Friday, 12 February 2010


The Weekly News and Insp Ahari must be a little red-faced this evening following the report that Colwyn Bay is one of the safest places in Britain...
To-day we had an armed robbery of a tobacconist in Abergele Road with the two thieves carrying what was described as “Knives or Machetes”. The two then made off and hid in a flat in Lawson/Belgrade Road, followed by a siege with armed police and the entire area cordoned off, with the police helicopter flying overhead the two were, obviously, going nowhere.
They eventually surrendered and were taken away but the armed police later returned with a convoy of other police vehicles and re-entered the property, to what ends we will have to wait and find out.
The police and Government are very good at manipulating figures to suit themselves, today was a prime example of that, the people who live in Colwyn Bay and those of us that are part of the real world already know that we will never be totally safe but it would be nice if, just for once, the authorities were honest with us and told us the real facts.

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