Saturday, 21 November 2009

AT LAST........... A DECISION.........NO!

North Wales UKIP has finally responded to my request to attend one of their meetings with a refusal.
Here is a section of that response...

Mr Oddy
There was little enthusiasm for a December meeting at our last meeting, the next will be in January 2010.
You request to attend the next monthly meeting of the North Wales branch was put to the UKIP Wales commitee at its meeting in November.
The unanimous decision was that as a former prominent member of the BNP you should not be allowed to attend.
Your request was further discussed at the North Wales branch meeting three days later with the decision being reached that you should not be invited to attend our meetings and that the result of any application that you may make to join UKIP be awaited. I am therefor unable to extend an invitation to you for you to attend.
Several members made the point that most if not all of us had joined UKIP without ever having attended a branch meeting.

I am not angry at their refusal, slightly bemused and bewildered but not angry. They are worried that I may be a BNP infiltrator, but I could only be that after joining the Party and not by attending one meeting. I could understand close scrutiny if I joined them but what harm could be done at a branch meeting?
I am now left to decide whether to join them or not; it has given me a reminder of how petty political parties can be, we only have to look at our local Conservatives to see that. As an Independent I can do and vote as I please, in a Party I have to toe a line and I don’t know if I could do that.
I do feel sorry for the local members of UKIP if this type of dallying is common practice, good leadership and decision making is crucial to the success of any branch and I don’t think we’ve seen either in this decision.
I have stated I believe UKIP can be a good challenger to the mainstream parties but I think I have gained more information about them through this episode than I would have through attending a meeting; They are weak on decisiveness, still at the Church Hall level in regards to meetings and not pushing themselves on publicity. When it comes to politics you have to be decisive, members and votes can be lost if you are not. Credibility as a Party is fundamental and by meeting in church halls you give the impression more of a local action group rather than that of a political party, the Town Hall hires out the Committee Room and the main Chamber, get in there and show people you have arrived. By now every home in the area should have had a UKIP leaflet, every Saturday the market should be full of activist handing out leaflets and talking to the people and instead of me going to UKIP to find out about them they should be coming to us, you cannot win votes by sitting on your arse and talking about it to the already converted. Perhaps, in a funny way, they may have done me a favour in their refusal.


Anonymous said...

John you really are a numpty!! Have you not worked it out yet? Dont be so arrogant to dismiss my comment - Ukip are a creation of the State, members names are forwarded to Seachlight a Zionist Communist front. In other words you have been herded into a pen they control - therefore neutralising you. Need I say more? It is no good saying certain people are carrying to much baggage, you too have The Mark of the Beast or shall I say to much baggage. If you believed UKIP would do anything constructive you need your hemmorroids squeezing. You really must start giving the State more credibility for being devious. I dont condem you, its a pity you dont study history and politics, anyone who knows what is going on is a danger. This is a war and I suggest you put your efforts in the right direction and use your influence to direct people to the only party that will at least try to address the mess our people have been put in. Incidentally one geniune Nationalist has the energy and determination to put in 20 times more effort unlike the other state run parties including UKIP.By carrying on as an Independent you will not achieve anything.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Councillor John Oddy said...

The two deleted comments were nothing more than links that were off topic and irrelevant, I pressed the wrong button and they were posted instead of deleted.

Anon 21.17,
Thank you for your comment and concern; any baggage or marks that I carry are those of my own making. I have no regrets about becoming an Independent, I do and say what I believe to be right without the constraints of toeing a party line and, at the moment, that suits me fine.

Councillor John Oddy said...

Whoever the anonymous poster is who uses foul language I have rejected your comments because of the language you used; it’s not so much the kids but remember members of the local Conservatives read this blog.

Anonymous said...

Out of interest why did you leave the BNP? Did you get pushed and if so why? How about starting your own party now Ukip have more or less rejected you? I might
join, anything has to be better than
the present crowd of grumpies we have here I think it would be a blessing.

Lucinda Crimp (Mrs)

Anti-gag said...

Hi John,

Thanks for your last posting on the Lancaster blog in which you comment on the amount of crazy anti-Semitic comments I get. Unfortunately those are just the tip of the iceberg, most of the anti-Semitic comments I get are simply un-publishable. Not because I agree with censorship of any kind, but because they are designed to give our enemies ammunition to use against us. Mad anonymous links (with no explanation) to the most ridiculous blogs (Jews rule the world, or Jews are reasonable for swine flu type of nonsense) are posted twenty or thirty times a day. I check each and every one out, and reject only those I have to (unfortunately that’s 80 or 90%). I hate censorship in any form, but I don't think rejecting an anonymous link, to a blog run by an obviously mentally disturb person, counts as censorship.

Keep well, and thanks again for your post.
Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

Now though in the following we see what UKIP is really all about,

UKIP is understood to be preparing to try to re-focus its appeal by attacking Islamic fundamentalism in an attempt to shore up its right flank against the BNP. It is planning to put a heavyweight candidate up in Barking to take on Nick Griffin, the BNP leader, in the next general election campaign and prevent him from claiming a Westminster seat.

And thats Ukip a creation of the state to try and stop the BNP.