Friday, 6 November 2009


I was against the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, I believe we only entered because we were the lap-dog of the Americans, now we are there I have to agree with Gordon Brown that we should stay BUT there should be equal input from our allies. Apart from us and the Americans every other nation has a date for withdrawal, you cannot put a date on a state of safety, you have to continue until the enemy is dead or captured. When we eventually do pull-out we must leave behind us a safer, more stable Country, free from terror and corruption.
Continued training and mentoring of the Afghan Army and Police is, obviously, dangerous but necessary; we must ensure that once we do leave they are capable of defending themselves and policing the country, allowing the Taliban to take control is not an option.
The sad recent events of the Policeman murdering our troops and today, in America, the Army Major who killed 13 and wounded many more is a stark reminder of the enemy we are fighting. To quote a relative of the Army Major; “He was a devout Muslim but not an extremist”. The terrorists we are defending against are not from the foothills of Afghanistan or the valleys of Pakistan they are home-grown, from within our own borders or being trained and taught by us. The tube and bus bombers, the attack on Glasgow Airport and the conspiracy to blow our airliners out of the skies were all English Muslims.
I realise I run the risk of being called a racist for raising these points but, eventually, someone has to, I have never denied my dislike of Islam, an archaic and dangerous religion, but we have to raise ourselves above the smokescreen of political correctness and face the facts, the tighter we embrace this religion the more damage it does to us. The incident of the Army Major proves that it is only a short step from being “devout” to “extremist” we, as a nation, have to learn this and be as wary of the way we appease the Islamic religion, especially, within our own shores.


Anonymous said...

Stick with Town politics John your out of your depth on this one.

Anonymous said...

"When we eventually do pull-out we must leave behind us a safer, more stable Country, free from terror and corruption."
It will never happen, expecting these people to live by standards set by us is massive act of folly, not to mention arrogance on our part. The date for a pullout will depend on only one thing - how many soldiers need to be killed before it becomes so unpopular with the uk people that staying there becomes untenable. victory is not achievable.

Anonymous said...

Racist is just a word people are afraid to be called. It was used and invented by Communists in Russia in the 1920's to shut the opposition up. One of the most prolific users of this word today is Peter Hain MP who has done more to bring about the demise of British politics to date, anyone using the term Racist is a political criminal and no-mark. I have yet to meet a Labour/Communist Party member who does not use this worn out term!!!
A. Jones

Anonymous said...

Did you know these Army Major personally? You're very naive in assuming that because he was Muslim he killed. You seem to forget the other circumstances involved - being sent back to Afghanistan against his wished; him also a counsellor for people suffering with post-traumatic stress and might of even had it himself resulting in his outburst.

You want to kill or capture an ideology? Good luck!

Colwyn anti-fascist said...

You're a racist Oddy and you know it. Plenty of mass murderers were white Christians - do you mistrust their religion too?

And we're still intrigued as to why you left the BNP (if that's what you did in truth)