Monday, 29 December 2008


There appears to be a fair bit of anti-Councillor feelings floating around Llandudno at the moment. The backdated pay rise hasn’t helped to endear Councillors to the electorate but a couple of County Councillors have been a bit naughty and been found out.
Councillor Lyons put uPVC windows into a listed building without planning permission, Councillor Ronnie Hughes has been accused of being lazy and not attending meetings and Councillor Barrett is being linked to a non-advertised Council owned land sale to two Council workers, allegedly.
This as, obviously, led to people asking what can they do about it?. Well, not a lot really. I have looked this up and it appears that the ruling is the same for Town and County Councillors. A Councillor cannot be sacked, he can be asked but not forced to resign. The leader of the Council or the Mayor at Town level can call an EGM ( Extraordinary General Meeting) and ask for a vote of no confidence in a Councillor but even if that vote is passed the Councillor can still remain on the Council.
The way forward, for the people of Llandudno, is; A petition of no confidence, get as many signatures from within the ward of the Councillor as you can, hand the petition to the Clerk of the Council, the leader of the Council then decides whether to act on it or not, if he does then an EGM is called and a vote of no confidence taken.
The procedure is more about embarrassing a Councillor into resigning than anything else. If the petition carries enough signatures that is, usually, enough for the Councillor to see what’s coming and they hand in their resignation before being humiliated in the Council Chamber and being stigmatised. The local press always get wind of something like this and start to sniff around, they always come down on side of the people and that helps.
Unless someone can add to this or has access to information I don’t, then I’m afraid that is the only advise I can give, hope it helps.

Friday, 26 December 2008


I will not go as far as to say the man is “Mad”, that is the duty of someone else far more qualified than myself, what I will say is “Brumstrom’s ideas of policing North Wales are fundamentally wrong”, does this man have the slightest grasp of reality?.
His latest quote; blames “xenophobia and fear of the unknown” for being at the root of many crimes in North Wales.
This along with his drive to recruit more first language Polish speaking Police Officers only compounds the theory that he is unfit to hold office.
He admits to not knowing the true amount of Polish workers in the area, probably because most of them are transient workers who do not appear on the system or have made their money and gone elsewhere before they are liable for income tax. Latest figures show 10,500 in and around Wrexham but there are no comparative figures for this area, although one only as to enter a hotel or building site to realise we have Polish workers in the area.
Brumstrom used the threat of cutting frontline policing if he didn’t get the 5% increase in his budget, 18p per week added to everyone’s Council taxes. We have still lost approx 50 frontline officers across North Wales now he wants to waste that increase by recruiting Polish speakers.
This dictatorship of Brumstrom has to be stopped, he rides roughshod over our Councils, drivers and taxpayers, the sooner this man is removed from office the better it will be for all concerned.

Tuesday, 23 December 2008


The next General Election maybe as soon as June 2009 but more than likely mid 2010.
Gordon Brown will cling-on for as long as he can, for he can surely see a massive defeat in front of him. His only hope is that his rescue plan (To save the world) works sufficiently well enough in the next 6 months for him to call an election, this will coincide with the world economic summit and he may hope that enough good publicity comes from it to give him a fighting chance.
I wouldn’t hold my breath though the chances are he will run over the full-term, see it out to the bitter end, making us all suffer his infernal premiership to the very last moment. He will, at least, go down in history as the most hated Prime Minister of all time!.

Monday, 22 December 2008


The sheer hypocrisy of Conwy County Council is staggeringly unbelievable, first they gorge at the trough of allowances in the shadow of a 5% rise in Council Tax now it’s revealed they have £57.1m invested in a string of UK banks!.
This is our money they have hidden away, money we have paid to them in, obviously, overcharged taxes. I do not support the idea of returning the money but it would support a strong case of no increase in Council Tax during these worsening economical times.
Each individual should contact their County Councillor and demand a vote of no increase in Council Tax in the forthcoming financial year.

Sunday, 21 December 2008


Nick Bourne, the Assembly Member for Mid and West Wales and the Conservative leader of the Assembly is at the centre of an expenses scandal, he claimed £229 for an iPod, £120 for a trouser press and £5,003 for “essential” work on his kitchen!, nice work, if you can get it!.
There is no love lost between Nick Bourne and I, he once referred to me as “ A racist Nazi who has no place in politics”!. Well Nick, neither have you, I predict that once the poo hit’s the air conditioning you will be down the road and long forgotten.
The best thing Nick could do would be to resign, at least preserve what integrity he has left, if he refuses to do that then he is foolish for, without a doubt, Conservative HQ must sack him. So, Nicky, the choice is yours, jump or be pushed, what’s it gonna be?.

Saturday, 20 December 2008


An article in the Daily Post in reference to graffiti….
Now I am no real fan of Wolfinsheepsclothing or anybody who supports Brumstrom, but on this occasion I agree with him.
Graffiti can have a detrimental affect on communities, it shows a lack of pride in one’s community, gives visitors the wrong impression and leads the “artist” into thinking he can daub his work anywhere.
I agree with Ingrid Lewis about a mural but, in most cases, we are talking about a “Signature” (the artist’s street name). By allowing it to happen we are accepting a youth culture, do not forget that same culture involves drink, drugs, anti-social behaviour and, in some instances, the carrying of knives. Graffiti is not a “major crime” but it is still a crime and one that could lead to further involvement in breaking the law, nip it in the bud and let’s put an end to it before it’ too late.

Friday, 19 December 2008


At a time when the recession is starting to bite and we are seeing job losses across the County plus the expected 5% rise in Council Taxes, for the County Council to accept a 2.5% rise in their allowances is utter hypocrisy. They have shown their contempt of the electorate and proved the theory that many are only there for the money.
Councillors Christine Jones (Llandudno) and our own Councillor Abdul Khan were the only two to object to the rise. I know Abdul and I know he has his community at heart, he is not motivated by greed, like so many, and I only hope that come the next election the voters will remember his actions.
Councillor's allowances are governed by a review board but the Councillors do not have to accept any increase, as in the case of Cllrs Jones and Khan, unfortunately the allowances are across the board and not on merit, if the latter were the case there would be quite a lot of Councillors who owed us money!.

Thursday, 18 December 2008


Here is a letter I sent to the Pioneer in response to two letters featured in it in the December the 17th issue, we'll wait and see if it gets published.

In response to two letters regarding the BNP, featured in the 17.12.08 issue of the Pioneer. The first being a discrepancy by “name and address supplied”, in previous correspondence I pointed out that the number of local members, like the list itself, was out of date and that local membership now exceeds 100, I believe it was 107 prior to my resignation and I have no way of knowing the figure it has grown to since my departure. The second issue in this letter, the growth of Indian and Chinese Restaurants has nothing to do with peoples willingness to accept multiculturalism, the owners of these businesses took advantage of a gap in the market and well done to them for doing so. The public had nothing to do with these openings, they accept it as normal procedure, I will, however point out that some of these restaurants have been raided by the Border Police and several arrests made of illegal immigrants and failed asylum seekers.
The letter from Norman Vernon highlights the problems faced by all legal and above board tax payers, we are the ones paying for the hidden population, not only those arrested by the Border Police, we have our own grown under the radar population, who mainly border on the fringes of criminality and do not register their existence for fear of been caught for offences or debt.
Mr Vernon mirrors the feelings of thousands who are becoming more and more aware of the failings shown, by all the mainstream parties, but in particular, our present Government’s attitude towards the people of this Country, we are ruled and dictated to with democracy blown out of the water, we all know that this cannot continue.
I have said and will continue to say that Conwy Council is beleaguered by Councillors too set in their ways to make the necessary changes required within our communities, some are there as a means of topping-up their pension whilst others are incapable of turning-up for meetings to make decisions affecting all of us.
For Mr Vernon’s information, there were four BNP Councillors elected to Town Councils at the last election, one stood-down and three resigned from the Party, two of us still sit on Colwyn Bay Town Council as Independents.
Cllr John Oddy

Wednesday, 17 December 2008


Further to my post “ The Great Unwashed” below is a response to their article, you will notice I was polite and civil but, like any civilised response to these individuals, they prove their ignorance by failing to publish any item that is not to their way of thinking. You try it, be slightly critical or question their criteria and you’ll get no where, then try one where you flatter them and it’s posted within seconds.
It is not only pathetic and puerile it is also falsely leading it’s readers into believing everyone agrees with them, which they obviously don’t!.
“It is doubtful that this comment will ever get posted but one can only try.
You have quoted only part of a post, why not post it in it’s original form?, yes I did make comments in regards to Policies, Nick Griffin and members but what you failed to do was show the comments in their true light, which is something the likes of yourself seem exceptionally good at.
Searchlight, Unity, UAF and other left-wing organisations seem, for peace seekers, to be quite volatile, one has to wonder why?. In saying this I too have been the “victim” of intimidatory tactics and was also attacked by two of your “peace seekers”, one of whom was brandishing a knife. My crime was campaigning for an election. If the BNP have, in your words, no chance of being elected why do you worry so much?, just because you don’t agree with someone else’s politics, which they have a legal right to have, why promote violence against them?.
Personally I believe that this Country is over populated and that we should stop immigration immediately, that is stop it for everyone, regardless of colour. I am a firm believer that the EU is bleeding us dry and that we put in far more than we get out of it and for that reason we should leave it. Our Labour Government is full of liars, thieves and people incapable of holding public office. The other main political parties are of the same irk just differently named.
Even the likes of yourself have to agree with some if not all of what I have just said, none of it was racist but all of it is what I believe, am I not entitled to those beliefs?, I can understand where you come from so why not return the compliment and try and see my point of view?.
I have already stated my doubts of this comment being posted but regardless of that may I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas.”
The link is…
Have fun!.

Saturday, 13 December 2008


In addition to Jason’s link on attendance figures I’m adding a link on Councillors Allowances, now you can find out how much your Councillor is earning and claiming. Only you can decide if they’re worth it or not. ….


I don’t know Jason personally, he’s the County Councillor for Deganwy, but from reading his blog he seems to be forthright and honest, a rare quality in some.
In his latest post he writes about the non-attendance of planning committee members, 6 out of 27 turned-up at their latest meeting, his blog can be found here……
He also gives you the link to check-up on your own Councillor, something they may not want you to do but I think we should know what our elected representatives get up to for their “hard earned” salaries!.
Jason is, obviously, not on the Council to make friends or influence his fellow Councillors, he’s too honest for that and, if only for that reason, I like his attitude. Some of our County Councillors have had it too good for too long, they need the likes of Jason there to keep them on their toes and to inform us when they are not.
We need more Councillors like him, he’s not afraid to tell the truth, even if it makes him unpopular with some of the well entrenched career Councillors who see their job as a means of topping-up their pension. I like his style, being a Councillor isn’t about conforming to the wants and needs of other Councillors it’s about doing what’s best and right for your community. Good on you, Jason.

Friday, 12 December 2008


It never fails to amuse me when members of the Government funded left wing groups get their grubby little paws on a piece of “tittle-tattle”.
Members of the Great Unwashed got hold of my post “Clarification” they took pieces out of it and published it on their web-site, taking the entire post out of context, they finished by saying I was “Back in the fold”.
You would think the Labour backed and funded morons would, at least, get copying done correctly but, alas, no, they can’t even do a simple task like that. One more thing that Labour fund but doesn’t work, so what’s new!.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008


Following reports in the paper regarding my support of the BNP I have been asked to clarify my position in regards to the party, I have also had it put to me that I am still a member but keeping “quiet” about it!.
For a start, those that know me know I do not do anything quietly, there would be no logical gain being a covert member of the BNP, if I were still a member people would certainly know about it.
I have mixed feelings about the BNP as a party but stout regard for most of the membership. The party has policies that are not only unworkable but foolish and dangerous. On the other hand they have policies that I totally agree with.
Do not forget the roots of the BNP lay in the National Front and so there are causes for concern there, the present leadership of the party have cut their teeth on scandal and controversy, Nick Griffin, being a prime example. The Government financially support left-wing groups such as UAF and Searchlight to portray the BNP as a sinister organisation full of trouble causers, the leaked membership list proves otherwise, it show that the members are a cross-section of today’s society covering a vast range of careers and professions.
All of BNP Organisers, Group Leaders and Activists do their job voluntarily, there are some who wish it were different, as I found out, but the main workers do it because they have a passion not a pay packet.
Nick Griffin brought the BNP out of the ashes and to where it is today but, and it is an extremely big “but”, I, personally, believe he can no longer lead the party effectively, he carries too much baggage, as become too greedy and has scant regard for the real members. If the party wishes to loose the “Racist” stigma then they must also loose Nick and a few of his cronies, there are plenty of other members capable of leading the party, one, who I would give full backing to, actually reads this blog, Chris Hill.
The core values of the BNP are well placed and founded on bed-rock, solid national pride, being proud of one’s heritage is not racist nor is trying to stop the influx of immigrants. Blaming ethnics for the problems within the Country is only part of the problem, the main problem is our current Government who have led and allowed us to get into this mess.
You do not have to be a BNP member to know that immigration is out of control, our infrastructure is at breaking point, we are being bled dry by Europe or that our Government is full of liars, thieves and people incapable of holding public office. If we cannot trust the people elected to protect and serve us then surely people have a right to look for those that will. That is why I believe people are turning to the BNP, not because they are racists but because they need someone or something to believe in again.
So, in a nutshell, No, I’m not a member, although I could be tempted to re-join if certain situations changed. I believe in some but not all of the BNP policies. I would like to see a change of Party Leadership, more inter-reaction of the party‘s members and a more transparent party line. I think highly of the core membership and their commitment to the party. I would deny that all members are racist, I accept some are but you will get racists in all walks of life and political parties. Finally, given the opportunity, yes I would vote for them.


I have watched, from the side lines, the growing argument over the Norfolk House (Touchstone). Cllr Bob Squires buts his case very well and, I must admit, I follow his reasoning. Why should we put up with other areas’ addicts when we have enough of our own?. Good point but why not look at this from a different angle.
If Touchstone want to really help these addicts, why open a centre for them so close to temptation?. It doesn’t take the brain of Britain to work-out that just down the road from the Norfolk House lies a bevy of places where anyone of these addicts can satisfy their thirst for drink or drugs.
Surely then someone at Touchstone needs to re-think the positioning of these centres. Not so long ago I stayed at a very big hotel way up the Conwy valley, it was an impressive building but had seen better days, similar to the Norfolk House except it was miles to the nearest pub, there were no drug dealers around and they had no immediate neighbours to worry about.
I’m sorry if I’m missing the point but a venue such as this would be better for all concerned, no temptation for the addicts, no complaints from irate neighbours, less clientele for the drug dealers and a failing hotel put to good use. Winners all around!.


Apologies, to one and all, we have just moved house and BT, unusually efficient for them, disconnected our broadband on time, but then lapsed back to their normality by, regrettably, being unable to connect our new line at the specified time. Another of life’s bug-bears we have to live with.
I would like to thank a close friend of mine for “minding the shop” during my absence and I see another good friend of mine has joined us. “Phil Redwood”, someone else who is not afraid to use his real name, joins us from Canada. Phil is UK born but emigrated to Canada when he was 12, just after The Great War then, Phil is also known as “The Silver Fox”, “Fox” for short. His prowess on the golf course, where his nickname originates along with his silvery mane, is well documented but this is in no short reference to the fact he is somewhat refrained when it comes down to his “golf” handicap which remains a closely guarded secret even to his own family.
Fox has visited Colwyn Bay on more than one occasion, a fact, I’m sure the landlords of some of our hostelries will confirm, along with his wife, Joan, poor, long suffering, golf widow that she is, are a wonderful couple who I take great delight in welcoming to this blog.

Monday, 1 December 2008


Insp Essi Ahari appears to have his finger on the pulse, having taken over from Jane Banham, we saw three very quick arrests following the bonfire night troubles in Park Road and having heard his 6 monthly report to the Council he wants to continue along the same line.
When informed by Councillors of non-action by police following information that they had passed-on, in regards to local drug dealers, the Inspector quickly retorted “ Tell me, I’ll make sure something is done”. I believe him, he has a certain air about him that says he’s a “do’er not a say’er”.
If anybody has information that they would like to pass on to the police but don’t want to do it personally then get in touch with me and I’ll do it for you.


Speed cameras are the worry of every driver in North Wales, hidden or not, how many of us, yes I’ve been done a couple of times, have been prosecuted for being two or three mph over the limit?. In my cases it was 33 and 34mph in a 30 limit, okay so the law is the law but if your licence and livelihood depended on it you may think differently.
Lets be honest about it, the cameras are not there as a deterrent, they are there to take money off the motorist and into the coffers of North Wales Police, the penalty points are inconsequential to them, they just want your money.
Brumstrom has become the laughing stock of North Wales, he’s taken coppers off the streets, spent a fortune dressing our officers as Beirut bodyguards and become the scourge of any driver venturing onto his patch. He’s filled our streets with CPO’s, who have has much power has a spent battery, that’s not their fault, and he, himself questions the calibration of the camera when he gets caught speeding.
Last year Bay of Colwyn Town Council had a vote of no confidence in him, not that it worried him, he hasn’t changed a thing, he thinks he is a law unto himself. I, for one, cannot wait to see the back of him, he is without doubt, the biggest piece of sh--e that ever walked shoe leather.