Tuesday, 9 February 2010


As yet I have had nothing to say that was detrimental to Plaid, that was until I found out that Plaid have used me to attack David Jones MP, they have linked our joint concerns for the Pier, my previous membership of the BNP and David’s use of “Voices of Colwyn Bay” as one of the headings on his blog. A very, very tenuous link from the one policy party I agree but it shows their desperation.
Plaid Wrecsam and Syniadau both carried the story, the latter having a personal twist to it because the author and I frequently locked horns on the Wales on line forum. Once again they try to associate me as still being in the BNP, what more I can to do to prove this a lie I do not know, I freely admit there are some aspects of the BNP I agree with but there are others I am not. I am a firm believer that the biggest terrorist threat to our national security comes from Muslims already living here; I also believe that Islam is a wicked, oppressive and dangerous religion. I honestly believe these things and will not change my mind about that regardless of the arguments put forward by MH, the author of Syniadau.
Plaids call for an independent Wales is probably going to happen but not for many years, we already know the shambolic performance of the Welsh Assembly under Labour/Plaid leadership, they have proved, beyond doubt that they are incapable of leading a donkey never mind a Country. Plaid are proud people, in a country and heritage to be proud of but they lack the core values of leadership and the people to lead them.
If the best they can do is play dirty tricks and enter into mud slinging matches then it only goes to prove the point I am trying to make. Once they have matured, thought out their policies and risen above church hall action group status then they may enter the arena but, until that time, they really do need to get their act together.


Anonymous said...

To attempt to silence a man by calling him names is to pay him homage, for it is an acknowledgement that his arguments are both impossible to answer and impossible to ignore.

Anonymous said...

Typical welsh nationalists. Small minded and petty

Steve Hunt said...

Aww... bless their little cotton socks!

Let's see now - three County Councillors have DEMANDED an inquiry into how I / You knew about their secret little meeting they had to discuss The Pier and Me on the Thursday morning before the big Public Meeting David Jones called... remind me again which parties those three Councillors are members of?


Anonymous said...

Paying the price for a decade of deception and not a peep from P.C.(Welsh Nationalists)

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-1249823/SIR-ANDREW-GREEN-Paying-price-decade-deception-Migrationwatch.html#ixzz0f89LkFsS

cymrumark said...


You seem to have forgotten comments on a previous blog in which you accused Plaid of supporting terrorism because some Plaid people took part in a protest against Israel's attack on Gazza.

The comments were made on the Colwyn Bay local site that you helped run with Craig Ollerton.

Anonymous said...

Do not worry about them we know what a good job you do and I have told them of our support for you.

Councillor John Oddy said...

You are correct, although I cannot recall the exact details, I believe it was a protest in Cardiff supporting Hamas, members of Plaid attended and I, rightfully in my opinion, accused them of supporting a known terrorist group.

Anonymous said...

Political Corruptness infects every public institution in this country.

It is used with the Marxist Leninst technique of The Terrorism of the Word ' by calling people 'racists' as weapons of intimidation and a mechanism of coercion and control.

Instead of using the phrase Political Correctness we should use the phrase " Political Corruptness" as this more closely resembles the actuality.

Anonymous said...

The traitors in Westminster had recently tabled an Early Day Motion in support of UN Convention 169 on Indigenous and Tribal People. They confirmed their position that there was no such thing as an indigenous Briton whilst offering their support to the right of other indigenous tribes and peoples to exist without interference.


Paul Gascoigne said...

Cymrumark said...

You seem to have forgotten comments on a previous blog in which you accused Plaid of supporting terrorism because some Plaid people took part in a protest against Israel's attack on Gazza.

I can state this is completely untrue. Israel has never launched an attack on me. In fact, there were a numer of Israeli's watching me in the Gallowgate, in my day's at Newcastle United once.

P.S. Do you know where the Gaza Strip is?