Wednesday, 3 February 2010


The fox is well and truly in the chicken coop, feathers flying everywhere and the odd headless one running around clueless. I am, of course, talking about the local Conservatives. What a disastrous few days they’ve just had.
First problem was their candidate for the forthcoming Town Council By-election gives back-word and won’t be standing, which left them in the awkward position of not being able to contest the BNP in an election that the BNP called for. Poor Merfyn Thomas came under pressure to find a new candidate but even that got put on the back burner after the truculent Dennis Tew announced first his resignation from the Conservatives then his joining of Plaid.
Now it has to be said, the Conservatives should have been ready for this, for some time now the Conservatives were getting a bit peeved with some of Dennis’s behaviour and his name was mentioned at more than one meeting, in their opinion Dennis was getting off at the stop above his station. They, themselves, elevated him so they only have themselves to blame but the real kick in the nuts was his endorsement of Plaid’s Phil Edwards, that hurt them more than they care to admit. No names, no pack drill, one senior Tory was heard to say, in her shrill voice, “He was voted onto the Council as a Conservative; he should step-down and have a by-election called”. Well, I’m afraid, that isn’t going to happen my love, Dennis is well ensconced in his role as “Councillor Tew” and, of course, those extra pennies each month are what he’s there for.
There will now be a bit of shifting around of committee members, just to keep the balance of blame proportionate and the Tories will be sharpening their claws but, at the end of the day, nothing will really change; we will still have a Council that is defunct, deceitful and as much use as a chocolate fireguard. The only real winners are Liebour who, for once, are not the brunt of the joke.

News just in from “Spy HQ”: There is now great indecision in the Tory camp, consideration has been given that Margaret Lyons should stand in Deganwy at the next Council election but she is adamant that she wants to stand in Rhos. Perhaps it’s not all over yet, there may well be another battle of the wills to be fought!


Oscar said...

Where you been John??

I doubt the Lyon will be asked to stand in Deganwym there are already a couple of party members wanting to stand in that ward.
One very interesting independant may well stand as well.
Watch the S+++ hit the fan if that happens!

Councillor John Oddy said...

I have been rather lax lately, my apologies.
I think we both know that “Councillor Tew” will not succumb to calls for a by-election, it is not in his best interests and his new friends in Plaid will not take the chance of his losing. It would, however, be very interesting to watch the vultures gather if it ever were to happen!

Anonymous said...

Hazel Meredith has won her appeal and shown the Lyon up as an arse.
Having made all that fuss he is now to resign am told ?

Anonymous said...

Is this Dennis "Penny" Tew?

That's all he's worth!