Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Now that David Cameron has lost his bottle on an EU Referendum one has to wonder how that will affect his chances of winning the next election. Thousands of voters, me included, were looking at the Conservatives as the only real hope of voicing our concerns regarding our continued membership of the hateful EU. It would have been the only reason I would have voted for them, other than that they are the same as Labour or the Lib/dems. The only real alternative now is the protest vote and that must surely go to either the BNP or UKIP, the only two anti-EU parties, but this split may well damage the Conservative vote sufficiently enough to give Labour a fighting chance.
I do not hide the fact that I am anti-EU, there are thousands like me and they are growing daily. Europe’s intrusion into our daily lives is, without doubt, costing us millions of pounds, £46 million a day to be exact, and the enforced restrictions put upon us is killing our farming and fishing industries. I only hope this Conservative U turn does not allow this Country to be driven back into a new term of Labour lies and sleaze.

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Huw said...

Its ironic that your views towards the EU are the same as mine towards the United Kingdom. The Welsh people were forced into joining the UK without a vote and, until very recently, decisions were made on their behalf in another country (England) by people who couldn't care less about Wales. You want independence for the UK from EU meddling, I want independence for Wales from English meddling. Fe godwn ni eto.