Sunday, 31 October 2010


The article in the Weekly News had a rather surprising twist to it; not only have friends and family rallied around me, complete strangers have stopped me in the street and said various things of support and encouragement, a couple of times people even said I was brave to be so open about what many others think but dare not say for fear of being branded in the way in which I have. I do not think of it as being brave, bravery is not saying what you believe to be the truth, real bravery is that shown by our lads on the front line.
Here, in North Wales, we are mainly protected from the influx of Muslim extremists, other parts of the Country are not. We had, recently, a case in Wrexham where a man was charged with racially aggravated language, he verbally abused two Muslims as they left a Mosque, if he is guilty, then fine, so be it, let the law run it's course but what is good for one should be good for another. The Muslims that attend rallies and spout mouthfuls of abuse about a country that cares for and feeds them, Muslims that call homecoming soldiers “Murderers” and “Baby Killers”, UK Muslim leaders who call for a boycott on Poppy Day should these, then not, be treated in the same fashion?
Is it so wrong to question these things; if a country lives in fear of what individuals may do, in the name of Islam, then should that religion not be questioned, if the members of that religion do not feel sickened by the atrocities carried out in the name of their religion should they not be questioned?
I am all for equality, but you cannot have it whilst one set of rules governing us is flaunted and spat on by others, no other religion in the UK, there are many, is shown the appeasement given to Islam, if we are to have equality then give us a level playing field in which to play upon.
Locally there are many more things for us to worry about other than religious fanatics but as time progresses, as it will, we too, like other parts of the UK, will see changes to our neighbourhoods that we do not like, will it then be too late to question what we should have questioned now? And is it so wrong not to be an ostrich?