Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Forgive me for laughing but you have to admit the Labour Party have become the joke of the century. They are now stumbling from one catastrophe to the next, you only have to open a paper to find out which Labour MP as been found fiddling his/her expenses.
Now, even before the Summit starts, (the Summit that Gordon Brown is heavily relying on to save his bacon) the French President and the German Chancellor are threatening to walk-out. Like the rest of us they can see that the continual borrowing is only going to come back and haunt us. Labour want to lead us through a financial mine-field that our grand children will even suffer for.
Tomorrow sees a day of protests in the capital, in my opinion the first of many, we will see a Summer of discontent and although these are peaceful protests you can bet your bottom dollar they will turn ugly!. People have had enough of the corrupt incapability of the Labour Government, whilst some are struggling to just survive the Labour Party politicians are filling their pockets with our money, their last chance before being kicked out.
How anyone, in no matter what election, would want to put a cross next to a Labour candidate is beyond belief. We have to start at grass root-level and never vote Labour, any candidate foolish enough to stand for them must, in no uncertain terms, be told “We do not want a corrupt and greedy party in power”, they must be shown-up for what they are and laughed out of the polling station.


It has been brought to my attention, thank you Chris, that I have been somewhat neglectful of the blog. There is a good reason, my son’s lap-top gave up the ghost right in the middle of the dissertation he was preparing for university which meant I had to move away from the keyboard to allow him to finish.
We tried to have the lap-top repaired but it would have had to have been sent back to Sony at a cost of £150.00, that doesn’t include any work, that would be extra!. The repair shop said it was probably the motherboard, I asked if that was expensive and all I got was a sharp intake of breath, a rubbing of the hands and a sanctimonious smile!.
We’re buying a new one this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Thursday, 19 March 2009


I took the following from Donna Hutton’s web-site and whilst I myself slated Nick Bourne for his expenses claims it seems hypocritical of a Labour Candidate to do so following the antics recently of Jacqui Smith, Alistair Darling, Keith Vaz and a gaggle of Labour Lords.
One would think that anyone remotely connected to Labour would be staying well clear of mentioning expenses claims!.

Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Clwyd West constituency, Donna Hutton, today condemned comments made by Darren Millar, the area’s Welsh Assembly Member. Mr. Millar, who was thought by many to have previously been plotting against the Welsh Conservative leader Nick Bourne, has now come out in support of him.
Nick Bourne spent £5,000 of taxpayers’ money re-fitting his bathroom and a further £230 on an iPod music player.
Ms Hutton said “Mr. Millar may think this sort of behaviour is acceptable, but the hard pressed taxpayers of towns like Colwyn Bay, Abergele and Ruthin do not.”
“Mr. Millar spends far too much time playing Cardiff Bay media games over his party leadership bid when he should be working for his constituents.”

You tell ‘em Donna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009


The Pioneer carries an article called “Criminal checks for Councillors” and, whilst being no “saint” myself, here was my reply…

In reference To your article “Criminal checks for Councillors”.
CRB checks on Councillor should be carried out as a matter of course, prior to any Councillor taking Office. The public have a right to know what, if anything, a Councillor has or has not been up to.
I, for one, do not have spotless past, this paper, in fact, has reported on my driving offence, having said that I have done nothing I am ashamed of and welcome public scrutiny.
In this day and age the protection of the public should be paramount, The Council could, quite easily, carry-out these checks and publish them on their web-site. Any Councillor not willing to have this done, for whatever reason, should step-down.
It is high time for more transparency, in all levels, of Government, too many, for too long, have got away with too much.
Councillor John Oddy.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009


Whilst I totally agree with not smoking inside a hospital I am slightly miffed at the NHS approach to banning smoking throughout their entire grounds, including their car parks.
Being in hospital can be a stressful time and, as any smoker will tell you, when under stress the first thing a smoker does is reach for the fags. Also, when your visitors come, it’s nice to get out of the ward, go outside and light-up, have a chin-wag and do whatever.
I can see it isn’t the most ideal of situations, half dressed patients and visitors hanging around outside the main doors, smoke wafting back inside or across people entering and exiting.
Smokers will want a ciggie no matter what you do to stop them, eventually you’ll be driving past a hospital and outside, on the main road will be those half dressed patients and their visitors.
Surely, the ideal solution would be to erect smoking shelters away from main doors but still within the grounds, otherwise the hospitals are going to get even busier when all those smokers get hit by a car on main road!.

Friday, 13 March 2009


In a show of good faith to both Craig and Adrian I have removed my comment and those made by others in regards to it.
I can only hope that this sees an end to the entire episode and peace, once again, reigns.

Monday, 9 March 2009


It’s a well known fact I’m a dog-lover, wonderful animals, I have two of my own and I think the world of them. It’s so well known that a friend of mine told me what she had heard.
Apparently I’ve upset the local BNP, one of their number was discussing ways of getting back at me, they came up with the idea of dog-napping!, honest this is a true story, the gentleman, whom I will not name but he wears the wrong tie for his purported regiment, told the gathering that he used to be a dog-handler at a famous prison and that he could do it.
All I can say to this idiot of a man is do not be led by the words of an ambitious Organiser, think for yourself, you do not want to be on the business end of a 10 stone GSD!!!.

Saturday, 7 March 2009


I have just had a comic thrust through my letter-box, it’s called “Colwyn Bay Labour Rose” and, I must admit, I found reading it quite amusing!.
Donna Hutton must have chuckled uncontrollably whilst writing it, she immediately launches off with “I detest exploitation of people by powerful companies or organisations”. Which begs the question, Why are you in the Labour Party then?.
She then goes on to criticise…
I criticise them too, very loudly in fact, because they are the result of a weak and inept running of our country by this Labour Government. Who led us into this mess through lying, cheating and general mismanagement.
Turning the paper over I have difficulty in reading, the tears of laughter are fogging my sight.
She then calls me “Dear Resident” and goes on to blame and condemn everyone else, except, of course Labour, even us poor Independents get it in the neck. All the funding that’s coming to the Bay is down to Labour, everyone else, according to Donnakebab, was opposed to it, why we would be she neglects to say, but despite this HUGE opposition Labour got it for us anyway (so brave).
They(Labour), have also been “instrumental” in the announcement that Eirias Park is to be the new home of North Wales rugby, what she means is, some Labour Councillors were present when we were TOLD by the rugby representative that they had decided to make Eirias Park their new home!.
The comic continues but Donna, bless her, finishes by saying “Please tell us what issue/s concern you most” for which she leaves three lines, what a waste unless, of course you’re going to write LABOUR! three times.

Friday, 6 March 2009


Labour and Plaid have shown their contempt for Welsh voters by agreeing to spend £42 million on making their offices more comfortable.
At the moment they have a project team working on it at a further cost of £1000,000 and that’s only for the plans!.
It makes you wonder, they hold back funding to Local Government, forcing our Council to increase Council Tax by 5% and then spend the savings on themselves!.
There appears to be no limit to the amount of self-indulgence our elected representatives will go to. The entire Country, not just Wales, is gripped by the economic crisis, yet these fat hogs wallow in comfort whilst the rest of us suffer.
Dragon's Eye is on BBC One Wales on Thursday at 2235 GMT.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009


I have received some unwarranted comments regarding my membership of the BNP. These comments may have come from a BNP member/s inferring I must be regretting my resignation in the light of the party’s recent successes.
My answer is quite simple, I regret neither my membership of the BNP nor my resignation from it.
The BNP is the party closest to my personal politics but it still as a lot of work to do in cleaning up it’s image, structurally altering it’s chain of command and accountability to it’s membership. Once it gets things running like a well tuned clock they will be a political force to be reckoned with.
The three main parties are practically joined at the hip, they are full of what I call “career politicians”, they are there purely for the money and have scant regard for the people that voted them in, they canvass for Government simply because it means more money to them.
At it’s conception I had high hopes that UKIP would be a unique challenger to the traditional parties but it proved to be a damp squid and is now about to implode. Already there is a breakaway fraction, the UKF, (United Kingdom First) Party, they, like UKIP will eventually just give-up and go home.
The likes of the Green Party and other fringe minority groups will never get the support to be able to challenge for Government, they have neither the backing or public opinion behind them.
Against all the odds, remember the BNP were gagged by Government and the media, it was only through the internet that they were able to get their message across. Even I was banned from having public meetings, I wanted them but wasn’t allowed. The excuse was it may have caused civil unrest, in other words groups like UAF and Searchlight would have demonstrated.
The rise of the BNP will, hopefully, continue but it needs to modernise, moderate and cleanse itself internally. There is no other party that speaks for the working classes, Labour deserted them in favour of the EU and their immigration policy. I do wish the BNP well, I will not be part of them but I will vote for them.

Sunday, 1 March 2009


The forum is now open and can be found here…
…if it’s anything like the Llandudno Forum it will be a roaring success.
You can raise your own topics, join in others, buy, sell or even give away anything you want (As long as it’s legal!).
Pop-in and have a look, you never know who you might meet!.


Below is a copy of a comment I left on Jason Weyman’s blog in response to Councillor Lyons report in the paper about County By-laws


Correct me if I am wrong but it would appear that Councillor Lyons has wilfully mislead the media on these issues, or, at least, she has been negligent in stating her misinterpretation of the facts. In your opinion, is that correct?.
The reasoning behind my question is that Councillor Lyons appears to be making quite a few mistakes, deliberately or otherwise, her installation of Upvc windows in a listed building, for example, still remains unsolved despite her claims in December last year that she would rectify her “mistake”. In addition she also installed shutters to one of her commercial premises, is that not against planning laws?.
It is difficult enough having to explain to people why certain planning applications are turned down and this problem is only added to when Councillors themselves flaunt the rules.
In my opinion, you may agree or disagree, Cllr Lyons should have an Enforcement Order made against her in respect of the windows and shutters and she should be forced to make a public apology to the Council for misleading the media and, therefore, the public in her wrongful appraisal of the County By-laws.