Thursday, 10 December 2009


On Monday 14th December (this coming Monday) at 6pm Colwyn Bay Town Council has a Special Meeting. There is only one item on the Agenda; to receive an address from Bethan Jones, Corporate Director Improvement and Development CCBC, in regards to the SRA Regeneration.
This is, basically, an update on what the Council’s intentions are in regards to spending the Regeneration Grant. No doubt it will include spending the money on the Council’s new offices and not necessary on what is good for the town. We will hear about the good work being done already and that that is yet to commence but, what this really means is; these are the scraps thrown to the peasants whilst the Council sits at the top table and gorges itself. The biggest proportion of the Grant will be spent on their offices and car parks to facilitate their staff and any remaining money used to placate the public. We will hear about the centre for Sporting Excellence and an integrated transport system (new footpaths and cycle routes) and we will even hear about “Public Consultation” not that I have been consulted about my feelings of having a block of offices for 600 Council staff in the middle of town.......... have you?
I would suggest that anyone interested in the future of Colwyn Bay attends this meeting and hears for themselves the proposals being put forward by the Council. You will not be allowed to speak or ask questions at this meeting, unless invited to do so, but I am more than willing to put forward any questions you may have for Bethan Jones in respect of the regeneration, email them to me at...


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The reality of the situation is that most of the money has already been spent/earmarked by Denbigshire.

You may be lucky in Colwyn Bay to get a couple of benches on the prom!!!

Probably one of the reasons Bethan Jones is jumping ship.

Councillor John Oddy said...

Thank you for your questions but can you please restrict them to matters on the Regeneration of Colwyn Bay.
Personal questions about certain Councillors are better addressed to them.

Councillor John Oddy said...

Anon 12.24,
Many a true word spoken in jest!

Anonymous said...

The question that needs asking is why CCBC decided to buy 10 douglas road, and then try to bribe Arthur Jones with £1,000 of taxpayers money to keep his mouth shut about being gazumped!

The above is supposedly in the name of "regeneration"

As usual, the Council are breaking the law by refusing to answer an FOI request about this:

As regards to not being "allowed" to ask questions - balls to that! - these scum are OUR SERVANTS - WE pay their wages, WE own the town hall, WE can ask whatever WE like... Though I'm sure CCBC are completely oblivious to the concept of freedom of speech, given how they like to pay people off to keep quiet about their fiddles.

Anonymous said...

People seem to have forgotten or are unaware of your political C.V. and your past affiliations Mr Oddy. Lets remind them, that you had a high position in the BNP. The racist Nazi party here in North Wales whose leader is a holocaust denier. You considered the BNP party to be to Liberal so you left to set yourself up as an Independent. Your pleas for more democracy is laughable, it is you who will loose your seat by a mile come the election, thanks to the work of UAF in exposing you. I doubt you will allow this comment to be published.

Councillor John Oddy said...

Anon 01.14,
I think you will find nobody is allowed to forget my past political affiliations, especially when I freely admit to them and when I openly included it in my profile.
As for the UAF; well they don’t do any work, a bunch of the great unwashed leftie brigade who probably exists on the hand-outs given to them by their paymasters in our corrupt Government.
Normally, you are right, I would not have allowed this comment through, only because it is off topic and not for its content, you see, unlike you, I am not afraid of putting my name to my comments or standing by them....... something you haven’t got the balls to do.