Wednesday, 3 March 2010


In today’s Daily Post Steve Bagnall writes about a “Sick” anti-muslim web-site condemning the building of a super-mosque in Wrexham. I have not seen the web-site nor do I intend to, but Steve Bagnall’s branding of “sick” just because a site is anti-muslim I find excessive.
I come under frequent attacks because I am anti muslim, I think Islam is an archaic, barbaric and dangerous religion that has no place in a modern world, I have felt this since witnessing some of the worst atrocities carried out in Africa by muslims on their own people.
I have continually warned that, in my opinion, Islamic idealists will seek to undermine the very structure of our society, in third world countries, the home of Islam, the basis of survival is corruption and we see that being brought into play here, now, in the UK. Muslim politicians use any method at their disposal to get elected, the postal voting system is a God-send to them, the Channel 4 programme Dispatches showed how Islam is infiltrating the very core of our political fabric and using it to influence political decisions.
The appeasement shown to this vile religion is unprecedented in comparison to the many faiths that occupy our tiny island, Councils ban Christian literature because it may offend them, they re-name Christmas events because it may offend them and we must walk on egg shells in case we offend them WHAT ABOUT US BEING OFFENDED?
If, for one moment, we put the boot on the other foot, how long would a Christian Church last in down-town Islamabad, what would happen to the proprietors of a pork-pie shop in Karachi and how many atrocities have been carried out against Christian missionaries throughout the muslim world, one law for them and another for us.
I have been harping on about this for decades and withstood the barrage of name-calling, verbal and physical attacks, threats and innuendoes. I do not consider myself a racist, nor do my many coloured friends, I do not decry any man or woman coming to this Country to better themselves or their families, anybody would try to do that. If you come to the UK you must accept it as it is and not try to change it for your own dangerous agenda, if you do not like our system then go back to the one that you do, we are not and never will be a muslim state and the harder they push for it to be the greater the intolerance will be.
I believe that many more people are starting to realise what I have said over the years is, was and always will be the truth, the only difference is that now more people are prepared to put their head above the parapet and actually say it and face those that immediately brand them as racists for pointing out those truths. The Government backed Searchlight and the UAF have long been proven to be left-wing anarchists so their opinion counts for nothing and the sooner they are made an illegal organisation the better.
As for Steve Bagnall; well, the sooner he starts to live in the real world he will realise who and what is really “Sick


Anonymous said...

Atheist accused of leaving insulting religious images in Liverpool’s John Lennon airport prayer room

John Lennon AIrport
A MILITANT atheist left allegedly insulting religious images in an airport prayer room in honour of his "hero".

Harry Taylor is accused of placing a series of "grossly abusive and insulting" photographs and cartoons depicting Christian and Muslim figures in the multi-faith room at Liverpool’s John Lennon airport.

The 59-year-old admits the controversial images were "all his own work".

But he told Liverpool crown court he was just practising his own religion of "reason and rationality" in the hope of converting people to atheism.

Taylor added: "The airport is named after one of my heroes and his view on religion was pretty much the same as mine.

"I thought it was an insult to his memory to have a prayer room in his airport."

Taylor, who also claimed the controversial images were "satire" and would not offend anyone, even recited the lyrics from Lennon’s track Imagine.

The images included one of a priest with a young girl kneeling in front of him and the words: "No, no my child, blow is just a figure of speech". Another picture depicted the Pope with a condom on his finger, while a further page showed A Dangerous Book For Boys with reference to the Qur’an.

The cartoons included one taken from Danish images of a suicide bomber and another showed a pig excreting sausages labelled "Qur’an".

Taylor, of Griffin Street, Salford, denies three counts of religiously aggravated intentional harassment, alarm or distress.

He admitted being strongly anti-religious, but said people’s faith would have to be "very weak" for them to be offended.

But showing the images to jurors, who all swore their oath on the Bible, Neville Biddle, prosecuting, said the images were "grossly abusive".

He told the court: "You might think this goes beyond freedom of speech.

"People have the right to insult people, it is a most important right in this country.

"Freedom of speech is one of the most jealously-guarded rights, but it is not without prescription and the crown say he went beyond freedom of speech."

3 March 2010 02:00

Anonymous said...

I think you miss the point John, regardless of race, religion or culture, millions of people from failed systems have been deliberately encouraged to the U.K. by past Labour or Tory Goverments egged on by the Liberals. This is happening to all western countries. It has been admitted that it is deliberate social engineering by those at the very top, who want a One World Order. To implement this, Western Civilization must be dismantled, this is of course Treason aided by a controlled media and a vast net work of tens of thousands of political thought police in schools, factorys, councils, etc under the guise of keeping enrichment on track, we are being out bred, we are becoming a minority. Lets us not forget our country has been forced to be inter dependent on others, we are no longer self sufficient in a country thats population should not exceed 36 million. I like many feel like a second class citizen. I do not believe in sacrificing my own people and culture through Treason from the top of a corrupt goverment. I could take the stance and do nothing, after seeing so many brainwashed idiots still prepared to vote LABLIBCON and Ukip, they deserve what they are going to get, but that will affect me, mine and others who are waking up to the mess that is to come so I refuse to be manipulated like a sheep by marxist shepherds.

Hilary Edwards.