Saturday, 27 March 2010


I have it on good authority that Byron Davies has not been lifted in connection with some missing cannons or for living off immoral earnings (although the latter is still being looked into!)
Nor is it true that Byron is really Oscar, Ronnie Hughes in disguise or Carneades.
Shergar was mentioned but quickly dispelled and the Brink Mat robbers have denied knowing him, sale of the Great Orme to an oil-rich Sheik is totally unconnected, although two offers are on the table.
The drive-by shooting at Steve Hunt, David Jones MP and the Pier steering group is also thought to be the work of some deranged nutter but not this one as he was helping the police with their enquiries at the time of the alleged offence, on this point the police are focusing on an individual who was told-off for wearing his baseball cap in church during the Pier meeting and gave his name as Chameleon.
An officer at Wormwood Scrubs said the cleaning of Britain’s last remaining gallows was totally coincidental and had nothing to do with a Byron Davies, but he would check and get back to us later.
All in all the mystery deepens as someone claiming to be “Mrs Byron” was overheard offering sexual favours and a bung to police officers in return for “turning a blind-eye” and return of their passports and snowboards.
Like you and every other nosey bugger in Conwy I am in the dark on this one....... over to you Oscar.


At the moment local politicos avoid contact with me in case it evokes the kiss of death to their political careers; even long-term friends have said “No offence John but.....” so it came has a bit of a surprise when Councillor Mervyn Thomas came knocking at my door, at first I thought, wrongly, to offer me the position of Chairman, or at least vice-chair, of the local Conservatives Party (that evokes so many wicked thoughts!) but it was not to be, not even a membership offer which was, slightly, ego-deflating. Instead Mervyn wanted to discuss his proposals for affordable housing for local first-time buyers (what about the Secretary’s job?).
Mervyn has put forward a proposal that I blogged about months ago and one that I fully endorse. Locally first-time buyers are finding it harder and harder to get on the property ladder, housing costs and mortgages lenders being the main obstacle. Mervyn’s proposal is that the Council give away building land on a 999 lease, a sub-contractor, that he has sourced, builds 2 and 3 bed roomed houses that are then sold to local people only, the houses, costing between £70-80,000, come with certain restrictions attached, they cannot be sold for a number of years and if and when they are they can only be sold at a certain percentage of profit to other local people. There are other certain legalities attached that have to be thrashed out but, in principle, a very good idea that would be of immense benefit. Mervyn has promised to keep me in the loop with what happens to his proposal which he intends to see out to the very end, even if that means standing for another turn of office (that blows one of my predictions out of the water).
I shall, of course, keep you all informed of Mervyn’s progress,, about the Treasurer’s job.....?


The results of the Glyn Ward by-election were, to say the least, disappointing; not only because of the result but also that it shows there are still people in Colwyn Bay stupid and ignorant enough to vote for Labour. These are the same people who whinge and whine about the state of the Town, the County and the Country yet, like sheep, they continue to vote for the same old same old, when will they learn that change has to start at grass root level?
If we look at the results....

AUSTIN Martin (Independent) 26
BURROWS Margaret (Plaid) 121
FORECAST Keith (Lib Dems) 78
HUNT Steve (Independent) 62
PORTER Donald (Labour) 150
Trueman James (BNP) 35

The trend shows that the Political Parties took the main share of the votes, yet these are the parties that most of us complain about; pure and simple “Sheep voting”. At this level of local Government Independent candidates do not have to follow party lines and can, therefore, say and do what their constituents want and not what the party tells them, there is too much politics in local Government which is exactly what there shouldn’t be, it should be about what the people want and not what the political parties think they should have. Labour are the worst offenders and, for over a decade, have rammed down our throats their lies and sleaze, eroded our very way of life and led us into unprecedented debt YET 150 members of Glyn ward were pig-ignorant enough to go out and vote for it to continue, 150 Midland Bankers who deserve to feel totally ashamed of themselves for their utter stupidity. You really do have to think about the mentality of these tossers and it makes you wonder if they are really worth banging your head against a wall for.
The people of Glyn Ward had the chance to send a message to the “establishment” but they blew it, they rolled over like whipped dogs and said “come back and kick me some more, I like it”, what pathetic, foolish people they are to allow themselves to be deluded into thinking Labour will be any different than they have been already with their secrecy and deceit.
The next time a road is dug up in Colwyn Bay and replaced with grey waste land or a traffic warden gives you a ticket or you get mugged by a bunch of feral youngster whilst treading in dog shit stop for a minute and say “thank you” to the 150 ham-shankers in Glyn Ward who voted for it to continue.

Friday, 5 March 2010


I have replied to the article in the Weekly News about the cost of the repairs to Victoria Pier.

In response to your article regarding the repairs to Victoria Pier; the frequency in which the Council use the term “Commercially sensitive” appears to be on the ever increase, a new catchword, if you like, when they do not want to tell us what they are spending OUR money on. Openness, honesty and transparency are three words our Council, neglectfully, seem to have forgotten, replacing them with subterfuge, deceit and oblique.
Under the Building Act 1984 section 78 (Dangerous Structures) the Council can carry out the repairs require and then seek redress from the owners, in this case Royce Peeling Green of Manchester, here is the sub-section...

(3)Subject to this section, the local authority may recover from the owner the expenses reasonably incurred by them under this section.

Surely then Councillor Chris Hughes is wrong when he suggests that the tax-payer will have to foot the bill, the legal onus being on RPG, they were eager enough to take responsibility for the Pier when they thought they could make money out of it, claiming they have no money for the repairs is, as Mr Hunt found out, no excuse. The Council was quick off the mark in making a dubious bankruptcy case against Mr Hunt, for a few thousand pounds will we now see them do the right thing and bring bankruptcy proceedings against those legally responsible or, as I expect, cop-out and hope that nobody notices, perhaps too Commercially sensitive for their liking.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


In today’s Daily Post Steve Bagnall writes about a “Sick” anti-muslim web-site condemning the building of a super-mosque in Wrexham. I have not seen the web-site nor do I intend to, but Steve Bagnall’s branding of “sick” just because a site is anti-muslim I find excessive.
I come under frequent attacks because I am anti muslim, I think Islam is an archaic, barbaric and dangerous religion that has no place in a modern world, I have felt this since witnessing some of the worst atrocities carried out in Africa by muslims on their own people.
I have continually warned that, in my opinion, Islamic idealists will seek to undermine the very structure of our society, in third world countries, the home of Islam, the basis of survival is corruption and we see that being brought into play here, now, in the UK. Muslim politicians use any method at their disposal to get elected, the postal voting system is a God-send to them, the Channel 4 programme Dispatches showed how Islam is infiltrating the very core of our political fabric and using it to influence political decisions.
The appeasement shown to this vile religion is unprecedented in comparison to the many faiths that occupy our tiny island, Councils ban Christian literature because it may offend them, they re-name Christmas events because it may offend them and we must walk on egg shells in case we offend them WHAT ABOUT US BEING OFFENDED?
If, for one moment, we put the boot on the other foot, how long would a Christian Church last in down-town Islamabad, what would happen to the proprietors of a pork-pie shop in Karachi and how many atrocities have been carried out against Christian missionaries throughout the muslim world, one law for them and another for us.
I have been harping on about this for decades and withstood the barrage of name-calling, verbal and physical attacks, threats and innuendoes. I do not consider myself a racist, nor do my many coloured friends, I do not decry any man or woman coming to this Country to better themselves or their families, anybody would try to do that. If you come to the UK you must accept it as it is and not try to change it for your own dangerous agenda, if you do not like our system then go back to the one that you do, we are not and never will be a muslim state and the harder they push for it to be the greater the intolerance will be.
I believe that many more people are starting to realise what I have said over the years is, was and always will be the truth, the only difference is that now more people are prepared to put their head above the parapet and actually say it and face those that immediately brand them as racists for pointing out those truths. The Government backed Searchlight and the UAF have long been proven to be left-wing anarchists so their opinion counts for nothing and the sooner they are made an illegal organisation the better.
As for Steve Bagnall; well, the sooner he starts to live in the real world he will realise who and what is really “Sick