Saturday, 31 March 2012


For some obscure reason my dog, Pig, has, on our walks in the woods, started collecting his own pets.... Ticks! In the five years we’ve had him he may have had one or two but this year its gone absolutely silly, he must have at least 6 clinging to him!

We’ve tried the usual treatments flea/tick collar, the stuff you put on the neck and base of the tail, we’ve tried covering them in Vaseline, nail polish and nail polish remover (alcohol) We’ve managed to pull out a couple using tweezers and used some stuff that the pet shop sold us but the majority of the tricky little buggers refuse to shift.

Pig’s a resilient little fella but he’s a tad pi**ed off at me yanking these little blighters out of various parts of his body and we both decided it might be for the better if I left the one near his bum hole for just a little while longer!

So....if anyone has any helpful hints or tips Pig would be mighty grateful and if any of you are contemplating tackling the one near his bum I must warn you...the other end has a lot of teeth!

Thursday, 29 March 2012


Colwyn Bay Pier (Victoria Pier) falling (pardon the pun) into the hands of CCBC may not be the good news we all think it is. Shore Thing, the “front-men” for the Council have come up with some ideas that look good on paper but, in reality, may not work.

Call me a sceptic but unless the Pier hits the ground running as a commercial venture then it is doomed to failure and, if that happens, it will be the local tax payer who is burdened with the cost of it and that could dwindle on for many years.

I remain convinced that the only viable way for the Pier to succeed is in the hands of a private company, if that company is a gaming company and they want to open a casino then so be it, let them. If Shore Thing remain in control and only partially refit the pier, as and when funding is available then we are back to the way that Steve Hunt was trying to do it, building it up when he could afford it.

I was there when the original “Shore Thing” was set up, their main criteria was that no Councillors were to be involved with its workings yet I know of a couple who are skirting around it and, in my opinion, pulling the strings.....the Council remain in control but at arms length so, with running costs and maintenance estimated at over £50,000 a year who do you think will end up paying for it?

Please God....let me be wrong!