Saturday, 20 February 2010

LIB........ WHO?

I’m not a great admirer of the Lib Dems, by the mere membership of the party an individual gives off the impression that he/she doesn’t mind coming second or third, not a party of winners, if you see what I mean. Couple that with the fact that most of them are strong on Political Correctness and left-wing action groups has the effect of turning one’s stomach and evoking a feeling of nausea. The support give by them to UAF (Unite Against Fascism) is another worrying factor, by their actions they are, in fact, supporting anarchy and endorsing the use of violence as a means of protest.
It came as no surprise then when I read that our Lib Dem candidate Michele Jones, who has only been in the party for a year, was put forward as the candidate after completing an initiative called “Women in Public Life”.
She will also be fully aware of the problems we are experiencing here in Colwyn Bay, being locally located in Flint, she will be fully versed on our drug issues and will certainly have her finger on the pulse of our anti-social elements, as she is also no stranger to throwing her dolly out of the pram when she cannot get her own way. Here.
It appears the Lib Dems are so well versed in losing that they can no longer be bothered to field viable candidates, not to worry I’m sure there will be another initiative along in a minute or so!

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