Thursday, 4 February 2010


I don’t know whether to chuckle, giggle or laugh at the plain stupidity of some people. It is not long ago that I mentioned, on this blog, that I was expecting some sort of smear campaign against me from certain quarters. What I didn’t realise, at the time, was how amateurish it would be. I received a phone call this morning asking me if I’d heard the latest rumour about me, the caller went on to explain that I was still in the BNP, I attended an anti-Islamic demo in Wrexham and that it was me who called this by-election on behalf of the BNP and I also arranged and attended the BNP meeting in our Town Hall. (what a busy chappie I must be!)
During the latter part of my Army career I was involved in “Intelligence” we not only gathered it we also spread it, not the true facts of course but true enough that it contained enough credible facts to be believable and so confuse and incite reaction within the enemy’s ranks, counter intelligence.
If this pathetic attempt at a smear is the best they can do then I have no worries because, if I so desired, I could shoot all of it down in flames but I will not give the politicos or their lackies the satisfaction of that response, I will leave it to the people to decide if I would be that stupid or not.
If someone has an allegation about me then, by all means, come to me and say it to me man to man, don’t play school yard whispers, have the conviction to stand up and be counted but, more to the point, be like me and make sure you have the proof behind you before making your accusations.


Anonymous said...

Cllr John Oddy served with me in Northern Ireland many moons ago in a very distinguished County Regiment - The Duke Of Wellington's Regt.- his patriotism is beyond reproach - he wants to rid these islands of Islamic Terrorists as much as so many of us do but he had the bollocks to publicly denounce the BNP before being elected but of course suffers the slings and arrows of the small town/small time/small minded/ill-informed local 'politicos' - most of whom are merely inneffably sad, inadequate,self-publicists who have never served Her Majesty (God Bless her)or ever had the balls to challenge his patriotism face to face - the usual anonymous backstabbers you get anywhere. Thanks to him and his service, this sad little island is that much safer...just remember what NEARLY happened on Christmas Day and you can see why the BNP adopt the stance that they do.


Councillor John Oddy said...

There are only two people locally that could of wrote that and I think I am correct in thanking OWH for his contribution and support.

Anonymous said...

You must be rattling a few cages John.

Anonymous said...

I heard it could have been the Pioneer Corps he served in Field punishment of some sort no doubt. He never denounced the BNP, he might have refused to soldier on due to one of the local BNP organisers upsetting him ,but again no body is perfect and like most ex -soldiers thinks very little of the Queen selling her people out.I believed Cllr Oddy like most can only move on further to the far right he has a good grasp of the countrys rapid decline.