Sunday, 7 February 2010


The Local Development Plan (LDP) that is being forced upon us is, of course, very worrying; 6,500 to 9,000 new homes will have to be created to fulfil the requirements placed upon us. Arguments still continue about “Projections”, “Initial Reports” and “Forecasts” but if we cut through all the hype and jargon the reality is we are being forced to increase the size of our communities whether we like it or not.
Continued, uncapped, immigration into the UK means there is a monumental housing shortage, this shortage has to be met, so these houses have to be built somewhere, regardless of who eventually occupies them, we, for the first time, are now starting to see why I am so opposed to this unchecked immigration.
My argument is not with the immigrant, he/she is only trying to better their way of life for themselves and their families, my argument is with the people that are allowing it to happen and will continue to let it happen if they are re-elected, Labour.
We, here in North Wales, have been extremely lucky so far as immigration is concerned; the worst that has happened has been the arrival of families from major UK cities who, themselves, have sought refuge from the take-over of those cities by immigrants.
If we now look at the LDP and the underlying issues that it raises we may get a better insight as to why those families came here from the major cities. 9,000 homes mean 9,000 families with all the wants and needs of any family, employment, education, medical care and transportation. At the moment we are struggling locally with employment so a further 18-20,000 job seekers is going to be a nightmare and will lead to further unemployment and a drain on our Social Services. Queues and waiting times at our hospitals will increase dramatically as will the need for specialist medical care, requirement of GPs and Dentists, how easy is it now to get a NHS dentist!
Education and transportation speak for themselves, we all know what it’s like trying to get through Colwyn Bay at school start and finish times already, imagine another 18-27,000 kids being picked-up and dropped off.
This LDP is going to change the quality of our life, whether we like it or not, it will change, forever, the landscape surrounding us, the employment we attend, the infrastructure we have grown accustomed to and yet it will not end there; as the increase in immigration rises so to will the need for more and more housing, we are only just starting to see the tip of the iceberg created for us by Labour, now that the demands have started it will not be long before those demands increase, our Labour led Council are only too happy to follow their party line and allow this to happen. The only way to stop it is to stop the Labour lie machine in its tracks, the time of lying and deceit must end now, truth, honesty and openness are but words to Labour but they are words we must make them eat; by voting them out at any opportunity we get we can show them we are sick of the abuse they have subjected us to.


Anonymous said...

I agree with everything you state Cllr Oddy, North Wales aint seen anything yet!! Nobody should improve there lives at anothers expence.A vote for Labour or the Con's wont save us from being over run and turned into a third world.
A victim of 'WHITE FLIGHT'

Anonymous said...

I agree with you too Councillor, but the Labour & Plaid Cymru partnership in the local council AND in the Welsh Assembly in Cardiff is to blame for this situation.
Having houses built under their instruction against our wishes. Not good enough.

Anonymous said...

North Wales has been affected already with the continuing erosion of the Welsh language and it's culture. It's become a place for retirement for England's inner city problems and retirees.

One little tip with the projections. The local plan projects the amount of housing needed for the next 15 years. The estimation is based upon figures from the last 5 years. If the estimation was based upon figures of the last 15 years, the number of houses decreases by up to 2,000! Talk about fiddling with figures!