Saturday, 13 December 2008


I don’t know Jason personally, he’s the County Councillor for Deganwy, but from reading his blog he seems to be forthright and honest, a rare quality in some.
In his latest post he writes about the non-attendance of planning committee members, 6 out of 27 turned-up at their latest meeting, his blog can be found here……
He also gives you the link to check-up on your own Councillor, something they may not want you to do but I think we should know what our elected representatives get up to for their “hard earned” salaries!.
Jason is, obviously, not on the Council to make friends or influence his fellow Councillors, he’s too honest for that and, if only for that reason, I like his attitude. Some of our County Councillors have had it too good for too long, they need the likes of Jason there to keep them on their toes and to inform us when they are not.
We need more Councillors like him, he’s not afraid to tell the truth, even if it makes him unpopular with some of the well entrenched career Councillors who see their job as a means of topping-up their pension. I like his style, being a Councillor isn’t about conforming to the wants and needs of other Councillors it’s about doing what’s best and right for your community. Good on you, Jason.

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