Wednesday, 3 February 2010


It is interesting to see how political parties close ranks when there is an election looming, how they try to keep things quiet until the last moment and then spring the candidate on us as if he/she will be the great saviour of our crumbling society. It appears to be the same locally, although locally we have a better insight into the minds of our politicos. It is, by now, no secret that the local Conservatives are having a hard time keeping their act together amidst in-fighting, resignations and expulsions.
With the BNP having called for a by-election in the Glyn Ward the Conservatives turned to a long serving member of the party to be their candidate, having considered how he was stabbed in the back at the last by-election, in which he was replaced by Lyn Lyon, he promptly and politely told them to get stuffed.
What will their next move be? If you remember back in November I predicted that Margaret Lyons would move from Llandudno and stand in Rhos Ward at the next Council election, I also said that the Conservatives would get rid of a long standing Conservative from Rhiw Ward, which they have by expelling Hazel Meredith, and replace them with the other two Lyons, Lyn and Phil, which they will. So it will come as no surprise to see Phil Lyons as their new candidate for the Town Council by-election, this gives him time to get his feet under the table and his picture in the paper prior to the County Council elections due in eighteen months or so.
Rhos and Rhiw wards are strong Conservative seats and are almost certain walk-ins for the Lyon family but it would be something of a set-back should both Liebour and the Conservatives come behind the BNP at this by-election, there are also three other candidates, to date, to deal with, one of them being Steve Hunt, the owner of the Pier, should public support be behind him and against the establishment then he, too, has a chance of winning.
Public feeling, at the moment, is against mainstream political parties, especially the lying and deceitful Labourites, so, one wonders could this by-election be another nail in the Conservative’s coffin? If they lose to the BNP it most certainly will be but a more worrying aspect would be if it affects Phil’s County Council chances. Both he and Lyn have one other problem that the Conservatives have not considered, they may have got rid of Hazel to make way for the couple but they haven’t taken into account Hazel’s tenacity, I predict she will stand as an Independent and beat one of them, now that will be one in the eye for the Lyons.

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