Saturday, 28 February 2009


Has Nick Bourne lost the plot?, or is he so desperate to cling onto power that he will sacrifice the Welsh Conservatives to do it?.
Nick Bourne is not renown for his decision making skills as his episode with the iPod proved. His ability to put forward constructive criticism was shattered when he argued, wrongly, that Jane Hutt, Labour’s Education minister, wasn’t at an economic summit when she was!. His in-fighting with his own party is well documented, his own media team hate him.
He has now compounded his stupidity by allowing his arch-rival, Jonathan Morgan, to be pushed off the front bench in a re-shuffle. If you remember back in December I wrote a comment entitled “Nick Bourne Jump or Push”. Jonathan Morgan would have been the ideal candidate to replace Bourne but the Welsh Conservatives didn’t have the balls to make the right move and so now Bourne has used the excuse to get rid of his competitor.
Labour are now positioned to ride rough-shod all over the Conservatives and the weak Conservative AM’s were too blind to see it coming.

Thursday, 26 February 2009


I know Abdul and I know he has the town at heart so the Traders in Station Road may have got wrong the gist of what Abdul was saying. His comment of “Reaping the rewards” was, I presume what is called Positive Reporting. Abdul, like the rest of us, would love to see the town buzzing again but anything negative said about the conditions wont do us any good, he just picked up on what was good in a bad situation.
It would have been a lot worse had he said “Don’t come shopping in Colwyn Bay, we’ve got all the roads dug-up!”. He was merely saying what he thought would be the best for the shop keepers without being negative about it.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009


Yes there is a new joke shop opened in town, it’s the Labour Party’s Campaign Office!, a little shop on Abergele Road. You can pop-in at any time, there’s usually some clowns to tell you jokes and keep you amused!.
Credit where credit is due I didn’t think they would have the bare-faced cheek to open one, but, even I can be wrong sometimes!.
Donna Hutton was swooning over some low-level Minister who took 10 minutes off to officially open it ( well, he cut a hastily prepared red ribbon) before dashing off to get his snout back into the trough before it’s all gone and his time runs out.
You can imagine how the staff must feel, “What do we say if someone does come-in?”, a moments pause, no-one had thought of that!, “Just lie to them, we’ve got away with it for years, they wont notice a few more”.
How do you explain away years of sleaze and corruption, of bad management and incapability. How can you defend policies that have led to the downfall of this Country, made by a man who wasn’t even voted-in and has consistently misled all of us?. The truth is you can’t, we all know what Labour stand for and that is; “We’ll fill our pockets and those of the bankers, you lot look after yourselves!”.
Do they really think that opening a campaign office will do any good?, my advise would be to open a mental ward for anyone daft enough to be even considering voting Labour!.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Pub closeures are on the increase all across the Country, not just here or elsewhere in Wales but everywhere, the reasons are high rents, high beer prices, the smoking ban and the economy. Pub companies such as Punch Taverns and Enterprise Inns have owned their pubs for years and more than wiped their noses with them, most are proberbly owned outright with no mortgages on them and, therefore, could be rented at a lot less than they currently are. The Government, if they wanted to, could regulate these rents but they don’t. Pubs are your Working mans meeting place, socialising, catching-up and talking about your gripes sort of place, Labour don’t want us to do that, we could be conspiring against them if we did that!.
Beer prices are high because budget after budget see’s the tax on beer rise and rise, when was the last time we saw a budget that lowered tax on beer and spirits?, another way of keeping us out of the pub and complaining about Labour’s treatment of us.
The smoking ban in pubs, who voted for it and what percentage of pub users agree with it?. I agree all those left-wing do-gooders say what a wonderful idea it was and is, but how many of them used the pub in the first place!. Why weren’t landlords given the chance to make their own choice?, they were the ones who could have decided if they wanted to be non-smoking or not. No choice was given, Labour didn’t want us having a say on what we wanted.
Cheap booze in supermarkets, how many times have we heard the Government say it is wrong and that they are going to crack down on it?, they have done absolutely nothing about it. In fact, what as the Labour Government done to help the pub industry, if anything?, nothing, that’s what they have done, nothing because it doesn’t suit their purpose to do so.
Granted the economy doesn’t help but who led us into it?… Labour and they don’t want you going down to the pub telling your mates that either!

Saturday, 21 February 2009


Once again North Wales Police target drivers, this time over the use of seatbelts. Whilst I am all for road safety I do wonder if our Police’s valuable time would not be better spent catching the real criminals circulating in our communities.
I am fully aware that being in a moving vehicle without a seatbelt is an offence but, as police priorities go, there must be a dozen, or so, higher prioritised crimes that they could be targeting such as drugs, burglary and anti social behaviour.
It seems to me that NWP see the driver as an easy target, a way of increasing their clear-up record, yes. A way of cohesion with the general public, no. Faith in our police force is at an all time low, we no longer hold the respect for our officers that we used to. Surely the senior officers of NWP know this and, one would think, instead of further alienation of the public, they would be trying to repair bridges.
I know there are some new police strategies in place and that some of them appear to be working, it just worries me that NWP are pushing the public patience a bit too far.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009


Having just deleted the 73rd comment from Anonymous may I ask that you refine your comments to ones that you make yourself and are not reliant on cut and paste.
From all your comments it is obvious you are anti-Jewish and are a Jewish Conspiracy theorist, I am neither and therefore do not hold with your views, more to the point I do not think readers of this Blog are either. May I suggest you endeavour to find a web-site that agrees with your Jewish World Domination theory and, I am sure, you will all be very happy together.


The Council meeting of today’s date, 16.02.09. saw my proposal of a tram system for Colwyn Bay passed. This means the proposal will now have the Town Councils backing when it is put in front of the Regeneration Board.
I was asked on numerous occasions to rephrase the proposal, my original proposal was to put forward the plan that encompassed Rhos-on-Sea and Eirias Park, we, eventually, agreed on non-commitment of a route and allow the Welsh Assembly to decide on how much they will allow us.
Despite the debating of wording, when it came to the vote only two of us voted for the proposal and only one voted against it, the other 12 Councillors present all abstained.
Regardless of that, I am extremely pleased to see the idea of a tram reach another level, I will, of course, continue to lobby on behalf of a tram system as I feel it is imperative that we have a link between the beach and the Town Centre.

Monday, 16 February 2009


I have now had two threads removed from the Walesonline political forum. These threads were about a perceived cover-up involving the BBC and the Labour Government over the murder of Jill Dando.
It is alleged that Jill was killed by a Serbian hit-squad in retaliation for the bombing of a Serbian TV station and because she was involved in a Kosovo child charity.
The BBC were approached by an MP and told not to run the story, which they didn’t. That is the crux of the allegations, nothing more, nothing less. We are all aware that the media are controlled by the Government in what they should and should not report on. This seems to have more credence in the wake of “Walesonlines’ political forum” refusal to run this thread. It appears they are too afraid or have been warned of allowing this topic to be debated.

Friday, 13 February 2009


Not being of a superstitious nature I took a walk around town this morning. The person that sold me my ciggies dropped my change, bent down and banged his head on the till, I watched the workmen in Station Road and saw a lad drop a sledgehammer on his foot. Crossing at the bottom we had to wait for a reversing lorry, a woman with a child in a pushchair watched in horror as the child threw it’s blanket under the lorry’s wheels!. Walking into the shopping centre a gentleman, having purchased a cup of tea dropped it and by the book shop an embarrassed Mum was trying to control a child throwing a strop!.
I bought my lottery ticket and came home!.


The mystery of the two Colwyn Bay sisters arrested on suspicion of a £160m tax fraud has deepened. They were re-arrested and questioned again, one in her 40’s and one in her 30’s, the authorities seem to be playing this one very close to their chest. What does make me chuckle is that they are not releasing any details at all about the case but have asked for anyone with information to contact them!.
If HM Revenue and Customs let people know who the pair are that they want information on then they may, by chance, get a better response!!!.

Thursday, 12 February 2009


I know this is the second bite of the cherry but it can’t be helped, Jacqui Smith just blunders from one crisis to another. She has got to be the worst Home Secretary in the history of Politics.
She has banned Geert Wilders, a Dutch Politician and Parliamentarian, from entering the UK. She says his outspoken views on Muslims would cause community discord.
Lord Ahmed threatened to mobilise 10,000 Muslims if Mr Wilders was allowed entry to the House of Lords to show his film “Fitna”, a film that, in itself does not promote violence or lead to incitement of violence.
The Labour party, in general, show appeasement to Muslims, even the extreme Muslim clerics who openly promote violence in the name of Allah. This, however, goes way beyond appeasement, this is sheer cowardice and double standards.
The 2Home Secretary has, recently, granted visas to two know terrorist leaders, inflammatory clerics and a rap singer who’s lyrics condone the murder of infidels. Yet a visiting dignitary is barred because of his right-wing views and the fact that he was prepared to debate them within our Parliament. His call to have the Koran banned in his own country is in keeping with the Dutch authorities who have banned Mein Kamp, both books having similarities in his opinion.
If a member of the House of Lords threatens the 2Home Secretary that he will mobilise 10,000 of his kind then let him do so but under no illusion that if he does so he will be strip of his title. We should not be dictated to by the Muslim communities, they are the ones who demonstrate on our streets carrying the banners proclaiming “To hell with freedom”, “Death to Infidels” and “We do not recognise British law” they are the ones that should adapt to our way of life and our rules and laws, not the other way around.
The newspapers worldwide are now ridiculing Britain for allowing this to happen and calling it a step further towards Eurabia, it is saddening that we were lead into this in the first place but it is sign that our greedy, gullible 2Home Secretary is totally incompetent of holding office, she should be sacked and allowed to fade into obscurity.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009


“Seafront Regeneration”, sounds great but how long as it been rumbling on?. “Grants have been secured” or “Welsh Assembly on board” are comments we’ve heard for years. I know I am now part of the bureaucracy that meddles it’s way through all the red tape associated with projects like this but even I get frustrated at how long it takes to get a decision on anything.
Town Councils have very little input on final decisions, suggestion we put forward are subject to discussion by us, then voting, then forwarding with recommendations to the relevant Board, they then decide if or not to put it to the County Council who then go through the same procedures as we did, they then put it to the Assembly Board who then decide whether to put it to the Assembly. Any problems or questions are passed up and down the chain and this can take months or years.
In years to come our kids will be on the beach sitting on their deckchairs, knotted hankies on heads, trousers rolled up, shouting at their grandkids and looking at the thousands of turbines dotted across the bay and wondering when the Seafront Regeneration will actually start?.


Jacqui Smith is at the top of the food-chain in the Labour elite, she is the Home Secretary and, therefore, has more Parlimentary privileges than most. One of these being a “grace and favour” apartment in Whitehall, complete with it’s inbuilt security. She rejected the apartment and decided on the more financially rewarding concept of staying with her Sister and claiming it as her “Main residence”. Meanwhile her husband, whom she pays £40,000 a year to as her assistant, lives with their three children at their Redditch house, valued at £300,000.
She claims her Second home allowance of £22,000 per year on the Redditch property, even though her family are permanently in residence there, she pays her Sister rent and contributes to the household, how nice.
Now, legally, she is doing nothing wrong but morally she is just another fraudster taking public money openly and laughing at us.
So she can claim this £22,000 each year we, the taxpayer have to pay for the police protection on her sister’s house at a cost of £200,000 per year. If you add that up over the last five years or so, the length of time she has been claiming, her £116,000 has cost us in excess of £1 million.
Had she stayed in the “grace and favour” apartment she would have saved the Country £1,116,000 approx, is that not what politicians are supposed to do, what is best for the Country?.
In a nut-shell, just so she can get her chubby, grubby paws on an extra £22,000 she doesn’t mind the added cost of her protection, she claims her main residence IS NOT where her family is and she lets her “grace and favour” apartment lay vacant.
Is it any wonder, when the Labour hierarchy rob us blind, that the rest of the Labour party decide to get on the band-wagon and become embroiled in sleaze and scandal.
Jacqui Smith, instead of leading by example is, in fact, leading the queue of pigs to the trough!.

Friday, 6 February 2009


I know some of you will disagree with me and start the name calling but I have just listened to the biggest load of tripe dribbling from the oral orifice of Shami Chakrabarti, the director of Liberty. The argument was about the torture of terrorists held by the Americans and the disclosure of sensitive information.
My opinion on all of this is simple; if the torture of ten known terrorists saves the life of one British soldier then it was worth it, no if’s or buts. Our soldiers are not fighting in a conventional war, their enemy is not wearing a uniform and will use any method it can to kill them and us. To terrorists you and I are legitimate targets, it is not only soldiers that get captured and have their heads hacked from their bodies, civilians have also been filmed in this grotesque manner, where was Ms Chakrabarti when that was happening?
Does Liberty and the likes of Ms Chakrabarti, who incidentally I think is a naïve, odious woman, spare any thought for the prisoners of these terrorists?, do they not share the dread we feel when a person is captured by these animals?. Liberty are the first to come out shouting when an illegal immigrant or an Asylum seeker is held in custody, but do they care about the rights of you and I to be free of terrorism, do they hell, they are the epitome of your left-wing, politically correct, do-gooders who have more brains than sense.
Chakrabarti wants even more rights given to Asylum seekers, regardless that some of them are fleeing terrorists and may want to kill us, she is also against any security measure that protects us from the enemies that want to kill and maim us, a few years ago she would have been called what she undisputedly is…a traitorous bitch.
If Liberty and the traitorous bitch are so pedantic about Human Rights what about ours?. Do we and our soldiers have to forego our rights so that our enemies can commit the atrocities they do with impunity?.
It’s time this Country woke up to the likes of Ms Chakrabarti and her mamby-pampy dealings of our enemies, her sympathetic dealing of these cowards is what gets us and our soldiers killed.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

COMMON PURPOSE (submitted by ANON)

Charity reported over data protection issuesBy Pau... Charity reported over data protection issuesBy Paul Jump, Third Sector, 20 January 2009 Leadership training organisation Common Purpose named individual making FOI requests about its work to public authoritiesLeadership training charity Common Purpose has been reported to the Information Commissioner's Office for alleged breaches of data protection law.The Northwest Regional Development Agency, which made the complaint, has also apologised to a person whose name it inadvertently passed on to Common Purpose after he made a request under the Freedom of Information Act about its dealings with the charity.The name was then included by Common Purpose in a list of previous FOI requests about the charity that it distributed to public authorities receiving new requests. The charity said it distributed the list to illustrate the high number of FOI requests being made about it and to help authorities decide whether to treat new requests as vexatious (6 August 2008, page 3).Some of the FOI requests come from people concerned that too much public money is being spent on Common Purpose courses for officials.The agency has written to Common Purpose to say it intended to inform the ICO about the list. The letter reads: "If you decide to disclose the list to third parties, then please do so only with the prior express written consent of any individuals who are named or otherwise identified."A spokeswoman for Common Purpose said advice from its solicitors and the ICO indicated it was not in breach of the Data Protection Act.
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