Sunday, 13 December 2009

THE GOOD NEWS IS..........

Some good news for a change; John Dew the person sent by WAG to advise CCBC on their Office Accommodation has recommended that the Council extend their offices at Bodlondeb and the Civic Centre and DO NOT build their new offices in the centre of Colwyn Bay.
This is great news in respect of the town but also slightly worrying; Councillors are now concerned that due to the single sightedness of the Regeneration Board towards these offices other proposals for the town had not even been considered.
Bethan Jones, Director of Regeneration and Improvement, is now moving to Denbighshire, following the money, they have a host of proposals being put forward and concerns are that with her knowledge of our limited proposals Denbighshire will get the lions share of the Regeneration Grant. Her role there, Director of Modernisation, puts her in an ideal position to take advantage of our Council’s (Her) relaxed attitude towards the grant.
Trouble is; time is fast running out, proposals have to be put forward now otherwise we will loose the grant entirely and, with Bethan Jones knowing all of our plans, she will be able to advise her new bosses of how precarious our position is, allowing them to take full advantage.
This should put an altogether different aspect on Monday nights meeting, one of the questions sent to me was “If public opinion is against the Council Offices what other plans have the Council got?” this is no longer just a question but reality and I, along with many others, will be anxious to know the answer!

Denbighshire Council seem interested in what I have said about the Regeneration Grant and Bethan Jones; they have already viewed this comment 8 times to-day. Conwy CBC has also viewed it 4 times, good job they revoked their “No viewing blogs “policy.
I can only hope that by making public this information, which by rights we should be informed about, that it spurs the Council into action and that they treat this Grant with the urgency that is needed. This is the towns last chance please do not waste it.


Anonymous said...

Bethan Jones... Hmmm... The phrase "Snout in trough" springs to mind...

Anonymous said...

Absolute bullshit, Get a grip John if you want us to take you seriously.

Have you not heard about the grant that has now been withdrawn from Conwy ?

Are you saying it is because she is going ?

I can assure you that the scheme to exclude a new unit in the centre of the bay will certainly not get the go ahead.

B. T. W Hear that the galloping major is now calling you a wanker


Councillor John Oddy said...

Anon 18.26,
I've read your comment a couple of times and the only thing I can say is......"Are you on drugs?".