Thursday, 12 November 2009


Having had little or no response from my complaint regarding the Council’s actions and involvement in the property in Douglas Road, I have sent the following letter to the Chief Executive, who cannot talk to me about the incident because an enquiry is ongoing, I believe this to be an Internal Enquiry of which the public will not be privy to the outcome of.
You will see I have urged for an Independent Enquiry; I believe the public have a right to know who was behind this incident and the lead-up to it.

Cllr John Oddy,
4, Dundonald Road,
Colwyn Bay,
Conwy LL29 7RW
01492 531511

Dear Mr Davies,
I was informed by your secretary that you would contact me on your return from leave; I have serious concerns regarding the Council’s involvement in the above named property.
When it was brought to my attention by the original buyer, Mr Jones, I referred the matter to Cllr G. Jones, Chairman of the Council, he has since written to me informing me that an enquiry has been started.
My questions to you are;
1. Is this an Internal Enquiry
2. Is it an Independent Enquiry
My belief is that this matter includes Bethan Jones, Rob Dix, the Cabinet and Gareth Peters; in light of that I strongly urge that an Independent Enquiry is held.
In the interests of the public and the Council’s integrity this enquiry should be totally open and transparent without the stigma of any cover-up being attached to it.
I am withholding my complaint to the Local Authority Ombudsman until I receive your assurances in regards to this Enquiry.
Yours Sincerely.



Anonymous said...

Not a bad part of Town ,I am looking for lodgings if its a quiet house, do you mind smokers.

Councillor John Oddy said...

Anonymous David,
I’m afraid we are anything but quiet, two dogs and a grumpy old man put ends to that. Smoking is always permitted as too is drinking and merriement.

Anonymous said...

Drinking Merriement smoking sounds like my kinda place.
Lucinda Crimp Mrs.

Anonymous said...

4, Dundonald Road, Any invites for Cocktails served by Mr Crumpy.
Lucinda Crimp Mrs.