Thursday, 19 November 2009


As you will know and as the Weekly News reported I get a lot of information from the Council’s own web-site, dates and agenda of meetings, what is to be exempt and usually why. One also gets a lot of information from the minutes of a meeting, which is why I trawl through them; I have now noticed that the minutes of meetings are now extremely slow in being published. Such things as the Cabinet and the Planning Committee are on the ball; they have to be because they contain things that the public will be looking for. If we start to search further we find it is completely different; there are two Cabinet Sub Committees; Anti Social Behaviour and Council Tax Hardship Relief; according to the agendas and minutes these Committees have never met, they have a full compliment of Councillors who, I presume, are being paid extra for being on these Committees (I’m sure someone will correct me if I am wrong) yet they have done nothing.
Back to the minutes of meetings;
The Constitution and Maladministration Review Committee last printed its minutes on the 11th May
The Cabinet Sub-Committee on Office Accommodation, last printed its minutes on 25th August
The Cabinet Sub-Committee Personnel, last printed its minutes on 29th June
The Standards Committee, last printed its minutes on7th September
The Audit Committee, last printed its minutes on 28th September

These are just a few, but by no means exceptions, to the many committees and sub-committees that our Council has.
One has to wonder why our Council find it so hard to publish the minutes of its meetings, 5 months in one case, do they not want us to know what’s going on?, do they have anything to hide? Or could it simply be that the secretary forgot to put them up?; will we ever know?


Anonymous said...

Parish, Town and County Councils take there orders from the top. The Goverment is now subordinate to the European Union whose power will be getting more and more centralised like the Federal Goverment in the USA. But I do believe it will be more like the old USSR. I do not support the EU and was never asked if I wanted to destroy Britain. Like the super traitor Ted Heath there are many proffessional 'yes' men and women in politics, even those at the lowest levels who make a living carrying out the orders from the faceless men in Centralised Goverment. I find these so called politicans at grass roots level contemptable and stupid, full of divisions but with one thing in common their massive egos, always looking for the main chance. There are of course the odd genuine Councillors who would be true servants to the public, but they must work against these traitors who have sold the British out, they should concentrate on exposing them at every opportunity and never allow them plain sailing, in other words piss them right off.
Harold Covington

Councillor John Oddy said...

A rather long-winded approach to getting your message across but I think we get the point!