Sunday, 14 February 2010


Utter embarrassment and a strategic re-think in the local Conservative Party following Hazel Meredith’s victory over the Lyon clan. Hazel won her appeal at the Conservative HQ in London, it was thought by the local grandees, that Hazel would just let the matter drop but to their horror and amazement Hazel took it all the way and gave them a good spanking.
I have been told, by sources within the party, that Chris Lyon is contemplating resigning and is deeply angry at the decision which forces a total re-think of their election plans and candidates. Hazel, who stands to be Mayor next term, can hardly now be stood down as the Rhiw candidate, squashing the idea that Chris and Lyn could both stand in the safe seat. This will, I am told, also force a re-think on Ma Lyon standing in Rhos and she could be forced, against her wishes, to stand elsewhere, once again, I am told that Deganwy has been mentioned.
All in all it’s not looking too good for the Conservatives, after the result of the appeal Merfyn Thomas re-affirmed his decision to stand-down at the next election and is considering his options, the in-fighting continues and, I believe, Hazel has been removed from the Lyons Christmas card list. On the plus side my mate Chameleon will be highly delighted, he was loathing the thought of Ma Lyon being his local Councillor!.


Anonymous said...

I do not know how you do it but your information is spot-on
Keep up the good work.

Elton Welsby said...

John's got more sources than HP.

Punch and Judy said...

Well Done to Hazel.
Fantastic News and another one in the eye. The sooner the Conservatives see the issues of certain families running the show the better.
Maybe somthing should now happen to the people who bought this orginal action against Hazel. You can not blame Merfyn he was just doing what he was told.
John you have ears and eyes everywhere don't you?

Some one who has known them for years!!! said...

Such a likeable clan those Lyons lot!
Hands up who likes Ma Lyon in Llandudno?
You won't need 2 hands, that's for sure.
As for Chris Lyon??
I do have a lot of time for David though!

Councillor John Oddy said...

Punch and Judy,
I don’t blame Merfyn for anything, he told me months ago that he would not be putting in for re-election, and then he wavered for a while and now he’s made his decision. I do know he has done a lot of work for the party and whatever role he played in this fiasco was not, necessary, of his own making.

Anonymous said...

"You can not blame Merfyn, he was only doing what he was told"

So were Hitlers Army.
Doesn't he have his own opinion?
Can he not see right from wrong?

Merfyn went to London too!

Anonymous said...

Many are hoping the Lyon will skulk back into the long grass and they are overjoyed with the result. Ma Lyon has been so nasty towards Hazel and has lost her credibility as a result.

Anonymous said...

So Boy Lyon is off in a sulk sticking up for mummy dearest?
how old is he?
Loyalty to himself and mum obviously comes before the party.
Again I say, pathetic!!

Anonymous said...

Why has there been no mention of the incredibly unpleasant person, the SNIDE Scott?
This man & his wife are a big influence in the Clwyd West Conservatives-I have no idea why.

Nasty piece of work.

Anonymous said...

This has been the biggest embarrassment of all time to the local Conservatives here in Conwy.

Here we have a popular and well respected Lady councillor, who has by all means done nothing other than to protect her own good name despite several accusations against her own good character by those such as Ian Scott, ( a minnow ) Chris Lyon ( self opinionated prat etc etc.

David Jones must realise the need to rid himself of this local barmy army ( actually a twosome )

Councillor John Oddy said...

Anon 09.41,
I know nothing about Mr and Mrs Scott, please enlighten us.

Anonymous said...

I notice that Merfyn Thomas has tried to side step the fact that he was the one responsible for the case against Hazel Meredith. His comments in today's North Wales Weekly News as below.

" Quite honestly it was her word against someone else's and there was a lack of documentary evidence."

Yes Merfyn: I hear it was her word against yours and yes you are quite correct in that you failed to provide the documentary evidence when you were summoned to London also.

I think he has been a very silly and mischievous numpty and by all accounts many residents and those in Conwy Council are surprised that he saw fit to torment a very good Councillor in this way.

Angry Rhos on Sea resident!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

And David has got rid of the twosome. New officers have been elected. Full marks for common sense.

Anonymous said...

I understand one of the "Old Officers" is still in situe! Given that he was very involved in the "HazelGate" affair on the prosecution (or should I say the vitriolic?) side, I am very surprised. Perhaps he has washed his hands and thinks he can rid himself of the guilt just as easily?
I hope the new Chair watches him carefully or he might find a dagger in his back too!