Thursday, 20 May 2010


Once you stop blogging for any period of time it is extremely difficult to get back into the swing of things. Work has kept me away not only from the blog but from most other things too, fortunately the contract is coming to an end which will mean I’ll have more time to spare and so enable me to get back to the blog. I have, of course, been active with Council matters and have kept an eye on other local blogs so I haven’t been completely dormant, honest.
I announced it on Oscar’s blog that I intend to stand in the By-election for Mostyn Ward and I will keep you fully informed of any progress regarding that. I also believe that during my absence there was a General Election, congratulations to David Jones on retaining his seat although I’m not too impressed by his Governors choice of bedfellows, it will all end in tears before bedtime.
I am now convinced that Victor is Craig or a very close, older, relative of his, it is only a shame that he cannot let bygones be bygones and enjoy his new life in Blackpool without all this muck-raking.
Jason Weyman is turning out to be the best County Councillor we have and I have to applaud his openness and honesty, something more experienced Councillors could and should learn from.
I will go into greater detail on all the above and more when I return in approx two weeks, for now I’ll sign-off again but I wont be far away!