Saturday, 21 November 2009


To-day (Saturday) I received a reply to my letter sent to the Chief Executive, Byron Davies, in it he has confirmed that the Enquiry into the gazumping of 10, Douglas Road and the subsequent “Hush money” (Consultants fee) offered to Mr Jones, the original buyer, is being dealt with in the form of an Internal Enquiry.
This means that whatever the outcome of such an Enquiry you, the public, will never be informed of it, the Council can deliberate on it, discuss the details of it and come to a conclusion on it and we will not be told any of it. This, to me, is totally wrong; we have a right to know what the people, whose wages we pay, are doing.
Let me remind you of one section of my letter to Mr Davies....
“In the interests of the public and the Council’s integrity this enquiry should be totally open and transparent without the stigma of any cover-up being attached to it.”
This Enquiry now calls into question the Council’s integrity, what is it that they are scared of us knowing and how far up the Council tree does this climb, remember I called into question the actions of the Cabinet in all of this; are they going to enquire into their own actions and find themselves innocent? What is it about Openness and Transparency that our Council fear? There are so many question and not enough answers.
I’m afraid I, for one, cannot accept this, I have spoken to Mr Jones about the letter, he is the ultimate loser along with his disabled son who the house was being bought for, he is in agreement with me and I shall now be forwarding this complaint about CCBC staff and Cabinet members to the Local Authority Ombudsman, if nothing else we will then see the results of the Enquiry.

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