Wednesday, 10 December 2008


Following reports in the paper regarding my support of the BNP I have been asked to clarify my position in regards to the party, I have also had it put to me that I am still a member but keeping “quiet” about it!.
For a start, those that know me know I do not do anything quietly, there would be no logical gain being a covert member of the BNP, if I were still a member people would certainly know about it.
I have mixed feelings about the BNP as a party but stout regard for most of the membership. The party has policies that are not only unworkable but foolish and dangerous. On the other hand they have policies that I totally agree with.
Do not forget the roots of the BNP lay in the National Front and so there are causes for concern there, the present leadership of the party have cut their teeth on scandal and controversy, Nick Griffin, being a prime example. The Government financially support left-wing groups such as UAF and Searchlight to portray the BNP as a sinister organisation full of trouble causers, the leaked membership list proves otherwise, it show that the members are a cross-section of today’s society covering a vast range of careers and professions.
All of BNP Organisers, Group Leaders and Activists do their job voluntarily, there are some who wish it were different, as I found out, but the main workers do it because they have a passion not a pay packet.
Nick Griffin brought the BNP out of the ashes and to where it is today but, and it is an extremely big “but”, I, personally, believe he can no longer lead the party effectively, he carries too much baggage, as become too greedy and has scant regard for the real members. If the party wishes to loose the “Racist” stigma then they must also loose Nick and a few of his cronies, there are plenty of other members capable of leading the party, one, who I would give full backing to, actually reads this blog, Chris Hill.
The core values of the BNP are well placed and founded on bed-rock, solid national pride, being proud of one’s heritage is not racist nor is trying to stop the influx of immigrants. Blaming ethnics for the problems within the Country is only part of the problem, the main problem is our current Government who have led and allowed us to get into this mess.
You do not have to be a BNP member to know that immigration is out of control, our infrastructure is at breaking point, we are being bled dry by Europe or that our Government is full of liars, thieves and people incapable of holding public office. If we cannot trust the people elected to protect and serve us then surely people have a right to look for those that will. That is why I believe people are turning to the BNP, not because they are racists but because they need someone or something to believe in again.
So, in a nutshell, No, I’m not a member, although I could be tempted to re-join if certain situations changed. I believe in some but not all of the BNP policies. I would like to see a change of Party Leadership, more inter-reaction of the party‘s members and a more transparent party line. I think highly of the core membership and their commitment to the party. I would deny that all members are racist, I accept some are but you will get racists in all walks of life and political parties. Finally, given the opportunity, yes I would vote for them.

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