Friday, 19 December 2008


At a time when the recession is starting to bite and we are seeing job losses across the County plus the expected 5% rise in Council Taxes, for the County Council to accept a 2.5% rise in their allowances is utter hypocrisy. They have shown their contempt of the electorate and proved the theory that many are only there for the money.
Councillors Christine Jones (Llandudno) and our own Councillor Abdul Khan were the only two to object to the rise. I know Abdul and I know he has his community at heart, he is not motivated by greed, like so many, and I only hope that come the next election the voters will remember his actions.
Councillor's allowances are governed by a review board but the Councillors do not have to accept any increase, as in the case of Cllrs Jones and Khan, unfortunately the allowances are across the board and not on merit, if the latter were the case there would be quite a lot of Councillors who owed us money!.

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