Thursday, 29 January 2009


Fair play to Nick Bourne, the AM Conservative leader, if there’s a fiddle going on he knows how to be part of it!.
He’s now been reported by the Police to the Electoral Commission for conning £3,450 out of the Assembly for his Surgery rooms, he really is a star!.
On top of that he claimed £1,800 for work done on a web-site that doesn’t exist, there really is no stopping this man once he gets his nose in the trough!, he said it was a Conservative group site when, in fact it was his own. He has changed the title of it now but it’s too late he’s already been caught with his fingers in the cookie jar!.
He’s not what one would call “a quick learner”, it’s only a few weeks ago he gave £250 to a charity after the ipod and trouser press fiasco. I said then and I’ll say it again, this greedy man as got to go, if he doesn’t resign he must be sacked, if the Conservatives want to retain any credibility they must demand his resignation.

Monday, 26 January 2009


Being an ex-BNP member I, obviously, keep an eye on what is happening to and within the party, if only for my own information. The latest bout of anti-BNP campaigns involved Harriet Harman warning that 8% of the vote in the North West could see Nick Griffin becoming a MEP. Jon Cruddas (who incidentally has three houses) teaming up with the Communist Searchlight and starting the biggest anti-BNP campaign ever known.
Jon Cruddas joined Harriet Harmon in her speech at the Progressive London conference, here is the guest list….
Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari, General Secretary Muslim Council of BritainCllr Salma Yaqoob, RespectJohn Haylett, political editor Morning StarTony Benn; Jeremy Corbyn MPBell Ribeiro-Addy, NUS Black Students' OfficerKen LivingstoneGeorge Galloway MPSamuel Moncada, Venezuelan AmbassadorInayat BunglawalaBonnie Greer, writer and broadcasterJon Cruddas MP
…A fine cross section of the white working classes if I ever saw one!.
The latest weapon in the armoury is the employment by Searchlight of BLUE STATE DIGITAL, the firm behind Obama’s presidential online campaign. Searchlight have received, for many years, the covert backing and financial support of the Labour Party, Searchlight alone could not afford a company such as BSD so, one wonders, how have Labour fiddled the books to pay for this?.
The point I’m trying to get at is that a few years ago, Searchlight, UAF, the Labour Party, the Conservatives and Lib Dems all said the BNP were not worth worrying about, the BNP have no chance of being elected, the BNP are all racists. It now appears that all that as changed and that the BNP have become the threat that could pull their snouts out of the trough they all feed from. The more organisations that gang-up on the BNP the stronger their resolve becomes, by now I thought these people would have known this. The more Labour tell me not to do something the more inclined I am to actually do it as, I’m sure, are a lot of others. So it will not surprise me to see BNP candidates win some seats in the European Elections, it may well be the case that, as apposed to winning those seats Labour and the rest of the unwashed lefties gave them to the BNP.

Friday, 23 January 2009


How can we trust Government and Police crime figures when we know they are manipulate to suit the prevalent situation?.
NWP blame the Governments change of crime classification but then do not NWP play with the facts and figures themselves?, crime books are there to log a crime but if it’s dealt with in-situ, i.e., a non-recorded warning, it doesn’t go into the book and is therefore not recorded as a crime.
There is a great deal of local mistrust of the Police, brought upon by their illustrious CC, but there is also a lack of moral within the ranks of the force, paperwork, bureaucracy and long hours. The introduction of plastic-policemen, guard-dogs with no teeth, has done nothing to restore the public faith in the force, crime initiatives were introduced but, apart from a flurry at the start, seem to have fizzled-out.
Regardless of what happens in the rest of the UK North Wales is one of the safest places to live, but only through luck not judgement. Even here we are seeing an increase in crime, including violent crime, we suffer, like everyone else from groups of anti-social elements, not all of them youngsters. We need to have this tackled and dealt with and the only way I can see that happening is if we go back to the old style of policing. Get the coppers back into their uniforms, not the one’s that make them look like Beirut bodyguards, the uniform we used to respect, get them out of their cars and back on foot patrol, this way they get to know their communities and the problems within them.
Yes there will be a need for Rapid Response Units who will be required to be in cars but with the main bulk of officers patrolling on foot there is a greater chance of crime detection. Apart from the odd plastic copper the only time we see “Policeman” is when he pulls someone over for speeding. Our perception of the police today is one of mistrust, the bridges of trust have to be re-built so that we can, once again, respect the officers of the law and they, in turn, can respect the communities they serve.

Monday, 19 January 2009


I am sure that Labour readers will have all the answers to the questions posed by this comment and I hope that, after reading this, you will kindly share those answers with all of us.
Gordon Brown is set to give another hand-out to the Banking industry that will put this Country into, unprecedented, debt of £1 Trillion, a debt that will take three generations of tax payers to repay, our grandchildren’s children will still be paying for the mess that this Labour Government has got us into.
Yet, this is ironic, Gordon Brown continues to give our money away in Foreign Aid, £100 Million to Africa, £92 Million to Pakistan and a staggering £825 Million, over the next three years, to India. This is on top of the £55 Billion it costs us last year to be part of the EU. When is Labour going to realise enough is enough?.
In the forthcoming European and General elections Labour will be putting up their candidates declaring we should vote for them, have they no shame?, do they, honestly, think we have not had enough of the lies, sleaze, corruption and totally bad leadership that they have displayed so far to date?.
In North Wales alone there are 60,000 people on the Council house waiting list yet the only thing our local Labour MP can complain about is being unable to get a hot meal on her first class train journey from London, when is Labour going to do anything to help the communities of North Wales?.
There has been no mention of a Public Enquiry into the over spending of this Government but, if there ever is one, it will be long overdue. Labour has succeeded where others have failed, they have brought this Country to it’s knees and they are bankrupting us in the process.

Saturday, 17 January 2009


I know I run the risk of being called “Racist”, yet again, but I couldn’t help noticing this report in the Manchester Evening News.
It’s a Job Fair but only for black and ethnic minorities!, I’m not joking, it’s true. Now forgive me but if that isn’t blatant pro-racism I don’t know what is. It is even more alarming, given the present economical crisis, where hundreds, if not, thousands are losing there jobs and livelihoods for a Council to offer jobs to only one section of society, that section being mainly foreigners, is bordering on insanity, don’t they realise the white population are also desperate for work?. Before I get too engrossed in this, imagine the outcry if it was a Job Fair for white people only???, I really do despair when I think of how Political Correctness as taken over our country and we, ourselves, are treated as second class citizens.
For those still in wonderment, here’s the link…….

Thursday, 8 January 2009


Today the letter I sent to the Pioneer was published (posted on this blog 18.12.08) and already it appears to have upset some Councillors, apparently I have been accused of making libellous and defamatory remarks!. Well you all know where I am, I look forward to the arrival of the law suits, to have the opportunity of making you look as stupid in a Court of Law as you do in the Council Chamber will be the icing on the cake.
Councillors are there to serve their communities, not the other way around, to those Councillors who think they are bigger and better than the rest of us let me tell you, you are not, none of you are above the law so don’t think you are and if you don’t like being a Councillor you shouldn’t have stood for election.

Monday, 5 January 2009


The anti Israeli protests in Bangor and Caernarfon this weekend were attended by Plaid Cymru members, why?, I don’t know, I can only assume they are out chasing votes.
Whilst I deplore the loss of civilian life I can fully understand Israel’s reason for invasion of the Gaza. If your neighbour stood in his garden and threw a brick through your window and it hit your child in the face you would run out, jump over the fence and punch his lights out, wouldn’t you?, I know I would.
Hamas is an internationally known terrorists organisation who’s sole purpose is the destruction of Israeli, they are the ones who put their rockets and bunkers in, under and around civilian structures, they are the ones who care so little for human life and it is they who brought about this catastrophic situation not the Israeli’s.
So, may I ask our friends in Plaid, in chasing a few votes do you realise you are supporting Terrorism?.

Friday, 2 January 2009


Whilst a member of the BNP I claimed that Britons were treated as second class citizens in our own Country, I did not blame any particular ethnic group for this, I blamed our Labour Government. Being honest I actually said we should stop immigration regardless of colour, I still believe that today, open immigration should be stopped immediately.
In all that time I was called a racist, a fascist and Nazi and yet I still continued to say it. Now, it turns out, I shouldn’t have had concerns about my views and the unwashed lefties shouldn’t have called me a racist, even Hazel Blears agrees…
Now that’s settled the Army of the unwashed can have a bath and go home then!.