Friday, 2 January 2009


Whilst a member of the BNP I claimed that Britons were treated as second class citizens in our own Country, I did not blame any particular ethnic group for this, I blamed our Labour Government. Being honest I actually said we should stop immigration regardless of colour, I still believe that today, open immigration should be stopped immediately.
In all that time I was called a racist, a fascist and Nazi and yet I still continued to say it. Now, it turns out, I shouldn’t have had concerns about my views and the unwashed lefties shouldn’t have called me a racist, even Hazel Blears agrees…
Now that’s settled the Army of the unwashed can have a bath and go home then!.


Anti-gag said...

Dear Cllr Oddy.

I think there is one big difference between your views and those of Hazel Blears, you hold your views out of conviction, while Ms Blears are based on calculating her best vote come election time.

Chris Hill

Councillor John Oddy said...

So true Chris, so true!