coppers on duty to arrest the pair of us and if you have we’ll be in that pub over there; now be a good girl and leave us alone” Rather disgruntled and shame-faced she walked away, accompanied by a round of applause from those nearby who had overheard the exchange.
As we walked to the pub my mate turned to me and said “I’ve told you before, don’t call me old”

Saturday, 26 December 2009


Call me a racist, a fascist even a Nazi but scum like this do not deserve to be in this Country....


Regardless, of whatever awaits him if he is deported, he more than deserves it; and if his fictitious wife and family love him so much he can take them along with him.
This just emphasises what I wrote the other day about “Nanny State”. Deportation would infringe on his Human rights, what about the Human rights of the 12 year old girl he murdered or the Human rights of her grief stricken family.
It is incidents like this that turn people to vote for the BNP, we, as a Country, have got to be the laughing stock of the World. To allow this man to stay here, after what he has done, is an incitement to racial hatred and I fully understand the girl’s father when He says he will not rest until this piece of shite has gone.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009


You're walking down a deserted street with your husband or wife and two small children.

Suddenly, a dangerous looking man with a huge knife comes around the corner, locks eyes with you, screams obscenities, and raises the knife
and charges.

You are carrying a Glock .40, and you are an expert shot. You have mere seconds before he reaches you and your family.

What do you do?'

UK Police Officer's Answer:

1) Well, that's not enough information to answer the question!
2) Does the man look poor or oppressed?
3) Have I ever done anything to him that would inspire him to attack?

4) Could we run away?

5) Could I possibly swing the gun like a club and knock the knife out of his hand?

6) What does the law say about this situation?

7) Does the Glock have appropriate safety built into it?

8) Why am I carrying a loaded gun anyway, and what kind of message does this send to society and to my children?

9) Is it possible he'd be happy with just killing me?

10) Does he definitely want to kill me, or would he be content just to wound me?

11) If I were to grab his knees and hold on, could my family get away while he was stabbing me?

12) Should I call 9-9-9?

13) Why is this street so deserted?

14) We need to raise taxes, have a paint-and-weed day and make this a happier, healthier street that would discourage such behaviour?

15) If I raise my gun and he turns and runs away; do I get blamed if then he falls over running away, knocks his head and kills himself?

16) If I shoot him, and lose the court case, does he have the opportunity to sue me, cost me my job, my credibility and I will lose my family home?


Australian Officer's Answer:

1) BANG!


American Officer's Answer:


Click....(sounds of reloading)



Daughter: Nice grouping, Dad! Were those the Winchester Silver Tips?''

Tuesday, 22 December 2009


It is no state secret that I am bitterly opposed to the totalitarian regime of the European Union; my main reason for the interest in UKIP, I believe we, as a nation, should be able to make our own laws, govern ourselves and be the ones to choose our own future instead of having it dictated to us.
Membership of The EU divides opinion across the UK but approx 40% of us would like to see a total withdrawal from this federal state. There are those that argue for it being a financial gain to us when, in actual fact, it is not; we import approx £230billion of trade each year but export only £178billion. Regardless of our membership status this amount of trade could not be ignored by the EU and, as none members, we would still be able to trade under the terms of the World Trade Organisations rules.
We, because of EU directives, are becoming a nanny state, how many of us are sick and tired of hearing terms such as Health and Safety, Risk Assessment, Political Correctness and, importantly, Human Rights violations. The rules and regulations being imposed upon us by this corrupt, unelected, faceless bureaucracy are turning us into a Big brother Police State where we are scared to say or do anything for fear of breaching some directive or another.
Control of our Armed Forces, our Fishing Right and our Farming produce are now in the hands of Brussels, how many Farmers and Fishermen are on the brink of or have already gone bankrupt because of their directives and it is now up to 26 argumentative heads of Governments what we can or cannot do with our Forces.
Properly Governed and freed from the chains that bind us we could, once again, stand tall and face the World, we could thrive and prosper as a Free Nation and not be part of the dictatorship we have so many times in the past fought to free others from.
I am now, and forever will be anti-EU.

Monday, 21 December 2009


Councillor Dave Maratos resigned from the Town Council on Tuesday, the 15th of this month, following a Special Meeting on the Monday; at this meeting Cllr Maratos felt he was castigated by Councillor Chris Perry for being a landlord of properties in Colwyn Bay, this followed a question I asked in relation to Landlords being offered free refurbishments if they then took-in people on the homeless list. Councillor Perry accused me of asking the question on behalf of Councillor Maratos, which was not the case, the question was actually given to me by a lady who was in the Chamber but, being a member of the public, could not ask the question herself. Cllr Perry was, in fact, making an unfounded allegation about my question and, surprisingly, was not pulled up by the Mayor for his actions.
The argument escalated after I had left the Town Hall and Cllr Perry further verbally accused Cllr Maratos of matters relating to properties in Colwyn Bay and Manchester, apparently Cllr Perry accused Cllr Maratos of being a trouble causer and argued with him in relation to Social Services in Manchester
Councillor Maratos HAS told people he believed some unnamed properties were to be demolished, he was merely repeating what County Councillor Bob Squires had said in the Weekly News. Councillor Maratos had already been contacted by County Councillor Chris Hughes who told him to stop relaying the story because it wasn’t true and that Bob Squires had never said such a thing to the Weekly News or the Pioneer and that he, (Bob Squires) had received an apology from the Weekly News over his comments (this isn’t exactly true Cllr Squires received an apology because he never used the term “Benefit Underclass” and not for his comments on demolition). Councillor Hughes then, according to Cllr Maratos, undermined his standing in the community by spreading rumours that he, Cllr Maratos, didn’t know what he was talking about and, to use Cllr Hughes’s words, was just scaremongering. These actions by Cllr Hughes turned public opinion against Cllr Maratos and he found himself and his family subject to harassment from local residents including eggs been thrown at his windows, dog dirt been thrown on his doorstep and malicious texts been sent. The Police were informed and have had to speak to people about their future behaviour.
Councillor Maratos feels he was victimised by Councillor Chris Hughes’s actions and that he has been forced to resign for his and his family’s safety.
Here is what Councillor Bob Squires said to the Weekly News....

“There is a master plan being discussed as part of the regeneration and it will be include major proposals for demolition for some of these properties. Conwy County Council will resist future bedsits, the policy will be dead against it. We will formally resist houses of multiple accommodation, and reduce them and therefore some of the undesirable types that live there.”

And here is the apology published by the Weekly News...

*ON the Letters Page of last week’s Weekly News we ran a headline saying "Councillor’s ‘underclass’ comments spur debate".
This implied Cllr Bob Squire had used the term in relation to people in Colwyn Bay.
This was not the case, and Mr Squire has not used this term in the past.
The term ‘benefits underclass’ was actually from a report from the Welsh Assembly.
We are happy to clear up any misunderstanding this may have caused.

Councillor Maratos, in my opinion, was only saying what he had read a County Councillor say in the papers, the fact that the Council and Councillor Chris Hughes did not want it further publicised is a different matter entirely, if what Councillor Maratos alleges is true, and I have no reason to doubt him as I am in receipt of some emails sent out by Cllr Hughes, then there is certainly a case for the Standards Board to investigate the actions perpetrated by Councillor Hughes who, for too long now, seems to be getting away with some very strange behavior.

Sunday, 20 December 2009


An article from My Thoughts My Country about Tax and Charities got me thinking......


I remember some time ago there was an investigation into donations given to Oxfam and it was calculated that for every £100.00 only £1.00 of it reached the people it was intended for; I do not know if that is still the case but I am sure someone will be able to inform us.
Charities are full of people with good intentions who work tirelessly in their belief that they are helping others, these people, rightly, deserve every credit due to them; most of them giving their time and effort free of charge.... but not all.
Chairmen, Boards and Officers of Charities are sometimes on huge salaries for their meagre input into these organisations and that is why I have become so suspicious of charities.
Ex-Servicemen charities are now springing up all over the place and are taking advantage of our emotional attachment to our serving Soldiers involved in conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, some of whom have died, sustained life changing injuries or have developed mental problems. A good friend of mine and an ex- Warrant Officer in the SAS gives his time freely to help ex-service men, and woman, who are suffering from PTSD, they receive no Government or WAG funding, although I believe this is being addressed, they rely on donations from the Services and the public, they are a long standing organisation whose reputation is beyond reproach and they deserve every penny they get.
What worry me are those organisations that set themselves up purporting to be a “Charity”. I do know one organisation that has set-up SOTS (Soldiers Off The Streets), it was started by Bill Murray and his wife, Bill was the Welsh Regional Secretary for the BNP and one of those I argued with whilst being a member myself. SOTS was set-up like so many other “Charities” on a whim, it is not registered with the Charities Commission and, apart from his wife, I do not know who the Officers are. We do not know what salaries Bill, his wife or the Officers are on and we have no idea of what percentage of our donation eventually reaches the person it was meant for.
SOTS is not the only organisation that has sprung up to play on our emotions, there are many others and they all need to be regulated and, if necessary, investigated. Being an ex-serviceman I am the last person to tell people not to donate to organisations that are genuinely for ex-service personnel, every penny you give to reputable charities helps. If in doubt check these charities are registered before handing over your well meaning donation.

Saturday, 19 December 2009


What Festive Spirit? Having just given up the rigours of an attempted shopping expedition into the war-zone that Colwyn Bay has become, I can certainly tell you there is no “Festive Spirit” whatsoever. It is sheer lunacy to venture anywhere near the shopping centre, the market or, indeed, any premise that may be offering for sale anything that may have the slightest hint of having anything to do with Christmas.
The worst offenders being women, the moment you put one of them behind a shopping trolley, the whole world is at risk, they do not push them, they aim them; and I pity any poor sod’s ankles that stands in their way. Should you, God forbid, complain you are met with a glare that would put Medusa to shame and a retort of “Well; move out of the bloody way then” followed by a snarl of “Pillock” as they continue lumbering down the cat-food lane with a very apologetic looking husband trotting behind them trying to keep up.
Trying to look into a shop window is akin to being part of the scrum in a Ladies Rugby club and, had I not moved, I am sure my genitals would have ended up as a war trophy nailed to a dressing room door somewhere.
Arguments rained thick and fast all over town, one poor bloke being publically humiliated by his over-weight wife for his choice of baubles; holding them up for her friend to see she shouted “Have you seen these **cking baubles he chose, they’ll look **cking stupid on my tree”, poor bloke. Another hapless individual was laden with about 27 bulging carrier-bags whilst his wife flickered from place to place making more purchases to add to his load, “Remind me to get four loafs of bread as well” she told the poor sod. As I nipped outside to have a cig and calm my shattered nerves another woman was screaming at her husband “Now look what you’ve done, you’ve made me forget the cream” ????. A well used phrase was also heard “I don’t know why I bothered bringing you with me........ give me some money”.
Returning home I was greeted with “Hi Love, did you get what you wanted?” Looking at her now, in a totally different light after seeing what I had, I decided against telling the truth and sidled up into the office for a bit of quiet reflection.

Thursday, 17 December 2009


I have re-printed a copy of an email sent to me today from a gentleman called Matt Hall, I have never met the person and can only vouch for the validity of his claim on his say so, I have no reason to doubt that the email is the genuine article as it appears to ask reasonable questions of the Chairman (Councillor Chris Hughes) of the Friends of the Pier Society. To this date Councillor Hughes has not had the common courtesy to reply to the gentleman’s enquiry.
One has to wonder if this is the way one person has been treated, how many others are there out there who have also been treated in a similar, despicable, fashion. The problems surrounding Councillor Hughes’s prolonged Chairmanship must now, surely, becoming an embarrassment to the County Council and for the sake of their own integrity they must take action against him and force him to resign from the Society or, alternatively, step-down as a Councillor.

From: woulddo@hotmail.co.uk
To: cllr.chris.hughes@conwy.gov.uk
Subject: Friends Of The Pier Enquiry
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2009 16:58:03 +0000

Hi Chris,

I have been informed that you are Chairman of 'The Friends Of Victoria Pier' in Colwyn Bay, Which I am interested in joining having recently moved to the area and having a lons standing interest in Piers and their history ,Firstly I am after some information on the group- Is there a membership/joining fee? If so what do I get for this fee? eg. Newsletters, Chance to attend Meetings etc? I have noticed/been told the Pier is closed and heard many different stories in a short time as to how/why, What are the Friends actually doing towards saving the Pier? Any Fundraising/Meetings I could get involved In to help? I would also be willing to make a donation towards any fund etc that is in place for the Piers future.

Many Thanks

Matt Hall

Wednesday, 16 December 2009


Now that the proposal, by the Council, to house their offices in Colwyn Bay has hopefully been shelved let us now turn our attention to other pressing matters....... the Pier.
Victoria Pier here in Colwyn Bay has, for some time now, been the subject of many conversations, those who want it demolished and those that want to see it restored have all voiced their opinions independently, some are worried others are shocked at the Pier’s decline and there are those, like me, who are extremely concerned at the Council’s refusal to negotiate with the owner or, indeed, refuse to even discuss the Pier publically.
I raised the issue at a Town Council meeting and all the County Councillors stood up and left the chamber, I got the Council to invite Steve Hunt, the owner, to address a meeting to inform us of his position in respect of the Pier, no County Councillors attended it; had they done so they would have heard Steve Hunt tell us that he is prepared to enter into ANY deal that will save the Pier.
Here, on this blog, and on most of the other local blogs you will have read of Chris Hughes, a County Councillor, refusing to call meetings or sign cheques for the Friends of the Pier Society of which he is the CHAIRMAN, of all County Councillors one would have thought he would have shown an interest but he has not, and yet still refuses to stand down as it’s chairman; CAN HE NOT SEE WHAT A HUGE CONFLICT OF INTEREST ARISES FROM HIM BEING CHAIRMAN or is there a secret agenda that by remaining there and stifling democracy he is acting as an agent for the Council?
Public opinion is highly against the Council and Councillor Hughes and concerns are such that our local MP, David Jones, is now calling a Public Meeting to discuss the Pier. This meeting will be held in the main chamber of the Town Hall at 6pm on Friday the 22nd of January. David, himself will, hopefully, chair the meeting and we can, at last, have a full and open debate about the Pier’s future.
It is uncertain whether there will be a CCBC representative present but, if there is not, then that will speak volumes for the Council’s feelings towards the people of Colwyn Bay. I would also like to see Councillor Chris Hughes attend the meeting to defend his despicable actions towards the Pier Society but, once again, I doubt he has the integrity to do the right thing and be open and honest.
I would like to urge all of you to attend this meeting and show your support for the Pier, it shows the level of concern when your local MP has to do all the work, well done David.


Tuesday, 15 December 2009


I have been asked if I am attacking UKIP over sour grapes in that they refused to let me attend one of their meetings.
That is not the case at all and I do not consider what I have said as an “Attack” it was meant to be a kick up the arse so they would extract the digit and get on with doing what they should be doing.
I still believe that Nationally UKIP can be a great challenge to the mainstream Parties; they could be here too but they need to brighten their ideas up, let me refresh your memories...
You will all be aware that I had an interest in the UKIP Party; I wanted to attend a meeting to find out more about them and get to know the local members, a dip of the toe in the proverbial waters, so to speak. This sent their Political Advisor, Kevin Mahoney into orbit, making false claims and assumptions about me, he even told the membership, WRONGLY, that an NEC directive forbids ex-BNP members from attending their meetings. You are all aware of the farcical episode that followed and the indecision of the local leadership, truly amazing really that they get anywhere.
(I have been asked to point-out that the paranoid Kevin Mahoney is not the North Wales UKIP Political Advisor he is John Bufton, the MEPs, Political Advisor..... Poor John.)
These are not attacks they are observations and I certainly believe that locally they are poorly led (my observation) and badly advised by a man who seems paranoid about BNP infiltrators (my observation). To any of those in UKIP who, like the MEP Political Advisor, suffer from paranoia in regards to infiltrators may I make this observation; who would you be more suspicious of? A Councillor who serves his community and gives his time freely to help others OR Kevin Mahoney, who within two to three years of joining your party has climbed his way up the ladder to become an advisor to one of your MEPs and a PPC, gives false and misleading information to party members about an ex-BNP Councillor who shows an interest in the party and is, I believe, the brother of Brian Mahoney; leader of the entire BNP in Wales. Your choice!
Start looking on your own doorstep before knocking on my door; neither I nor my observations are your problem; the fact that I point them out to you is a bit like shooting the messenger.
UKIP are capable of so much more, get out there, meet the people, be decisive and bold and show people you are a party with enthusiasm not, as I have likened you to, a church hall action group. You have the capability of so much more, I honestly believe you yourselves do not realise your potential and that is half the problem. WAKE-UP! Before it is too late.


Last nights meeting, in my opinion, was full of what I call “Managerial spiel”; they talked a lot but in essence said very little.
The Centre for Sporting Excellence was glorified and hailed as the best thing since sliced bread but everything else was glossed over and any difficult questions such as “Ultimate plans for Douglas Road” were responded to with “Refer to the Master plan”. This was the first I’d heard of a “Master plan” (outside of spoof spy film), apparently the Council will be employing a firm of Consultants, costing around £100,000, who will draw up this “Master plan”. Why, after all this time, are we only now employing consultants? I’m not against spending £100,000 if they are successful in bringing home the bacon but it seems a little late in the day to be calling them in, they should have been employed at the very beginning instead of amateurish hopefulness.
I asked about plans for a multi-storey car park in Ivy Street the answer was “As of today, there are no plans for that” I pursued it further “ Are there plans for a multi-storey car park anywhere in Colwyn Bay” the answer again was “As of today, no”. As of today could mean a multitude of things, we may change our minds as of tomorrow or we were but only up until yesterday!.
There is a Quality Assurance Team (QAT) set-up (full of County Councillors or Council employees) to oversee the regeneration and I groaned inwardly when Councillor Chris Hughes piped-up and informed us, gleefully, that he had been voted Chairman of the team, if it’s anything like his chairmanship of the Pier Society or his vice-chair of the Daniel Cleverly Trust (Dan’s den) then we are doomed to disaster.
Arguments followed the meeting and I received a phone call or two from other worried Councillors, one, who’s name I wont mention, said that they felt it was time to call it a day; he/she is sick of the back-biting and name-calling and feels that we are banging our heads against a brick wall and has had enough of it, despite my call for a cooling-off I think he/she may carry out the threat of resigning and I cannot blame them really; if you are not used to threats and intimidation it can be very disheartening and I will admit to having, fleetly, considered it myself.
Good intentions are all very well but I believe Samuel Johnson once said “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” I only hope this time he is proved wrong.

Monday, 14 December 2009


I’m sorry but I can no longer get into, understand, the Joys of the Christmas feel good factor. To me the innocence and anticipation of Christmas has been dragged into the commercial arena where it isn’t the thought behind the gift that counts but how much of your hard earned cash you spent on it.
Kids no longer rush off to bed early on Christmas Eve, hoping it will make Santa come quicker, they no longer eagerly await the surprises wrapped up in paper under the Christmas tree; the fact that they chose it from the Argos catalogue may have something to do with that. Kid’s noses are not pressed against cold windows hoping to get a glimpse of Santa and his reindeers flying past, they know that once Dad has snaffled the mince pie and drunk the sherry, which they blatantly left for Santa, then he’ll sneak up the stairs in his drunken stupor and dump the prezzies at the bottom of the bed.
Carol singers banging on your door and asking for dosh during the last week of November is another sign that things are no longer taken in the festive spirit, they’re just taken. Christmas Fayres now being called “Seasonal” just in case we upset some other religion, if it upsets you then sod-off we are a Christian Country that used to celebrate Christmas long before you came here.
Weeks before Christmas you could walk into your local and the atmosphere was thick of anticipation towards the coming event; now it’s just anticipation. The local butcher would have been taking orders weeks ago for the Christmas turkey; now you’ll probably see him in Tescos, like you, buying a turkey crown.
She who should be obeyed has already put up the Christmas tree, or should I say, taken it out of the box and assembled it, strung some new lights on it, the old ones having refused to work, thrown some tinsel at it and shoved a few crackers under it’s artificial branches. Standing back and admiring her work with a tear in her eye and a lump in her throat; get over it woman it’s artificial and the lights cost twice as much as they did eight years ago.
It’s all gone to pot; agreed there are still some who cling to the last vestiges of Christmas, hoping beyond hope that they can rescue the remnants of long lost sentiments but even they realise that it’s nothing like it was and that maybe next year they’ll bugger off to Spain until it’s all over.

Merry bloody Christmas everybody.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

THE GOOD NEWS IS..........

Some good news for a change; John Dew the person sent by WAG to advise CCBC on their Office Accommodation has recommended that the Council extend their offices at Bodlondeb and the Civic Centre and DO NOT build their new offices in the centre of Colwyn Bay.
This is great news in respect of the town but also slightly worrying; Councillors are now concerned that due to the single sightedness of the Regeneration Board towards these offices other proposals for the town had not even been considered.
Bethan Jones, Director of Regeneration and Improvement, is now moving to Denbighshire, following the money, they have a host of proposals being put forward and concerns are that with her knowledge of our limited proposals Denbighshire will get the lions share of the Regeneration Grant. Her role there, Director of Modernisation, puts her in an ideal position to take advantage of our Council’s (Her) relaxed attitude towards the grant.
Trouble is; time is fast running out, proposals have to be put forward now otherwise we will loose the grant entirely and, with Bethan Jones knowing all of our plans, she will be able to advise her new bosses of how precarious our position is, allowing them to take full advantage.
This should put an altogether different aspect on Monday nights meeting, one of the questions sent to me was “If public opinion is against the Council Offices what other plans have the Council got?” this is no longer just a question but reality and I, along with many others, will be anxious to know the answer!

Denbighshire Council seem interested in what I have said about the Regeneration Grant and Bethan Jones; they have already viewed this comment 8 times to-day. Conwy CBC has also viewed it 4 times, good job they revoked their “No viewing blogs “policy.
I can only hope that by making public this information, which by rights we should be informed about, that it spurs the Council into action and that they treat this Grant with the urgency that is needed. This is the towns last chance please do not waste it.

Thursday, 10 December 2009


On Monday 14th December (this coming Monday) at 6pm Colwyn Bay Town Council has a Special Meeting. There is only one item on the Agenda; to receive an address from Bethan Jones, Corporate Director Improvement and Development CCBC, in regards to the SRA Regeneration.
This is, basically, an update on what the Council’s intentions are in regards to spending the Regeneration Grant. No doubt it will include spending the money on the Council’s new offices and not necessary on what is good for the town. We will hear about the good work being done already and that that is yet to commence but, what this really means is; these are the scraps thrown to the peasants whilst the Council sits at the top table and gorges itself. The biggest proportion of the Grant will be spent on their offices and car parks to facilitate their staff and any remaining money used to placate the public. We will hear about the centre for Sporting Excellence and an integrated transport system (new footpaths and cycle routes) and we will even hear about “Public Consultation” not that I have been consulted about my feelings of having a block of offices for 600 Council staff in the middle of town.......... have you?
I would suggest that anyone interested in the future of Colwyn Bay attends this meeting and hears for themselves the proposals being put forward by the Council. You will not be allowed to speak or ask questions at this meeting, unless invited to do so, but I am more than willing to put forward any questions you may have for Bethan Jones in respect of the regeneration, email them to me at...


Wednesday, 9 December 2009


I don’t know if CCBC is full of wannabe James Bonds or thinks of itself as an off-shoot of MI5 but they appear to use the LGA Schedule 12a (public and press exempt) rule so often that it does make one wonder.
Yesterday’s Cabinet meeting had no less than three exempt items; one, the award of the Waste Transport Contract, I can understand as being “Commercially sensitive” but the other two, The Chief Executives Annual Report and Job Evaluation/Modernising Employment are a different kettle of fish and certainly smell like it too.
The latter two are issues that affect us as tax payers, the CEO’s annual report will, undoubtedly, give us all a clear picture of the Council’s successes and failings over the last 12 months; why should we not be allowed to know that?, after all, are these services not what we pay them for?, it may well be that it is too embarrassing for them to want us know but that is no reason for not informing us. It may even tell us what services and works have been put on hold to pay for the massive cock-up on the costing of the Maesdu bridge repairs. Why do they want to treat us like mushrooms?
Job Evaluation/Modernising Employment; If someone is not doing their job correctly we have a right to know that too because, when all is said and done, we pay their wages. We also need to know if employment is being “created” for non-job personnel earning huge salaries. Perhaps, if we shed enough tears, we can all get a £10,000 wage rise for doing nothing.
Openness and transparency is not this Council’s forte, this may come from its Labour Party influence, I’m sure, but the one thing I do know is that it is about time we were treated with respect and honesty by our Council and Councillors; hiding behind rules and regulations is, at the very least, contemptible.

Friday, 4 December 2009



I believe we are over represented by, in some cases, those on the gravy-train. If County Councillors were honest with themselves they too would be able to see it from the public’s point of view. There are Councillors who have told me other Councillors have said “I’m only here for the money” Well name and bloody shame them! Get rid of the useless pieces of shite and replace them with people who have an ounce of decency and care about their community; don’t go along with the old-boy network just because it’s the “done thing”... name them!
Hardly anyone has a good word to say about our Councillors probably because we don’t believe a word they say when they complain that they do a worthwhile job. They surround themselves in secrecy and a “need to know” policy in which, to some of them, knowledge is power. Get off your high horses, stop being full of piss and your own self-importance and start representing what the people want and not what Council Officers say they can have.
If we had less “yes-men” and more people prepared to argue for the rights of the public then I could understand their whinging, but we haven’t, they go along with a minority of Councillors who are “Council brained” and influence them with their leftie rhetoric. It is this minority that give all Councillors the reputations they have.
We actually do have some very good Councillors but they are bogged-down in the mire caused by these few bureaucratic career Councillors who believe “Democracy” is something that only they can decide upon.

Thursday, 3 December 2009


I think my decision to look at UKIP before joining it was a good move; whilst I agree with what they stand for nationally, locally they appear to be a damp squid.
The fact that their new party leader, Lord Pearson, was prepared to do a deal with the Tories, denied by some members, is also very off-putting, imagine being told you cannot stand in this election because the Conservatives are standing, not what you paid you’re party fees for, is it?
UKIP, locally, which is what I would have been involved in, appears stagnant and without enthusiasm, something I know the members feel, and in a letter from their Chairman, Warwick Nicholson, confirmed it “ The membership showed no enthusiasm for a December meeting”. There is an election looming, they have 6 months to get ready for it and they cannot be bothered to hold a monthly meeting!
You cannot blame the members if they are poorly led and ill advised for their apathy. It is up to the local leaders to lead by example, if you look at their North Wales web-site there as only been 5 entries since the beginning of November....
Not, exactly, encouraging, is it?
Holding their meetings in a draughty Church Hall is not my idea of a party going anywhere any time soon; they need to brighten-up their image, get out and meet the people and be bold and decisive. Their reliance on poor local leadership, bad advice from under qualified and over titled political advisors and their inability to climb above their local action group status is going to cost them dearly in the forthcoming election.
I can only wish the local membership well, but I fear it may already be too late for them; unless there is a monumental transformation soon; then they will be in the same position after the election only a lot more deflated than they already are.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Before I start I am not insinuating that there is any link between Colwyn Bay’s Communities First and the one in the news item. What I am trying to get across is that Town and Community Councillors can, if they are persistent, make a difference.
The Community Councillor who instigated this investigation was ridiculed and, no doubt, criticised for what was called “Unsubstantiated claims”, nevertheless her persistence paid off and two officers, the Co-ordinator Miriam Beard and Monitoring Officer Andy Bunning, have both been suspended following initial investigations by WAG and the Welsh Audit Office.
“Minor” Councillors can, if they are open, honest and vocal enough, get things done; they may have to put up with harassment, political and personal verbal attacks and false accusations but, at the end of the day, if they feel morally right then they can succeed. My admiration goes out to the Community Councillor involved in this; Mandy Bostwick.



I have been sent copies of emails sent between Councillor Hughes and Pat Jackson, they include personal details of Councillor Hughes so I will not publish them, and in them Councillor Hughes gives “personal problems” as an excuse for not calling a meeting.
I have also received numerous phone calls; one informed me that despite being sent cheques to countersign Councillor Hughes refused to sign them, rendering the Society unable to spend any money. The Society’s bank account only holds between £5-600, not a lot but they are still unable to put it to use and because of that members have ceased donating to the Society.
Once again I have been asked to publish the address of the Pier’s petition site which I have signed along with Councillor Maratos....


Amongst the phone calls I received was one saying that Councillor Hughes is out and about telling people I am telling mistruths about him, you, the readers, can decide that for yourselves; but if that is the case then I am prepared to answer for my actions to any Standards Committee that he wishes to complain to. I stand by EVERYTHING I have written and am in possession of documentary proof to support it.