Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Congratulations to Councillors Abdul Khan and Hazel Meredith, Abdul was voted on as the new Mayor of Colwyn Bay and Hazel is to be his Deputy. I would like to thank Councillor Phil Edwards, the outgoing Mayor, I think he’s had a terrific, if somewhat hectic, year and has done some great things for charities, groups and communities throughout his term in office. Good luck to all of them for the future.

Thursday, 23 April 2009


Oh dear, internal squabbling in the ranks of Plaid...
It appears Plaid don’t want to be as transparent as they would like us to think they are. Oh what a wicked web we weave.... “Don’t do your dirty washing in public” springs to mind


Well, the Budget came with no real surprises, we all took a hammering, beer, cigs and fuel all going up. What was laughable was Labours expected rate of recovery; they must really think we are all as stupid as they are! They hit the rich with the 50p in the £ tax hike but lets be honest how many of them will end-up paying it, they’ll either move out of the Country or employ a fancy accountant to wriggle their way out of it. It was an “election budget” that promises more than it offers. We can only hope that gormless Gordon calls an early election and we can dispense with Labour’s decade of depict.
Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate, Donna Hutton, graced the front page of the Pioneer this week, looking as cheerful as a turkey at Christmas (She’d probably just seen the budget), she is obviously trying to scrape a few votes together, hoping not to lose her £500 deposit. She and Cllr Chris Hughes are shown holding “Outrage” papers in connection with proposals to build new houses on the Glyn Farm land. The only outrage is that they, as Labour’s local heroes, will claim this as a Labour victory should the Council decide not to build there. It is stunts like this that are the epitome of the Labour Party, they give the appearance of caring about our communities but, in reality, they are there purely as a gimmick to harvest votes for a Party that has destroyed Britain.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Channel 4 Dispatches showed how we, the tax payers, are being ripped-off by the hogs of Westminster...
Surprise, surprise Labour MPs came in for the biggest slating although they were not alone, even the hated Michael Martin, Speaker of the House, came under fire but, regrettably, declined to comment.
The most entertaining moment was one of Jacqui Smith’s constituents saying she was only fit to work in Tesco’s, personally I think that was an insult to Tesco workers!
The question of expenses and the misuse of it filter down to our own County Councils; I have always said and will continue to say some of our County Councillors are there purely for the money, either as an easy income or to top-up their pensions. An easy way to spot this is to see which County Councillor puts his/her name forward to be Town or Community Councillors, both being unpaid, the greedy ones opt for the County only knowing that that is where the money is. We need our Council to be decisive and efficient ours, in my opinion, is neither, we need to cut-out the dead wood that is causing the rot to spread, there are within the Council “Career Councillors” those that have been there for years and achieved nothing but an easy income. They are not hard to spot, study the list of Councillors on the web-site, see their interests, whether they are bothered to be on committees or panels, look at their attendance records to see if they can be bothered to turn up or not. Look at and listen to what is being said about individual Councillors, even some Labour Councillors get good reports but don’t hold your breathe looking for them. Finally don’t vote for a Candidate purely on what Party they stand for, the old “ I always vote ......” is the wrong way to vote, vote for the one you think will do the best for your community and not what is best for their Political party.

Friday, 10 April 2009


We are all well aware of the threat posed by terrorists and of the atrocities they have already carried out or have attempted to carry out. The latest terrorist group were all, but one, from Pakistan, here on student visas, the one that wasn’t had links to Pakistan as have 70% of all terrorist attacks and activities here in the UK, 70%.
With that in mind is it not time for our Government to say enough is enough and stop issuing all visas to Pakistani nationals?. Our national security is at risk from these individuals and unless there is a way to discriminate terrorists, which there isn’t, then we must stop all of them entering the Country. I would rather see 10,000 Pakistanis denied education in our Country than one more atrocity. An education, I might add, that is subsidised by us, the tax payer, and our generosity is repaid by attempting to blow us all to hell!.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009


It would appear I am starting to upset a few County Councillor with my constant questioning and complaining…..good!, maybe they will do something about it.
In and around Colwyn Bay there are lots of minor repairs that are constantly missed, eg; broken benches, street lights not working, broken rubbish bins and uneven walkways. Anything like that, if you see it, I would like to know about it. Tell me the problem, the nature and exact location of it and I will report it and have the complaint logged. If, after 14 days the problem hasn’t been rectified get back in touch with me and I can find out why the repairs have not been carried out.
For those reading this on another site you can lodge your complaint here.. http://voicesofcolwynbay.blogspot.com/ … under the heading LOCAL COMPLAINTS.
Every legitimate complaint will be forwarded to the relevant department, logged, followed up and reported on.

Monday, 6 April 2009


How much longer are we going to put-up with this utter madness, how many more times are we going to hear the words “I insist, I have done nothing wrong”.
It has been known for sometime that Labour’s Geoff Hoon was on the gravy train but not to what extent, all is revealed here….
We really are being taken to the cleaners by this Labour Government, I know other MP’s are at it but not on the scale of these things that are supposed to represent us.
I cannot condemn the Labour Party strongly enough, to say they should all be taken out and shot for Treason would be too good for them, Labour have dishonoured every single man and woman who were mislead into voting for them, they are the scum of the earth.

Thursday, 2 April 2009


Now that she’s got away with the porn films………….


Below is a copy of the proposal I put before the Town Council on Monday night. The proposal was rejected after Chris Hughes launched an attack on it calling it “Short-sighted”. I suspect but cannot prove that this was a politically motivated attack in that this is not a Labour backed proposal. Chris Hughes would not say what the Council have planned for the old market but rumour has it that it’s shops with flats above, just what we don’t need more of.
I do know there is a growing number of people concerned at this refusal, it is, after all, to regenerate Colwyn Bay that the grant was put in place and not for the County Council to make political headway with.

A proposal that the following town centre improvements be put to the Regeneration Board with the full backing of this Council.1. Demolish and re-build the indoor market at the bottom of Penrhyn Road. The first floor to incorporate a drop-in style café with Council help and information office and a supervised Children’s adventure area.2. Pedestrianise Penrhyn Road in the same style as Station Road.3. Fit Victorian style covered walkways down both sides of Penrhyn Road, Station Road, the shopping areas of Sea view Road and both sides of Conwy Road between Hawarden Road and Woodland Road East.4. Replace all lampposts in the above mentioned areas with Victorian style cast-iron ones.My reason for the above proposal is not only as an enhancement to the Town Centre but to enable the Town to accommodate a week-end market the likes of which Tir Prince holds on Sundays. The market would run down Sea View Road, up and down Station and Penrhyn Road and cumulate with the Indoor Market which could remain open all week.A market attracts shoppers, both local and visitors, shoppers attract store traders, more shoppers attract a higher quality of store traders, higher quality shops introduce higher quality shoppers.At a time when we are seeing more and more shops closing in the Bay we have to think of ways in which to entice people back. We, as a Town, could never afford the above improvements so I believe we should take advantage of the Regeneration Grant whilst it is still available.Councillor John Oddy
My proposal for regenerating the town centre with the Regeneration Grant was rejected by the Council at last nights meeting.
The main objector, Councillor Chris Hughes, stated that my proposal was very short sighted, the idea of the grant was to facilitate further employment within the town, the covered walkways would be unsafe and that the County Council was already about to spend nearly £1m on renewing the lamp posts. He went on to state that there were already plans put forward for the old indoor market but would not explain what they were, I can only presume that being a County Councillor he is privy to information that irks like myself are not.
My return argument was; if an indoor market doesn’t employ people then who runs the stalls, a drop-in centre and café do not run themselves and a supervised child’s adventure area means just that…supervised!. We already have covered walkways in town and they are perfectly safe so I cannot see why installing them further would not be.
The idea that the County Council are prepared to spend nearly £1m of taxpayer’s money on renewing the lamp posts is slightly worrying, why should this renewal cost come out of our funds when it could be enrolled within the regeneration grant and not cost the local taxpayers a penny, Cllr Hughes didn’t answer that nor would he furnish details of the plans laid out for the indoor market, obviously a need to know basis and, in his eyes, I didn’t need to know!.
Needless to say the vote went against me 9 to 5 although some Councillors did voice their opinion that the putting forward of ideas was limited and that I should not be dissuaded from continuing.
My concerns, and I did voice these in the meeting, is that we only have a limited time that this grant is available, if we do not spend it or another town comes up with an acceptable proposal then we will loose it, no if’s or but’s, no second bite of the cherry the money will go elsewhere and once again Colwyn Bay will lose out.