Saturday, 20 December 2008


An article in the Daily Post in reference to graffiti….
Now I am no real fan of Wolfinsheepsclothing or anybody who supports Brumstrom, but on this occasion I agree with him.
Graffiti can have a detrimental affect on communities, it shows a lack of pride in one’s community, gives visitors the wrong impression and leads the “artist” into thinking he can daub his work anywhere.
I agree with Ingrid Lewis about a mural but, in most cases, we are talking about a “Signature” (the artist’s street name). By allowing it to happen we are accepting a youth culture, do not forget that same culture involves drink, drugs, anti-social behaviour and, in some instances, the carrying of knives. Graffiti is not a “major crime” but it is still a crime and one that could lead to further involvement in breaking the law, nip it in the bud and let’s put an end to it before it’ too late.

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