Friday, 13 November 2009


I believe what happened to Councillor Hazel Meredith was an absolute mockery; suspended from the local Conservative Party because she wouldn’t vote for their candidate in a Town Council co-option. The Conservative Party, by their actions, are trying to force the opinions of the “elite” few onto the majority and this is their way of saying “Do as we say or else!” The fact that the person she voted for was another Conservative seems to be irrelevant, her choice of the two candidates has been in the Conservative Party for over 30 years and had previously been a Councillor, and the Party’s choice was an unknown entity apart from the fact that she was Margaret Lyons daughter in-law and Colin Lyons wife. IT STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN.
The shameful thing is I do not think the Conservatives have finished yet; they desperately need to get Margaret Lyons out of Llandudno, she stands no chance of re-election there and, as I said previously in another post, she will stand in the safe seat of Rhos; unless Merfyn Thomas retires then the Conservatives have only two choices; They can stand four candidates and hope to oust Phi Edwards or de-select a candidate. The two that could be in line for this is Dave Roberts or Roger Parry. Both are long term Party members so who is it going to be, my money would be on Dave Roberts, he’s the type that would stand-up to the “elite” so they will want rid of him, it lowers the argument against them.
Unfortunately this is the level the local Conservatives have stooped to; it is gutter politics and has no right, at any level, never mind Local Government level, the interests of Councillors should be on the people, not playing politics with their interests.

This morning I received a phone call informing me of a few inaccuracies in regards to this post; Merfyn Thomas called to correct my mistakes and told me that Hazel was not suspended she was expelled from the Party, she was not expelled for not voting for Lyn Lyon but because she exceeded her authority in that she informed people she had the authority to select candidates.
Cllr Thomas also said that he would probably be retiring at the next election, he is unaware of where Margaret Lyon will be standing but other than a few personal comments I made about him this post is factually correct. Those personal comments I have removed at his request.
The fact that Cllr Thomas phoned me speaks volumes for his integrity, he accepts criticism when it is due but wants the facts to be correct, I hope, in adding this, I have complied with his wishes.


councillor Blog said...

Us Lib Dems wouldn't tolerate such goings on.

I was talking to a Tory helper today and she said she met "Margaret" for the first time at the Cameron question time at the Town Hall. She remarked that she thought the Lyon was extremely arrogant and full of her own self importance. She was also surprised that the Party stood for it!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes the Lib Dems I remember them all things to all men a party on the edge of extinction.
Lucinda Crimp Mrs.

On The QT said...

Cllr Merfyn Thomas has told many other County Councillors he has no intention of standing again. So you could be right about the Lyons

Anonymous said...

Colwyn Bay's Council are closed minded and thats a good reason for me not to venture into opening one of my De Lux Sex market venues. It would have been a benefit for everyone, the unemployed, the poorly paid, students and retired citizens. What sort of Council would not support this type of happiness and joy. We need a far more open council, let us peel away the dreadful twin veneers of Conservatism and Socialism. I have witnessed a decline the last 18 years since buying a number of properties in and around the Bay. There is an overriding sense of doom and gloom. I am not alone in sensing this. A rather depressed Lucinda Crimp (Mrs)

Councillor John Oddy said...

Councillor Blog,
I know of one local blogger who speaks quite highly of Margaret Lyons, I will not reveal which one to protect his embarrassment.
Lib/dems?..... and there was me thinking you were decisive.

What Merf says and what Merf does may well be two different things. It’s Dave Roberts I feel sorry for.

Taxpayers Champion said...

What makes the Tories think we want Margaret Lyons in Colwyn Bay? She has no connection with Colwyn Bay, no interest in the town. She's welcome to stand but we will take great pleasure in giving her the boot.

Councillor John Oddy said...

The Tories don’t care what you think, you are not part of the inner circle, why should they worry about how YOU vote, there are enough “Sheep voters” that if they put a Conservative donkey in as a candidate it would probably get elected.

Anonymous said...

When a similar "problem" occured in Conwy Town Council just over a year ago, there were no internal repercussions then by Aberconwy!Conservatives. No sitting Conservative councillors were suspended and embarassed in this stupid & puerile manner. Councillor Hazel is a genuine & pleasant lady that just doesn't deserve this.

Hugh. said...

I saw Cllr Lyon at the town hall and she was fine.
Councillor blog next to his arch enemy Cllr Phil Evans, how many faces do you have?
A man of principle would not have sat next to him.
You all over, I doubt that anybody said anything about Cllr Lyon, envy all over, again.

Anonymous said...

I might just be tempted to stand in the next elections as an Independent to show direction to other Independents if they stand up and put all there weight behind me.
Lucucina Crimp. (Mrs)

Anonymous said...

I say that Cllr Hazel has not been expelled by the Clwyd west Conservative Party: She has been suspended.
Does Cllr Merfyn not know what his own branch of Clwyd West has done?
Cllr Hazel is a fine councillor of many years and works hard for her ward.

Councillor John Oddy said...

Anon 23.31,
I agree with you about Hazel; the post was only corrected at the request of Merfyn so that it was factually correct.
Do you have a different version of events or are you going on what the papers said?

Anonymous said...

Mervyn should not be talking as this is now with lawyers he started this being a gofer for the Lyons

Councillor John Oddy said...

Anon 12.27,
I try to stick to the facts and did not court Merfyn for his response.

Anonymous said...

Chris said,
Hazel is a good Cllr and this has got out of hand.