Wednesday, 10 December 2008


I have watched, from the side lines, the growing argument over the Norfolk House (Touchstone). Cllr Bob Squires buts his case very well and, I must admit, I follow his reasoning. Why should we put up with other areas’ addicts when we have enough of our own?. Good point but why not look at this from a different angle.
If Touchstone want to really help these addicts, why open a centre for them so close to temptation?. It doesn’t take the brain of Britain to work-out that just down the road from the Norfolk House lies a bevy of places where anyone of these addicts can satisfy their thirst for drink or drugs.
Surely then someone at Touchstone needs to re-think the positioning of these centres. Not so long ago I stayed at a very big hotel way up the Conwy valley, it was an impressive building but had seen better days, similar to the Norfolk House except it was miles to the nearest pub, there were no drug dealers around and they had no immediate neighbours to worry about.
I’m sorry if I’m missing the point but a venue such as this would be better for all concerned, no temptation for the addicts, no complaints from irate neighbours, less clientele for the drug dealers and a failing hotel put to good use. Winners all around!.

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