Saturday, 27 February 2010


In Clwyd West and Aberconwy both UKIP and the BNP are out of the running for the General election. In both places the BNP cannot afford to stand a candidate due to lack of money and in Aberconwy, as predicted, UKIP will not be standing through lack of interest. The UKIP candidate they had has had to stand down for personal reasons, which I fully understand, but for a political party to be unable to find a candidate speaks volumes for the local leadership or distinct lack of it in this case.
Despite my continual blogging on the matter the local UKIP still hold their meetings in a church hall, preaching to the converted month in, month out. The people and the members have lost interest in them, there is no fire in their bellies, the flame of hope has flickered out and the spark of life has died, for what good they are now they may as well pack it in, go home, have a re-think and come back again in 3 or 4 years time, their contribution, locally has been pathetic, a total waste of all the good member’s time and effort.
Our local UKIP candidate will be Warwick Nicholson and I would have liked to have voted for him but I cannot, not only is he the UKIP Chairman for Wales he is also the local Chairman too, if his organisational skills, leadership and choice of Officers locally is anything to go by then I’m afraid he is not up to the job, he is the one that dithered about for three months on whether I could attend a meeting or not, granted he was badly advised by Kevin Mahoney but that is not the point, if he is as indecisive as that on a minor problem what would he be like in Westminster?
Everyone I speak to is against being in the EU and UKIP are our best chance of getting out of it but until they can pull their socks up and learn to tie their shoe laces I’m afraid they are going nowhere and we are stuck with the LibLabConmen.
Never mind, there is always retirement to look forward to and the thought of a villa in some warm and distant country watching on as Britain sinks deeper into the smelly stuff.

UPDATE: It turns out that UKIP have got a candidate for Aberconwy his name is Mike Wieteska, I believe he is from a small village on the other side of Caernarfon although he used to live in Australia. To my knowledge he was one of the founder members of UKIP and is a devout Christian.
This, at least, gives the voters in Aberconwy an alternative to the mainstream parties and any of you who, like me, are vehemently opposed to the EU may want to take a look at him, I wish him well.


Anonymous said...

Cllr John Oddy blog said ..Never mind, there is always retirement to look forward to and the thought of a villa in some warm and distant country watching on as Britain sinks deeper into the smelly stuff.

I SAY... Poor old John Oddy talk is cheap and means even less if you dont grasp what is going on, which he plainly doesnt!! This is the man who stands by what he says hahaha. We have all heard this type of dribble before from the likes of him. He is deluded into thinking he knows. He advocates support for Ukip which is a creation of the criminal establishment, a red herring, even the gullible left have twigged on to that one. But not poor old Johnny, he feels he has done his bit and can retire with his pension, a frosted gin n tonic, on a beach on some remote island and watch the rest of us go down the plug hole for not heeding his words that Ukip if organised can save us from what is to come. Johnny wins first prize for being a wind bag for thats all he has ever been. In 12 months time Johnny will be scratching his pan cake wondering what has gone wrong like so many ignorant self serving councillors who cant face reality without losing their respectability. It is all going to go dreadfully wrong (or according to plan) and for Johnny there will be no frosted gin n tonics, no man Friday to wait on him, his pension or escape money will be used to accomodate others who will be taking over and you can take that to the bank if you still trust them!!!

Anonymous said...

Dhimmi Johnny Oddy took the Queens shilling it could have been a three bob note, it was currency for all he understood. Its on the same par to Dhimmi Johnny as his brief affair with political parties. He never realized the value of different parties, even when it was crystal clear that the main parties are in fact one rotating party. LabLibCon and the new forged tender Ukip They dont want him in their ranks. The reason why is simple - they all fear he knows the truth about there conniving to destroy this land and its people. They fear he might spread this information/truth like the plague and attract others. We now know there is no fear of Dhimmi Johnny doing that, he is dare I say a castrated Independent Dhimmi who didnt know better.

Dr Harold Shipman Voted Tory.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I have experienced Kevin Mahoney first hand he is an out & out psycho. Ask him why he was refused entry to the United States. He is a dangerous induvidual