Wednesday, 16 December 2009


Now that the proposal, by the Council, to house their offices in Colwyn Bay has hopefully been shelved let us now turn our attention to other pressing matters....... the Pier.
Victoria Pier here in Colwyn Bay has, for some time now, been the subject of many conversations, those who want it demolished and those that want to see it restored have all voiced their opinions independently, some are worried others are shocked at the Pier’s decline and there are those, like me, who are extremely concerned at the Council’s refusal to negotiate with the owner or, indeed, refuse to even discuss the Pier publically.
I raised the issue at a Town Council meeting and all the County Councillors stood up and left the chamber, I got the Council to invite Steve Hunt, the owner, to address a meeting to inform us of his position in respect of the Pier, no County Councillors attended it; had they done so they would have heard Steve Hunt tell us that he is prepared to enter into ANY deal that will save the Pier.
Here, on this blog, and on most of the other local blogs you will have read of Chris Hughes, a County Councillor, refusing to call meetings or sign cheques for the Friends of the Pier Society of which he is the CHAIRMAN, of all County Councillors one would have thought he would have shown an interest but he has not, and yet still refuses to stand down as it’s chairman; CAN HE NOT SEE WHAT A HUGE CONFLICT OF INTEREST ARISES FROM HIM BEING CHAIRMAN or is there a secret agenda that by remaining there and stifling democracy he is acting as an agent for the Council?
Public opinion is highly against the Council and Councillor Hughes and concerns are such that our local MP, David Jones, is now calling a Public Meeting to discuss the Pier. This meeting will be held in the main chamber of the Town Hall at 6pm on Friday the 22nd of January. David, himself will, hopefully, chair the meeting and we can, at last, have a full and open debate about the Pier’s future.
It is uncertain whether there will be a CCBC representative present but, if there is not, then that will speak volumes for the Council’s feelings towards the people of Colwyn Bay. I would also like to see Councillor Chris Hughes attend the meeting to defend his despicable actions towards the Pier Society but, once again, I doubt he has the integrity to do the right thing and be open and honest.
I would like to urge all of you to attend this meeting and show your support for the Pier, it shows the level of concern when your local MP has to do all the work, well done David.



Cllr Chris Hughes I am I am said...

I've had a great idea John.
Why don't we build the new Council offices on the Pier.
Kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

I'm a genius even if though I do say so myself.
Oh yes I am ........

Councillor John Oddy said...


Anonymous said...

Article in the Pioneer today about this... I note the lack of any comment from Chris Hughes, the alleged chairman of the group trying to help save the pier.

Councillor John Oddy said...

Anon 15.17,
Front page too. I only hope it forces CCBC into coming forward and entering into talks with the owner, until that happens we are in a “Catch 22” position.