Tuesday, 15 December 2009


I have been asked if I am attacking UKIP over sour grapes in that they refused to let me attend one of their meetings.
That is not the case at all and I do not consider what I have said as an “Attack” it was meant to be a kick up the arse so they would extract the digit and get on with doing what they should be doing.
I still believe that Nationally UKIP can be a great challenge to the mainstream Parties; they could be here too but they need to brighten their ideas up, let me refresh your memories...
You will all be aware that I had an interest in the UKIP Party; I wanted to attend a meeting to find out more about them and get to know the local members, a dip of the toe in the proverbial waters, so to speak. This sent their Political Advisor, Kevin Mahoney into orbit, making false claims and assumptions about me, he even told the membership, WRONGLY, that an NEC directive forbids ex-BNP members from attending their meetings. You are all aware of the farcical episode that followed and the indecision of the local leadership, truly amazing really that they get anywhere.
(I have been asked to point-out that the paranoid Kevin Mahoney is not the North Wales UKIP Political Advisor he is John Bufton, the MEPs, Political Advisor..... Poor John.)
These are not attacks they are observations and I certainly believe that locally they are poorly led (my observation) and badly advised by a man who seems paranoid about BNP infiltrators (my observation). To any of those in UKIP who, like the MEP Political Advisor, suffer from paranoia in regards to infiltrators may I make this observation; who would you be more suspicious of? A Councillor who serves his community and gives his time freely to help others OR Kevin Mahoney, who within two to three years of joining your party has climbed his way up the ladder to become an advisor to one of your MEPs and a PPC, gives false and misleading information to party members about an ex-BNP Councillor who shows an interest in the party and is, I believe, the brother of Brian Mahoney; leader of the entire BNP in Wales. Your choice!
Start looking on your own doorstep before knocking on my door; neither I nor my observations are your problem; the fact that I point them out to you is a bit like shooting the messenger.
UKIP are capable of so much more, get out there, meet the people, be decisive and bold and show people you are a party with enthusiasm not, as I have likened you to, a church hall action group. You have the capability of so much more, I honestly believe you yourselves do not realise your potential and that is half the problem. WAKE-UP! Before it is too late.


Anonymous said...

Mr Oddy have you ever thought of doing something constructive like taking up knitting? Your sort of politics is to confrontational, you are far to pushy. UKIP is getting along quite well, in fact all groups are, it is just a matter of pruneing and keeping the garden tidy, which is done by keeping unwanted shrubs at bay if you follow my drift.

Anonymous said...

Is there any truth in the rumour your starring in the local Pantomine "Aladdin" playing Wishy Washy I could be wrong or is it the backend of a Donkey in a Nativity play

The Chief Polisher of the Lamp.

Anonymous said...

Oh Confrontational is it, mind you Ive heard about you duffing a poor man up when he objected to your leaflets any truth in that Boyo.

Councillor John Oddy said...

Anon 20.13,
The only confrontation I have had whilst leafleting was when my campaign manager and I were attacked by two UAF thugs, one of whom had a knife, both were sent packing and shown the error of their ways. This was reported to the Police who failed to find them despite the incident being caught on CCTV.

Interested said...

I have also noticed a lack of information in regards to UKIP, I do not want to join them but have considered voting for them who is their candidate for this area?
If what you say is true will my vote be wasted?

Councillor John Oddy said...

I believe Janet Griffiths is the UKIP Candidate, I know her personally, and she is also a Councillor on Colwyn Bay Town Council.
Janet is staunch UKIP and your vote will not be wasted on her, she is a person of the highest integrity and moral values.
More information can be found at.....
Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...


UKIP Supported By Zionist Porn Baron
Ertcha cowson, I peddle porn dont I. Wanna see some big tits in me paper The Daily Express ? Ertcha cowson, I also peddle war bullshit for Blair.

Lord Pearson of UKIP has just had an article published in Zionist rag, The Daily Express.

What a surprise.

UKIP, a US backed Zionist front group, are being supported by the Zionist porn peddler Richard Desmond whose paper published bogus propaganda about WMD and Al Qaeda in order to get the public backing for Tony Blair to illegally invade Iraq.

UKIP are a Zionist joke, run by the British Zionist Network of media porn barons and Thatcherite Neo-Conservatives like Lord Pearson.

A vote for UKIP is a vote for




Anonymous said...

I have been a member of Ukip for some years now and I agree with you, we do need to be more forthright in our approach to the public. It is unfortunate you were turned down for membership your zest and zeal is just what we want in north Wales.

Councillor John Oddy said...

Anon 12.41,
Just a slight correction; I was turned down from attending a meeting, I have not made an application to join UKIP but am still considering whether it is worth the aggravation or not.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.41,
Just a slight correction; I was turned down from attending a meeting, I have not made an application to join UKIP.

I SAY ....Your in a catch 22, Ukip the establishment 'clip joint' do not want people like you for obvious reasons, they will reject your membership application and being rejected will be bad for ones ego! Have you not grasped the full picture yet? You are politicaly nieve. I have been behind you till now, but I draw the line with supporting a fake party. You are dammed if you dont and dammed if you do because you cant do anything to stop the rot. Those that support Ukip do so because it offers a thin cloak of respectability and false hope. One comes to the conclusion that like the main parties Ukip is destroying this country. Tell me one thing they have achieved? Now the second con job is on its way by standing in the General Election. I think you all deserve the untold misery that is coming to this country and the petty nook and crany called North Wales. A people that are easily conned like the band of objecters that make up Ukip dont deserve anything better.

Anonymous said...

From my personal experience UKIP just wants candidates to field at election times and not to build local branches. If we had been pulled out of the European Union what would they do? Put the electorate back into the hands of Labour or Conservative? Or would they continue to make up policies as they go along? There was a strong sense that it was about appealling to the electorate on one issue in order to deprive votes from the only party that I now firmly believe could and would do what is best for this country and thats The BNP.
I did meet a few UKIP members, good men and women some are ex forces. I agree with the comments about UKIP there is something certainly not right and that is one reason why I lapsed my membership.

Councillor John Oddy said...

Anonymous said...


Branch Chairman – John Botting

DATE: 10 Dec 2009

Dear UKIP Constituency Branch Member,

I wish to inform you that from today’s date I will be standing down as both PPC and branch chairman of Maidstone & the Weald. I also wish to state that on Monday 14th December I will be officially resigning my membership of UKIP and leaving the party.

I have been growing more and more dissatisfied over the last few months with what UKIP has been doing as a party. I think the ex-leaders’ decision to stand down a few months before a General Election was a despicable thing to do and has put any chance of UKIP doing well at the next election back months. Also I am very unhappy at the new leader and ex-leaders behaviour in offering the Conservatives a deal behind the party memberships back and offering to disband the party totally unacceptable. Why should I as a PPC for UKIP be wasting my time, effort and money in trying to get elected when the party leadership was talking about disbanding us?

We are now 2 weeks into the new leader being elected and yet (as of today) he still has not named a party chairman or general election campaign director. These are imperative appointments to enable UKIP to focus for a good election campaign and should have been announced in the first 7 days of him winning. UKIP can never do well unless it has a focus and someone driving it forward.

I am also unhappy at the results of the strives I have attempted to make with-in the party at getting the party to campaign for an English Parliament. This is something as equally important for me as it for me to see the UK out of the EU. The campaign I started with another member has really not gone very well. I am convinced that if UKIP came out as a party who claimed the English nation needs a parliament of at least equal powers to that of Scotland the party would take a lot more votes. However that seems to be a distant dream for me.

I also think that UKIP can ill afford to campaign against expenses scandals and the like whilst our own party leader is embroiled in one himself in the House of Lords and several of our MEP’s are being investigated by OLAF, and an ex MEP has been imprisoned for fraud of taxpayers money. Stones and glasshouses comes to mind!