Wednesday, 10 December 2008


Apologies, to one and all, we have just moved house and BT, unusually efficient for them, disconnected our broadband on time, but then lapsed back to their normality by, regrettably, being unable to connect our new line at the specified time. Another of life’s bug-bears we have to live with.
I would like to thank a close friend of mine for “minding the shop” during my absence and I see another good friend of mine has joined us. “Phil Redwood”, someone else who is not afraid to use his real name, joins us from Canada. Phil is UK born but emigrated to Canada when he was 12, just after The Great War then, Phil is also known as “The Silver Fox”, “Fox” for short. His prowess on the golf course, where his nickname originates along with his silvery mane, is well documented but this is in no short reference to the fact he is somewhat refrained when it comes down to his “golf” handicap which remains a closely guarded secret even to his own family.
Fox has visited Colwyn Bay on more than one occasion, a fact, I’m sure the landlords of some of our hostelries will confirm, along with his wife, Joan, poor, long suffering, golf widow that she is, are a wonderful couple who I take great delight in welcoming to this blog.

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