Sunday, 1 November 2009


Birthdays are greatly over-rated and once past 21 should be banned; imagine not having to remember everyone’s birthday or the feeling of guilt when you realise you forgot someone’s or that frantic, frail excuse you give when you have to phone to apologise for your forgetfulness.
Banning them would give us all the excuse for not knowing how old we are or whether we are wearing well or not, a state of agelessness; how tranquil. Instead we are reminded yearly that we are yet another year closer to the knacker’s yard, the mantelpiece strewn with cards, some, even, attempting to inject humour into the occasion, rather sad really.
The only people to benefit from birthdays are the shops that sell cards and those that sell socks and slippers, complete waste of time, banning them is not quite strong enough; they should be dragged out, kicking and screaming, and put on the bonfire. I’m sure there are those that disagree with the idea but we live in a democracy and I am entitled to my opinion.


Anonymous said...

take it that its your birthday then? you dont look too bad for 65

Councillor John Oddy said...

Anon 08.54,
P*** off.

Carneades said...

It's my wife's birthday tomorrow. Last week I asked her what she wanted as a present.
"Oh, I don't know", she said, "just give me something with diamonds".

That's why I'm giving her a pack of playing cards.

Councillor John Oddy said...

That's certainly not what she asked me for!